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Buying Property in Santorini – Get a Better Return on Your Investment

Buying Property in Santorini – Get a Better Return on Your Investment

Buying Property in Santorini – Get a Better Return on Your Investment

Santorini Islands of Greece is the most desired holiday destination for the Europeans. It’s unique natural beauty attracts visitors to enjoy their golden moments and remember their dream tour at Santorini. Sun bathing on unique colored sandy beaches, amusing sun sets, beautiful land scriptures, cheap hotels and restaurants, luxurious life style, blue doomed churches, night clubs and bars, ancient monuments, old sculptures and museums are enough to attract visitors towards Santorini for enjoying their holidays.

This place is always flooded with tourists and its economy depends a lot upon travel and tourism. Due to this reason the property value of this place is quite high and one can get better return on his investment from his property through rentals.

Heavenly Mediterranean climate of Santorini attracts people from different parts to spend and enjoy more and more days here. Especially just married couples choose this Island as the best honeymoon destination. The lonely colorful beaches allow them to spend more and more time with each other.

For enjoying a delightful night life, night clubs and bars, cinemas, beer bars, tavernas, restaurants and cafes are open till late night for visitors.

Nowadays Santorini is properly communicated with other European countries and many major international airports and ports. Santorini international airport receives direct, low-cost charter-flights from the UK along with regular ferry services and daily high-speed ferries to and from Athens and high-speed catamarans from Crete.

In the last decades, communication and infrastructure have improved surprisingly, with the construction of high-standard roads, good transport systems, clean drinking water, new sewage and electrical systems, hospitals and a university. It is accessible all-year-round, but it’s a very small island that slows downs a little in winter.

The Santorini property market is another aspect that appeals to all ages and especially young couples have been so impressed that they have made the move permanently. The growth of property is very high i.e. some prices rise by as much as 300 percent in five years – sometimes even 100 percent in one year.

It is a better idea to buy a real estate property in Santorini and stay here permanently or use the property as rental or business purposes. We have our real estate properties for sale near Kamari beach and villas near Monolithos beach.

As an established democracy, Greece is a fully-fledged member of Europe, which means that for Europeans the purchasing process is quick and simple. It is also giving Spain a run for its money these days on the British package-holidaymaker front, which is good news for anyone planning to rent out their property.

There is a great demand during the summer season and many tour operators put properties on their books after they meet government-regulated requirements for short-term rental.

Lands for Sale at Kamari Beach of Santorini:

The land in Kamari beach is located 15 meters away from the main bus station and approximately 70 meters away from the beach. It is a good spot to build either houses or even stores and make a profit through rent. Since Kamari beach is the touristiest village of Santorini, it could be a good place to invest and getting better return on investment.

The land is of 650 sq. meters and its 510 sq. meters could be used for building. At the moment there had been engineering plans for a provisional building but they haven’t been processed to build yet.

How to Live the Monte Carlo Lifestyle on a Credit Crunch Budget! French Riviera Investment Property

French Riviera

Monaco – this mythical principality is a magnet to the world’s rich and powerful who gravitate towards this 2km independent state (the 2nd smallest after Vatican City) attracted by its famous tax laws, the high levels of security provided by its incredibly efficient police force and the glitzy and glam social life on offer.

Here you can rest assured that you’ll be rubbing shoulders with the most elite of the beautiful people – from real James Bond types through to supermodel types – all of whom sit comfortably alongside the oligarchs, the billionaire property developers, Euro royalty – as well as Shirley Bassey and Ringo Starr!

The eye-popping Lamborghinis and Aston Martins lazing around Casino Square as well as the mega yachts moored in the turquoise bay are testament to the fact that the credit crunch hasn’t affected everyone quite so badly.

Property for sale in this tiny principality on the Cote d’Azur is rare and worth a not-so-small fortune with even modest studios starting at around a million euros – a small price to pay for those requiring a tax bolt-hole in a divine location just a short private-jet flight to London – as well as access to a lifestyle where the neighbours are regulars in Tatler’s social pages and the climate is Cote d’Azur heaven.

The Grand Prix is undoubtedly the social highlight of the year and first-class nightclubs such as Jimmy’z, the Amber Lounge and the Sea Lounge, Michelin starred restaurants such as the celebrated Louis XV and of course the legendary Monte Carlo Casino being must-sees on the jet-set’s social circuit.

