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5 things you should organize before booking a Jet shoot

5 things you should organize before booking a Jet shoot

I feel compelled to share the actionable ways to shoot a music video in a jet.

I receive calls from musician’s, creatives , & producers and they all want to shoot a video on a jet.  So I have made a list of “ 5 things you should organize  before booking a Jet shoot .  “


  1. Finding Film and T.V. Charter professionals
  2. Knowing what kind of Jet you want
  3. Budget
  4. Your crew 
  5. Your vision


As you probably know , it’s really hard to find a charter company that specializes in jet shoots. So if you really want a jet production or prop , you’ve come to the right place . Today I’m going to show you how to exactly book a jet. In fact, my process has helped over 50 Musicians book a jet over the past 90 days. Let’s dive right in. 


Finding Jet Charter specialists that cater to Film and Tv Charter professionals

I would suggest using giving CoastPrivate a call because of the extensive knowledge and experience working on charter and helicopter flights for Music, Film and Media needs within the Entertainment industry. 


Knowing what kind of Jet you want

Behold – the hottest social media trend – the private jet. With CoastPrivate you can choose from – small turbo-props to large Vip airliners.

Celebrities like Floyd Mayweather, Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Rihanna and more give us private jet instagram pics, giving “leg room” a whole new meaning. If you need any inspiration give us a call and we can match you with the right jet. 



It’s important to have a budget when it comes to getting the plane that you want for your shoot. The average price to rent this luxurious item is anywhere between $1200 and $3000 per hour. For a medium jet like a Lear will be between $3850 and $4850.


via instagram: Director @rickee_arts shooting video with Tay600 @la_gangg credit:@unbalanced_photography




Your Vision

Private jet shoots are the trend for creatives right now. Shooting with a jet does not come with a sale sticker in the back of the newspaper. In fact your vision can be accomplished quicker than you think. If you don’t know exactly when you’ll shoot, you can be vague about it…

“Expected to run for three days in the first two weeks of December 

Your Crew

Keep in mind from my experience shoots tend to take up to 2 hours.

If your production is larger, this is also a good time to bring on other administrative positions, such as production coordinator ( to handle paperwork and contracts) or location manager (to oversee location scouting and selections).

If you don’t have a photographer or videographer in mind don’t worry; CoastPrivate can provide you with cost efficient professionals.


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