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Air Ambulance: 5 Benefits Of Booking A Private Air Ambulance

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Air medical transport

5 Benefits Of Booking A Private Air Ambulance

If you are in a non-emergency situation, you can consider an air ambulance. This is a type of private jet, which offers the same level of comfort offered by a commercial transport service. This type of service offers a lot of benefits, but in this article, we are going to take a look at 5 of those benefits. Read on to know more.


As the name suggests, a private air ambulance offers privacy. So, you can travel and still enjoy complete privacy while you are sick or need some medical attention. Although a commercial flight does provide a privacy curtain, it may not be a good choice if you don’t feel comfortable when other people are around. In this case, we suggest that you consider booking a private air ambulance.

A Myth about Privacy

Some people think that you are alone on a private jet, which is a common misconception. The fact of the matter is that you can take your family with you on the jet. The goal of the service provider is to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible. So, they do allow your family member to fly with you.

Whether you are looking to book an air ambulance to get back from a vacation or you want to go to a different location, you can hire this type of service.

Better Schedule

If you choose to use a commercial stretcher, you won’t have much freedom as far as the schedule is concerned. On the other hand, in case of a private jet, you can set a schedule that can best satisfy your needs. You can choose a date to fly as per your needs.


On an air ambulance, you will enjoy more attention. All of the staff on the plane will be there to serve you, including the pilots and nurses. You can never enjoy this type of experience on a commercial flight. The only person the crew will care about is you. So, you won’t have any problem. You will get whatever you ask for without any delays.

Customized Flight

You can customize your flight on the basis of your needs and wants. Actually, some medical devices are not allowed on a commercial airline. On the other hand, you have almost complete freedom on an air ambulance. On the plane, you will get everything, such as your medicine, IV fluids, and heart monitors, to name a few. The staff will try their level best to make sure you get the best medical care possible. This will help you enjoy your journey.

Long story short, both private and commercial service have their pros and cons. However, if you are on the lookout of the benefits explained this article, we suggest that you consider booking a private air ambulance. Almost all of the service providers offer free quotes, which can give you a pretty good idea of ​​how much the service may cost. Hopefully, the article will help you book the right service to cover your needs.

Air Ambulance Travel Tips For US Citizens

Air Ambulance

Expert air ambulance travel tips for US citizens. Get advice on getting help from the government, making financial arrangements, traveling with pets & more.

Air medical transport is normally divided into two categories: health emergencies and crisis evacuation. Health emergencies that might require this type of transportation include strokes, heart attacks, high-risk pregnancies, and organ transplants. A crisis evacuation might be used during times of natural disaster, or civil unrest occurring abroad.

If a US citizen needs air ambulance travel tips regarding a health emergency or crisis that takes place overseas, there are half a dozen places where they can go to get the information they are looking for. A brief summary of these tips, additional advice, and practical information can be found below.

Getting help from the government

American citizens looking for help from their government is as simple as going online. A number of branches like the Department of State and the Bureau of Consular Affairs provide specific details about what to do during an emergency or evacuation.

Military transportation

While most people think of military services whenever a medevac is involved, the military is rarely involved in civilian air transportation. Nearly all medevacs used by Americans are privately owned charter jets.

Financial arrangements

Medical emergencies and overseas crisis situations tend to happen spontaneously. Health and travel insurance coverage might be required in countries outside of the US and Canada, so citizens should alway inquire before traveling. Travelers should also prepare to pay for services upfront – something many Americans will not be accustomed to. Believe it or not, Americans who are instructed by their government to leave a particular country due to unrest are still responsible for making their own financial arrangements. Citizens can, however, request special financial assistance from the Department of State if they are unable to make payments on their own.

Traveling with pets

Americans receiving state or federal medical air assistance are not generally permitted to travel with pets. Private and charter jets providing medical assistance will have rules and regulations about flying with pets. Travelers are encouraged to ask about such policies in advance when possible.

Staying informed

One great way for American citizens to stay informed before, during, and after an international medical flight is to sign up for a program called STEP. This is a free service provided the Bureau of Consular Affairs. News, alerts, and warnings will be emailed directly to travelers that sign up.

Travel documents and passports

Americans are strongly encouraged to travel with the appropriate documents and passports always. This is especially relevant when traveling by air ambulance. Valid proof of citizenship is required for Americans seeking assistance from embassies and consulates abroad.


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Robby Davis

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At CoastPrivate, we’re more than simply a jet charter company; we’re a full-service private aviation brokerage offering a wealth of solutions, from ad-hoc charter and elite jet card membership programs, to airliner charters, private jet leasing and private jet sales worldwide.

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