The outrageous luxury on offer here is out of the reach of most mortals… But for those of us who do need to tighten our belts there IS a way to live the Monte Carlo lifestyle on a Credit Crunch budget!

Whereas a little 2 bed apartment in Monaco will set you back around 5 million (and the rest – take a look at some of our Monaco properties for sale on our website!) a 2 bed in Beausoleil, just a 2 minute stroll to Casino square, can be found for under 400,000 euros – if you’re prepared to give it a lick of paint then even 350 000 euros can get you a good sized apartment in this little-known location.

Beausoleil borders on Monaco and the centre is a pretty and lively place with an excellent food market which on Sundays spills into the streets to include clothing and household items. There are superb bakeries and supermarkets as well as all the cafés and restaurants, boutiques and other amenities you’d expect on your doorstep and of course the shopping mecca of Monaco literally just over the road!

The predominant architecture in the central streets of Beausoleil is the much-loved French Bourgeois style and the overall feeling is genteel elegance.

From the centre you are but a few minutes walk to the heart of Monte Carlo, the Casino, the Hotel de Paris, the exquisite restaurants and the amazing shops. In fact Rue de France in Beausoleil is Monaco on one pavement and Beausoleil on the next!

This is a first class spot for anyone wanting to live the Monaco lifestyle on a credit crunch budget! One British lady who recently bought on Boulevard de la Republique is delighted with her recent purchase “It takes me just a couple of minutes to wander down to Monte Carlo Casino from my front door.

I can sit and take my morning croissant in the Café de Paris yet I can hear the accordion player on a Saturday morning at Beausoleil market place just next to my flat so I’ve got a great mix of cosmopolitan sophistication and local French atmosphere.

Beausoleil centre feels like a village to me as I already know the shop owners and the locals…it’s a really friendly place and the centre is small enough to get to know everyone. I share the same neighbourhood shops, bars and restaurants as some of the richest people in the world and yet I bought my 2 bedroom flat in a lovely French building just a few meters from the Monaco border for just 360 000 euros.

It needed renovation but I’ve still got a bargain and for a fraction of the price I’d have had to pay one street further down where the Monaco border begins”.

Beausoleil is also a great spot for Cote d’Azur rental investment too as so many of the people who work in Monaco (all the large private banks, accountancy firms, wealth management firms and yacht brokers are based there) need somewhere to live since only the mega rich can afford Monaco – therefore Beausoleil is a first class choice – your property will never be short of a tenant should you wish to rent it out!

Beware though as Beausoleil does sprawl out climbing up the hills towards the Grande Corniche… and not all areas are equal! The very best places to purchase are obviously those in the very centre which are also closest to Monaco – around Beausoleil market area, Monaco train station and near Beausoleil town hall.

Boulevard de la Republique, Boulevard de France and all the streets in between are first class investment locations as Monte Carlo can be reached on foot. Parking in this town centre location is difficult to you’ll be lucky to find a property with a garage (unless you invest in a new build) but monthly rates in the local car parks are around 120 euros per month should you require one but with first class bus and train services on your doorstep a car it not a strict necessity.

Types of Construction

civil engineering

Under the field of civil engineering and architecture, construction is a method that consists of assembling or building infrastructure. Usually, this work is managed by a project manager and supervised by a construction engineer, construction manager, project architect or design engineer. There are several types of construction projects such as industrial construction, building construction and heavy or civil construction.

Building construction is a process of adding small or big structures to land or real property. Most of the building construction jobs are small reconstructions like adding bathroom or reconstruction of a room. Often times, the titleholder of the property acts as a designer, paymaster and laborer for the entire job. However, all the building construction jobs include several elements in legal consideration, financial and usual design.

Building constructions are procured publicly or privately using different delivery methodologies such as management contracting, hard bid, construction management at risk, design & build bridging, and negotiated price.

Residential construction technologies, resources and practices should conform to the codes of practice and local building authority regulations. The materials used are widely accessible in the market. The common materials used are timber, stone and brick. The cost of construction is on a “per square foot” basis. This is since homes can vary significantly on local site considerations, conditions, and economies of scale.

Heavy or civil construction is a procedure of adding infrastructure to the environment of a building. The builders are usually government agencies both at the local or national level. These also have legal and financial considerations.

This project primarily serves the public interest. They are undertaken and supervised by some large private corporations such as power companies, golf courses and whoever oversees the construction of access dams, roads and railroads.

