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Cost Effective Holidays for Large Groups and Families

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Delhi Resort

Cost Effective Holidays for Large Groups and Families

When you are traveling in a large group, if can be difficult to find somewhere to stay that can accommodate everyone and it is cost effective. Hotels have suites for large groups but they are really expensive.

Sometimes the only option left is with a penthouse suite from an apartment company. With these companies, you pay per week and not per person, so you split the cost by however many people are traveling with you. This can sometimes work out to be a lot cheaper than even one night in a nice hotel.

With apartments, they are self contained, so you have everything that you would normally have at home. The penthouse apartments tend to be the biggest and you can sometimes have a rooftop jacuzzi or a pool. They are perfect for small groups who want privacy and parties.

Private apartments will not be found in regular travel brochures. You will have to go online and find a company who specialize in the rental of private apartments. They should be based in the area that you want to stay in and they should have years experience at booking apartments for customers.

The best travel agents will be able to offer you a complete service. They should deal with your itinerary, get you tickets for shows and special events and they should be able to handle a flight booking.

Apartments are perfect for large groups and families, but sometimes customers are put off because they think that they will be responsible for the up keep of the apartment. Whilst customers are expected to keep the apartment looking nice, they are not expected to make the beds and clean the bathrooms. The travel company will have a cleaning service that comes in to take care of that.

If you are thinking about booking a private apartment for a group holiday or for a special, family occasion, make sure that you do the research and know where the apartment is based. You will want someone that is accessible on local transport, somewhere that is close to tourist attractions, shops and tourist attractions, and somewhere that is close to the beach.

When you are traveling to a foreign country, you will want to make sure that you know what the security is like on the apartment complex. You will not know what the crime rate is like and you won’t know where anything is. You will stand out like a sore thumb to thieves and you don’t want any of them following you home. Therefore pick somewhere that has 24 hour security.

If you are on holiday with a group of friends, then you will wanted to stay connected to the outside world. Most penthouse apartments have free internet and they have English TV. With them having the internet, you will able to phone home for free, using Skype. They really have thought of everything.

Keep in mind that even if you have the penthouse apartment, you might not have your own Jacuzzi. This is not a negative on the apartment complex, it is just more likely that the building has communal facilities. Check in the description of the building and you should be able to use a sauna, swimming pool, gym or Jacuzzi if they have them available.

Booking a penthouse apartment does sound expensive, but there are very cost effective ways to have them. Remember that the more guests you have, the cheaper it will be for each person and you will have access to a full kitchen for food storage, which will be cheaper than eating out.

Choose An Excellent Resort Near Delhi NCR For Memorable Holidays

Delhi Luxury Resort

Are you looking for travelling around Delhi or NCR or some adjoining areas? Then “The Omerus” group is an excellent place to book a wonderful resort to have a comfortable and luxurious experience, with all the criteria qualified for a beautiful essence of living. It offers luxurious resort solutions for a private feel as well as a business or a corporate vacation.

Creating a perfect hospitable environment for the customers is the first and foremost task the experts at this unique resort are up to. The resort comes equipped with some of the latest gadgets and features desired by customers that make them feel at home and on the seventh heaven at the same time.

Either it is about establishing a close connection with the Mother Nature or it is an attempt to experience the soothing environment of a spa, the sessions of yoga or impressive salons, or the multi cuisine restaurants to an open swimming pool, you will be overwhelmed by the arrangements offered at this remarkable resort.

The Corbett Aditya Resort is another popular resort with high proximity to Corbett National Park and is considered as the best option to enjoy fulfilling holidays while enjoying the splendor of nature. It is well furnished with cottages and modern facilities that present a perfect set up for memorable holidays.

The Morni hills are an impeccable option for someone searching for a perfect hill station within the vicinities of Delhi. The Morni Hill Resort, which one of the most loved resorts in the area, provides a breathtaking and an ideal environment for any nature lover. This resort is just 45 km from the City Beautiful, Chandigarh.

A delightful vacation, free from pollution is every man’s dream. The answer to it is Manali. It is a beautiful destination, and the Nature Notes Manali Resort offers a wide range of options to experience an international treatment with a pinch of Indian culture and heritage.

Mussoorie is another popular tourist destination in India that has a lot in store for nature lovers. To experience the beautiful and the exotic environment of Mussoorie, enjoy a stay as pleasant as the rainbow in the Surbee Resorts Mussoorie. A perfect view of the famous and extremely beautiful Himalayan range can be easily enjoyed from the room windows of this spectacular resort.

These are some of the most popular resorts near Delhi, which are immaculate for staying with family or business partners, with bookings easily available for a day or more.

