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Charter To New Year's Eve Festivities

Charter To New Year's Eve Festivities

We all know that the largest most festive New Year's Eve party happens in the beautiful city of New York. Times Square, the 'crossroads of America' plays host each December 31st as a million people head down to watch the ball drop which marks a New Year.

While there is estimated to be around one million people actually in attendance each year, it is said that there are over a billion people who take in the action via television, all over the world. Being there live is on many a bucket list and if you're not living in the New York area this means a trip. Why not kick that trip up a notch, forget about commercial travel and charter your very own jet to get you there in style?

Chartering a jet means that you skip the crazy security lines and you don't have to adhere to anyone's schedule. You will have plenty of leg, head and elbow room as you jet off to watch the Times Square ball drop.

People started to gather in New York as early as 1904 but it wasn't until 1907 that the first ball was dropped. It was 5 'in diameter, made of wood and iron and decorated with one hundred 25 watt bulbs. It weighed just 700 lbs and marked the first of some seven incarnations of the famous ball.

Today, the New Year's Eve ball is a year round attraction sitting atop One Times Square. It weighs 6 tons and is 12 'in diameter an instead of the 25 watt bulbs, it is now decorated with 2,688 Waterford crystal triangles and illuminated with over 32,000 Philips Luxeon LED's.

If you are planning on attending the festivities, did you know it's an all evening affair? They actually have a ceremony to light and raise the ball hours before it then drops to signal the start of a brand new year and there are various acts that perform before the midnight hour as well. Another fun fact is that one ton of confetti is dropped onto the revelers after the ball drops. To watch on television is one thing, but to attend in person is quite another.

Thanks to chartering a jet, you can get to the renowned city of New York that much faster and stress free and enjoy not only the festivities but the travel to and from as well.

Source by Amanda J Hales

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