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Air Ambulance Challenges Factors That Alter Speed And Quality Services

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Air Ambulance service

Air Ambulance Challenges Factors That Alter Speed And Quality Services

There are many people who will use their private financial resources or medical insurance coverage for air ambulance services. When you are thinking of doing this, it is always a good idea to first find out what factors can influence the speed of an air ambulance rescue.

When you know what can affect the response times, you will find it much easier to choose the rescue service that will best save your life. There are 3 key factors that will have an affect on response times:

  • company infrastructure
  • ease of communication
  • important travel documents

One of the most important things you would need to find out when you are in such a position is the kind of infrastructure that the company has. For instance, you will realize that companies that have many air ambulances stationed all over a particular region will be more effective at this kind of work. This means that if you need an air rescue service that you can use wherever you are, you would need to try to find just such a company. This way, you will be guaranteed of timely rescue whenever you need it.

Another issue that can affect the response times of such a service is how easy it is to communicate with the company in question. For example, when you have an accident, you will need to try to find a way to notify the service providers of this so that they can come rescue you.

There are many things that you can do in order to facilitate faster communication so that it is not compromised. The easiest of these is to ensure you have the contact details of the company within reach, such as having it stored in your phone.

In some cases, you will also find that having travel documents that will show that you are a member of such a rescue service will also increase the likelihood of being rescued faster. This is because when you get an accident, other onlookers may decide to call the number of the company in question if you are not able to do so.

This means that when you are getting air rescue services, you should seriously think about using some of the stickers that they usually hand out to customers. Sticking one on your car may interfere with its look a bit, but it could very well be the one thing that saves your life when you get an accident.

In summary, the factors that influence the speed of response of such a service can arise from both the customer’s side and the service provider’s side. If you are thinking of subscribing to this kind of service and need to get the best response times, it would be a good idea to first subscribe to the most reliable company for your needs, and then also ensure you do all the things named above to increase the speed of response from them.

Some of the issues mentioned above may seem very obvious, but it is very common to find many subscribers not paying attention to them. Doing this will usually decrease the speed of response from such a company, even if you subscribe to one of the best.

Crashes are generally the first thing that patients worry about when confronted with aeromedical, or medevac flights. However this is just one of many challenges that passengers and air ambulance personnel must address and overcome prior to take off. Other factors like cost effectiveness, emergency medical phenomena, and even preventing injuries onboard are equally important.

Air Travel Safety

For whatever reason, crashing seems to be the biggest concern shared by current and potential passengers. Blame it on instinct, conditioning, or a profound respect for the law of gravity; most people just don’t like being very far from the ground, let alone flying. In fact, something like 30% of the U.S. population has a fear of heights. Is this just an overreaction, though?

Not exactly, say experts.

According to public data and transportation authorities, the number of medical flight crashes has actually increased over the years. This rather unsettling trend first began in the early 90’s, then actually doubled from 2000-2005. After a safety report stated that nearly half of all emergency personnel deaths occurred in air ambulance flights, the government issued a number of guidelines designed to prevent such fatal crashes.

Cost Effectiveness

Affordability is the next biggest challenge individuals face when facing medical air travel. A huge misconception is that insurance will automatically cover these costs. Unfortunately, this should never be assumed in these types of situations. While obviously, some emergencies occur without warning and financial affairs are not likely the first thought a victim has, a little preparation can go a long way.

Overcoming this hurdle can be as simple as making a phone call to your health care carrier or even the flight coordinator. The alternative is getting blind-sighted with overwhelming medical bills, or potentially ruining your credit.

Emergency Medical Phenomena

Emergency Medical Phenomena

Next, a medical phenomenon referred to as “the golden hour” presents a unique issue for air ambulance patients. In the medical community, the first hour following an emergency is largely considered the most important in terms of treatment outcome & patient survival.

To be sure, the golden hour is one of the leading reasons air evacuation is required in the first place. Yet, ironically, is a contributing factor in the high number of medevac crashes. Because pilots generally fly in conditions most commercial planes would never attempt, this time frame represents not only a danger to the patient, but to medical personnel as well.

Preventing Injuries While In Route

Finally, getting hurt during the flight itself probably seems like a remote possibility. The sad truth of the matter is that federal regulations only require a bare minimum when it comes to patient comfort and injury prevention in the air. At present, there is only one air ambulance company in the nation that provides the following features to ensure passenger safety & comfort:

  • harnesses for medical equipment
  • extra cushioning in patient beds
  • safety rails that can be adjusted to secure passengers
  • mechanical doorways

As you can see, crashes are a very significant air ambulance challenge that patients and personnel must overcome. Nevertheless, other issues such as cost effectiveness, unique medical circumstances, and in-flight injuries play equal roles in the lives of those dealing with emergency air travel.

4 Benefits Of Air Ambulances

A few decades back, the world population was around 2 to 3 billion. People used to eat organic food. Unlike today’s generation, they were not that likely to fall sick or catch diseases. Therefore, there were not that many instances of medical emergencies. Today, the world population is around 8 billion, which is staggering.

With the rise of population, our problems have also gone up. Since we binge on junk food and drive fast, we tend to fall sick and get injured. Therefore, we need emergency medical care. And this gave birth to air ambulances. Let’s find out the benefits of these services.

Nowadays, we have a large number of air ambulances. A few decades back, we didn’t have that many vehicles to deal with emergencies. The reason is that these services offer a huge number of benefits. The regular on-the-road ambulances didn’t offer that many benefits. They are free but don’t offer the benefits that you can enjoy if you go with a private service.

Multiple Features

First of all, these ambulances can help you achieve much more. The reason is that these service providers can provide a lot more features than the EMS. As a matter of fact, the EMS can’t compete with the private air ambulance services. Therefore, more and more people are choosing to opt for a private service as they prefer convenience.

Operates Everywhere

The first benefit of this service is that it can operate anywhere. you don’t have to worry about road conditions or traffic congestions. This is the primary reason most people prefer this service. If there is a lot of traffic, a vehicle may not be able to reach the nearest hospital as soon as possible.

On the other hand, an air ambulance can fly to any place in the city in a timely fashion. There will be no delays at all. The main goal of an ambulance is to transport patients to the hospital as soon as possible.

Large Capacity

Another benefit is that these air ambulances have a lot higher capacity than the regular ones. Primarily, the reason is that they are large and can travel long distances in a few minutes, which means a lot of important medical equipment can be put in the ambulance based on the needs of the patient. You can’t enjoy this facility in case of a regular service.


Lastly, air ambulances are a lot faster, which matters a lot in case of a medical emergency. The aircraft can get you to the desired place within a few minutes as airways are not busy. Therefore, it’s a lot easier to provide service to a lot of people in a short period of time. After all, it’s important to get immediate medical care when your or a loved one’s life is at stake.

In short, you can enjoy a lot of benefits if you choose to hire an air ambulance to deal with an emergency. Aside from the speed, these planes are much more reliable. They can help you reach remote areas without any effort at all.

Robby Davis

Robby Davis

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At CoastPrivate, we’re more than simply a jet charter company; we’re a full-service private aviation brokerage offering a wealth of solutions, from ad-hoc charter and elite jet card membership programs, to airliner charters, private jet leasing and private jet sales worldwide.

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