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Come Fly With Me, By: Sandi Perry

Come Fly With Me, By: Sandi Perry

Allison Ross is a sharp, blue-eyed, drop-dead gorgeous society girl from New York. She’s witty and strong-willed. At thirty years old, Allison is pretty ambivalent about marriage, but everyone important to her is calling her out on the issue. Her mother would love to have grandchildren and Kenyon, her fairy godmother (as he refers to himself), says she has no love life because she is cold, tart, and as frosty as a winter morning in New York! Author, Sandi Perry, has the perfect solution for her sophisticated and sassy protagonist. His name is Alex, but will his southern charm warm her up so he can melt her heart?

Allison reflects on her life. She doesn’t see what the fuss is about. After all, she has plenty of romantic suitors. She’s rich and happy. She has her own SOHO loft in Manhattan. And, she’s a wonderfully talented artist and savvy business woman with a successful art gallery. Actually, she didn’t see how she could fit a man into her life unless, of course, George Clooney suddenly declared his undying love for her! Then she would definitely reconsider her busy lifestyle she thinks with a smile. A ringing telephone disrupts the fantasy and her world turns upside down. Her father dies from an automobile accident that seemed innocent enough except two detectives show up asking questions. When the will is read Allison is her father’s first choice for CEO of RossAir Industries, his premier luxury jet company. While Allison is very capable of leading the company she simply doesn’t want to do it. She takes a deep breath and sets about finding a suitable CEO who would make her father proud.

Alexander Coventry is an ambitious, good-looking, and sexy executive from Buckhead, the uptown district of Atlanta Georgia. He shows promise for the CEO position at RossAir, but Allison doesn’t trust him. He’s cocky and pushes her buttons in every possible way. She has certainly met her match, but he will never know because he makes her very uncomfortable and he’s probably just interested in securing that CEO position anyway. Who will she recommend for the position if not Alex? And, who would want her father dead? There are so many questions and so few answers.

Sandi Perry is a native New Yorker and author of Come Fly With Me. She understands the socially elite perspective and it comes through in her writing. This isher second romance novel that is difficult to put down and very easy to read. Her book is engaging with sophisticated main characters that are realistic, fun-loving, and on-the-move; living jet-set lifestyles, yet they are also down-to-earth and discerning about what is really important in life. Deep down, Allison wants a true love even if it scares her to open up and be real with a potential husband. This is a story that has it all, love, romance, mystery, suspense, and intrigue until the very end. It’s a classic romantic fiction with a modern day setting complete with conflict, growth and resolution. In my estimation, Come Fly With Me is a wonderful eBook that will fly onto Kindles and eBooks and into the hands of romantic fiction lovers everywhere.

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