Industrial construction requires highly specialized skill in construction, planning and design. Holders of this project are normally industrial, for profit or large corporations. This corporation can be found in industries such as chemical, medicine, power generation and petroleum manufacturing.

There are many reputable construction companies in the US. The Turner Construction Company is one of the most commendable. It works with a number of national sector groups that concentrate on a usual building type. Their famous clients include Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Justice, Healthcare and Breen Building as well as Aviation, Sports and Public Assembly.

Turner Construction Company also offers additional services of supply chain management, Turner Logistics, TCS or Turner Casualty and Surety that provides loss control programs and proactive safety. It is one of the largest construction running companies in the US.

Another company is Anderson Construction Group. It provides professional builds or designs, general contracting, wind mitigation, SoftPlan construction documents and construction managements. This company delivers a large variety of industrial, residential, medical, industrial, and specialty services and projects.

It is one of the leaders in providing value added construction services to their consumers by making a successful partnership with them during the construction processes.

IHC Construction Company is another trusted US construction company. It manufactures concrete blocks packed by hydraulic pressure. IHC Construction Company has construction management, pre-construction, underground contractors and horizontal drilling. The horizontal drilling of IHC is the future of underground conduit and pipe construction.

It eliminates or reduces damages caused by the usual open cut trenching methods. The Design & Build division of the company offers construction services to offices, residential warehouses, industrial and commercial markets.

Airport Construction Costs Soaring

Airport Construction

Federal Funding for much needed new airport construction and expansion comes with many strings attached, causing cost to soar. This is typical anytime your deal with an unbelievable bureaucracy of epic and biblical proportions.

The EPA being part of the Federal Government has a lot of power, because many airports rely on the Senate Appropriations committees reports to get funding. These federal monies of course have strings attached and one of the strings is that the airport must comply with certain FAA regulations and other government regulations such as the EPA.

This is why Airports were some of the first to adopt zero pollution tolerances in their procedures of operations. These same airports issue permits to operators of various

aviation enterprises. Also of important notice is the fact that these same companies must comply with FARs Federal Aviation Regulations for various types of operations. For Instance FARs part 135, 121, and 95, which regulate certain types of airtravel, security requirements, jet charter, air cargo, and fractional business jet markets.

So with all these regulations there are significant barriers to entry into these markets, which is good for the companies already there, yet decreases competition and therefore higher costs for consumers and commercial customers.

But even the smallest of airports usually owned by the municipalities and county governments cannot operate without the funds from the federal government to upgrade systems such as run way lights, VASI Lights (vertical air situation indicators), air traffic control towers, etc. Part of these monies will also go towards EPA compliance.

Over the next three years more money has been appropriated to our Nations airports than in any other time in history for a number of reasons.

1) Balancing of Budget.

2) Increased tax base with low unemployment.

3) Largest government surplus in years.

Our Nation’s airports need to be upgraded and with most of the money going to upgrade busy airports such as Atlanta, O Hare, LAX, SFO, SeaTac, Denver, PHX, Newark, Orlando, etc. there are major upgrades happening. The rest goes to smaller regional airports, which also need a facelift.

A recent article in the Economist predicted that this upgrade may be the last major upgrade for the next 5-10 years, with the passing of the latest transportation bill. With so much attention on environmental efforts, airport managers of all airports are on a strict policy adherence to these EPA measures.

Water flowing from airports is tested and they take it very seriously from De-ice fluids, aircraft painting, food distribution on planes to fueling and even washing. This is where environmentally friendly companies come in with our BMPs and NPDES approved washing procedures.

There are few companies that can handle this rigorous of a policy move and few players of previous years are still able to remain doing things the old way and many are no longer in business. The EPA has spurred much growth in the aviation environmental consulting arena. It has also made it easier for large FBOs (fixed based Operators) to choose outsourcing of things like plane washing.

Aviation consultants know there is a very long checklist airport management must use in determining if they are compliant with their environmental procedures and this information is available from the EPAs website. If a companies cannot meat or answer these questions to the liking or satisfaction of the airport manager or board of directors who license or permit such activities.

Then that operator whether it be an aircraft washing service or any related aviation service, need not apply, because the airports authorities will not, nor can afford to miss out on their fair share of the large budget allotted to update our airports into the new millennium. Companies on the leading edge of environmental technology with proper BMPs will be the ones, which win the greatest portion of the market share. Think on this.


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