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Be Prepared for the Hidden Costs of Attending Flight School

Be Prepared for the Hidden Costs of Attending Flight School

When we look to buy a certain product such as a new vehicle or buying a plane ticket, there is always that hidden cost clause that is conveniently tucked away on a contract, worded in a couple of paragraphs that is barely visible to the naked eye. The next thing that you know it, you will have to pay extra if you want a pillow or you want to watch T.V. on a long distance flight.

It is the same way if you want to attend flight school to get your pilot’s license. It is important to get all sorts of financial information on how much it is really going to cost before you sign a contract with a particular flight school. This way, you can be prepared financially if any hidden costs arise. Before you take a trip to a flight school, it would be really wise to become familiar with aviation terminology and jot down some questions that you would like to ask the personnel there before you agree to attend their flight school.

The first thing that these flight schools will do when they see a prospective student walk through their doors is that they will treat you like royalty. They will bring out the instructors so that you can meet them face to face and once that is over, the secretary or base manager will take you on a guided tour of the facility, view the aircraft that you will be training in and an actual flight so that you can get a feel for the aircraft.

Towards the end of the tour, they will discuss with you the endless possibilities of getting a job in the aviation industry as a professional pilot once your training is completed. Once they see that spark of interest in your eyes, they will present additional information such as brochures and an example of what the class schedule will look like once you jump on board.

The one thing that the school personnel will share with you at the very end of the tour is the cost of attending flight school. The reason why they do this is because if the flight school personnel mention the tuition before the tour starts, they will scare away a potential student. I will share with you my experience once I started training at a helicopter flight school.

I got hooked from a commercial about learning how to fly helicopters and then I met with the secretary, who gave me the very basic information about the school and then I talked with the flight instructors. I was hooked from the get go and then reality hit me when the secretary told about that it was going to cost $80,000 to complete the career pilot program. I remember that I hesitated for a moment and then I told them that I would talk to my wife about this. I got the green light to go ahead with this and start training as a helicopter pilot.

When you start looking into which flight school to attend, be sure to get a full detail of how much the program is really going to cost. Here is a list of some of the hidden costs that you will have to pay for once you start training at a flight school of your choice.

  • Be prepared to pay for books and supplies.
  • You will have to pay the instructor for ground and flight lessons.
  • You will have to pay for the plane rental and other accessories such as oil and headsets.
  • You will have to pay for the fuel.
  • You will have to pay a fee for ground and flight exams.
  • You will have to pay to have your physical done by a certified flight medical examiner in order to receive your medical certificate.

In the end, once everything is said and done, you will be embarking on a very lucrative career. It doesn’t matter if you decide to fly in the states or fly internationally, the one thing that matters the most is that you will be part of an elite group of people who have earned their wings. Once you start attending flight school, start looking for other sources such as financial aid, grants, scholarships and loans to help pay for your flight training.


Source by Milo Pabawena

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