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Aristocard Membership to Challenge American Express Centurion (Black Card)

Aristocard Membership to Challenge American Express Centurion (Black Card)

A new kid on the block has emerged to give the American Express Centurion, otherwise known as a ‘Black card’, a serious run for its money.

Aristocard describe their exclusive social club as ‘the key to the most desirable venues and brands in your city’.

Unlike its rivals, Aristocard links to your existing debit or credit card, rather than issuing a new card.

Members are hand-selected to embody a lifestyle of elegance and sophistication, which Aristocard say is enhanced through their ‘carefully curated member benefits program’.

The benefits programme promises an embarrassment of perks, including reservations at the world’s finest restaurants, rare access to super exclusive events, night clubs and parties and enhanced shopping experiences with discounts at some of the world’s best luxury stores.

The programme also offers customized travel packages including villa rentals, private jets and yachts and helicopter charters.

If you fancy attending some of America’s most illustrious events, Aristocard has you covered.

The club offers a list of events its members get unparalleled access to, including the Grammys, Super Bowl, Monaco Grand Prix, NBA Playoffs, U.S. Open Tennis, Indianapolis 500, and Broadway shows.

Impressed? Well this is just the tip of the ice-berg.

The program can bag you exclusive access to Sundance Film Festival VIP parties and premieres, fashion and yacht weeks, the Kentucky Derby, Art Basel, and New Year’s Eve parties at the Playboy Mansion.

You heard right, the Playboy Mansion.

Not only can the service offer unparalleled access to some of the world’s most prestigious events, it can also save you a few bob too.

Thanks to partnerships with luxury hotels, the company grants its members huge discounts and amenities.

Members can also take up a wide range of travel packages, but not exactly the kind that you will find down your local travel agents.

Recent offerings were tailored around the World Cup in Brazil, and included accommodations in Rio de Janeiro, reserved tickets for all of the matches and an opportunity to meet and greet with a number of the players.

Of course not just anybody can become an Aristocard member, as they must first ensure that you embody the qualities they demand from their members.

Once you’ve filled in an application on their website, considered applicants will be followed up with a phone call or an in-person interview to finalize the application process.

If deemed worthy, hand selected members pay an annual membership fee of $250, after which a custom card is constructed and linked to the card of your choice.


Source by Paul Sheals

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