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Aircraft Hangars Are Perfect for Water Collection

Aircraft Hangars Are Perfect for Water Collection

The wings of airplanes are quite large, and the more people and baggage the aircraft holds the larger the wings have to be in order to lift that weight off the ground. This means that the hangers in which the aircraft is parked must be quite large to fit the wing span of these planes. A hangar that holds just a handful of corporate business jets is large enough to collect over 100,000 gallons of water in a storm that merely drops 2 to 3 inches of water.

This water should be collected and prevented from running off the property or onto the flight line where it might encounter petroleum distillates from spilled jet fuel or aviation gas, or even mixed with hydraulic fluid and other chemicals used in the aviation industry. By collecting this water in advance of its runoff into nearby clarifiers, storm drains or tributaries, it can be used as clear and fresh water for a number of things.

For instance with a little bit of filtration the water could be used to clean aircraft, and although it may not be good for the aircraft in the final phase of the aircraft cleaning exercise, it could be used during the soap cycle. How do we go about collecting the rain water off of large hangar surface areas?

Well, I’m glad you asked because it just so happens that there are some highly sophisticated and very well engineered rain gutter collection systems, like the Gutter Guarder rain gutters, which can be attached to a collection container. Using these systems hangar owners can collect that hundred thousand gallons of water during any given storm.

One architect that is designing aircraft hangers in San Antonio Texas is looking into just such a concept of collecting rain water from aircraft hangers. His client, a major national fractional jet company, wishes to build two very large hangers and to do the environmentally proper thing by collecting the water, and then reusing that water for landscaping around the facility, as well as filtering some of the water to be used in the washing of aircraft. This is definitely something to consider, for anyone who wants to collect the rain water in order to conserve water and prevent droughts from becoming serious. Please consider this.

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