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Corporate Travel – Why Multi Corporates Choose to Travel by Business Jets

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Corporate Travel – Private Jets Will Be In Demand

Making a business trip by private jet was normal practice for plenty of top executives in different companies and corporations. This innocent approach hadn’t aroused the outrage of society or politicians, until the financial crisis spread all over the world and gripped many countries. Or it is better to say: until the heads of the Detroit Big Three flew to Washington in private jets to tell the Congress that the auto industry is running out of cash and it needs $25 billion in taxpayers money.

The GM, Ford and Chrysler flights to the Capitol caused the indignation of politicians. Surrendering the private jets became one of the conditions of the bailout. The automakers made the next trip to Washington by car and put the jets up for sale. Some other American companies followed this example – Citigroup, AT&T and Time Warner all parted with their planes. The number of used business jets available for sale had risen sharply by the end of 2008.

But does the recent scandal mean that traveling by private jet or ordering a charter flight for business is just a waste of money? Of course it is not easy to prove to some people that jet rental is advantageous. You can see the bill from a jet charter company and calculate the cost for a jet. But how can you convert into money the time you saved and the business opportunities seized with a private jet?

Unfortunately, it is pretty complicated to measure time and the growing efficiency of your business in any world currency. But many people understand the benefit they get from using a private jet. That`s why asking prices for used jets have also been also increasing during the last several months. For the most provident travelers and business charter operators the current situation gives an opportunity to acquire a jet at a discount.

Lots of businesses are becoming global; and for many top managers, moving around the world is a necessary fact of life. This process won`t be stopped by the economic crisis. The downturn will make it slower but won`t end it. So the big bosses and small bosses will need to travel more and more all over the world, not only in Europe or the USA but also in China, India or Russia where the road infrastructure is not so perfect as in the Western World. So the best way to go places is to use a private jet.

Why the Multi Corporates Choose to Travel by Business Jets

Business jets or private jets can be called a totally new addition to the panache and needs that big corporate giants feel and like to have. Fast moving jets specially designed in modest size to provide private aviation to the business sector. The word “business jet” serves two fold purpose–some people buy or hire business jets to incorporate them in their business, and the second are the companies who offer business jet services to organizations, either through rentals or partnerships.

These services offered by companies extend their expertise and equipments to evacuation of casualties, express parcel deliveries, governments or the armed forces, and sometimes for total private use. However, we will focus our discussion more on the specific versions of these business jets, which are popularly known as corporate jet, executive jet, or VIP transport.

It is not worth much to relate the advantages of business jets to the corporate sector, as almost all the excelling companies are aware of the need and necessity of private aviation in the present scenario that has opened many opportunities and have also imposed many limitations: open marketing has propelled the companies to send their personnel frequently to other cities for presentations, seminars, surveys, and other business related matters.

However, in the wake of security threats, scheduled aviation has become very cumbersome and time-wasting. This is what business sector can never stand with–time is the most precious thing for any company, and they can’t afford to lose it.

Privacy, security, flexibility of time, scheduling as per your requirement, same day returning if needed, and convenience are some of the major factors that combine to counter the cost of the business jets. However, companies offering business jets also offer partnership schemes and rentals for organizations that are not willing to afford the total cost of buying business jet. Companies can easily decide which option they want to choose.

If the travelers need to make multiple presentations or seminars in one day, and have to move to different places, business jets serve the cause in best way. Scheduled aviation can never achieve this end. It is obvious that a lot of time and money is wasted in hotel booking, ground transportation, and going through the security checks of airports.

However, with business jets, you are free from such tensions, and you can even return to your place the same day. This facility often caters to the cost of business jets in terms of time saved.

Not surprisingly, many organizations and companies still are doubtful about the idea of business jets; but it goes without saying that those who have used it and know its value, would never like to use scheduled aviation again, if circumstances permit them!

Robby Davis

Robby Davis

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At CoastPrivate, we’re more than simply a jet charter company; we’re a full-service private aviation brokerage offering a wealth of solutions, from ad-hoc charter and elite jet card membership programs, to airliner charters, private jet leasing and private jet sales worldwide.

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