Holiday Insurance and Pregnancy

Holiday Insurance and Pregnancy

Pregnancy is not a reason for a woman to avoid overseas travel, but it is crucial to have adequate holiday insurance in place. There are many different views on the best and safest time for a pregnant woman to travel. It is widely believed that the first trimester (first 12 weeks) is not an ideal time to plan a getaway because the mother may experience morning sickness, tiredness and other symptoms.

The second trimester is the time that most women choose for a holiday and, let’s face it, if this is a woman’s first pregnancy it may be the last chance for a truly relaxing holiday for many years to come!

The third trimester is generally not a good time for a pregnant woman to travel for many reasons, including the risk of an early delivery – perhaps even during the flight.

There is no reason not to plan a romantic getaway for two (not counting junior, yet) or some luxury and pampering at a spa. Experienced parents already know that once baby arrives any future holidays will involve bags of nappies/diapers, baby paraphernalia, and a crying infant in tow – not to mention (sorry) scowling fellow passengers!

Take care in choosing the best time to travel, as well as a suitable destination. The number one priority is that mother and baby are not subjected to any unnecessary stress or risk. It is possible to take out holiday insurance while pregnant, but carefully read the policy terms and conditions.

Choosing a sensible holiday destination while pregnant is important. That palm-fringed remote tropical island may appear ideal in the travel brochure, but would their local hospital be up to the job in the event of an early labour and delivery, especially with complications?

The cost of air ambulance transfer to access specialised care in another country would be extremely high. As well as the possible risk to mother and baby, there are complications involved in such a transfer, such as obtaining necessary visas and travel permission. Without adequate holiday insurance and expert assistance such a scenario would be a total nightmare for the average person to sort out.

Obtaining holiday insurance for an uncomplicated single pregnancy should not be any problem, but be prepared for sensible restrictions and a cut off period after which time it is not considered wise to travel. Most airlines and travel companies refuse to accept responsibility once a pregnancy reaches a certain stage, which may vary between companies.

Citizens of EU member countries should obtain the (free) European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) when travelling to other EU countries that have reciprocal medical care schemes. However, the EHIC should never be used as a substitute for comprehensive travel insurance – for many reasons.

For one, the EHIC may cover hospital costs but does not cover very expensive emergency medical repatriation if this should become necessary. It also does not cover lost luggage or travel documents, cancellation or curtailment (cutting short your holiday) and many other common travel mishaps. It is important to keep stress to a minimum while pregnant, so for peace of mind always travel with both holiday insurance and EHIC.

Remember to check the pregnancy policy of your airline before you book and pay for travel, as most reserve the right to refuse travel after a cut-off (usually around the 28th week of pregnancy). It may be necessary to produce a Fit to Fly letter from your doctor or midwife.

Also check whether you will be beyond the airline’s cut-off date on your return trip, especially if booking a lengthy holiday. If going on a package holiday tell the booking agent about your pregnancy so they can check the charter airline’s pregnancy policy.

Choose holiday insurance that covers pregnancy and includes adequate medical cover as well as medical repatriation. The rules regarding your return home well before the expected delivery date are there for a reason. It is extremely important to abide by the terms and conditions of your holiday insurance as set out in the policy, as failure to do so could lead to denial of related claims.

Check with your doctor well in advance (and preferably before you book) that it is okay for you to travel and safe to have the required vaccinations. If you already have an annual travel insurance policy in place call your insurer to report your pregnancy and make sure that cover is not affected.

Without adequate holiday insurance the cost of cancelling your holiday or paying for emergency medical care in a foreign hospital, as well as repatriation could spell financial ruin. No one else but you is responsible for the bill, including your consulate or embassy. Parents naturally want their children to have every possible advantage in life and junior will thank you for being sensible when the time comes to pay for college tuition fees!

Can You Stay Productive at Work During the Holidays?

The song goes, “Oh, the weather outside is frightful… “. I don’t know what the weather is like where you are, but it’s not looking good for a white Christmas in Michigan. No matter the weather outside, you’re stuck inside an office building collating papers all day while your boss and their family jets off to sunny beaches for the week. It can be depressing, especially when you look outside and see nothing but gray skies. With so many people using their vacation time during the holidays, it can make for an empty office. So, can you stay motivated to work when you’re one of the few left behind?

Try some of these tips to end 2017 strong.

Clean out your office

Take some time and go through your office area, closet, filing cabinet, desk tops, email inbox, whatever and make sure what items you need or which can be discarded. Cleaning is a great distraction from everyday boredom, so find some time for your office.

Take and plan meetings during the slow times

You can invite potential or current clients to your office during the holiday season. The business meeting can be as formal or informal as you like, but make sure you stack the place with plenty of refreshments. You can serve finger foods or have a local restaurant cater the lunch. Whatever you do, do not spike the eggnog.

Start filling out your 2018 calendar

A lot of businesses are given a yearly budget to spend before the year is up, and leftover funds cannot be rolled over into next year, so they are lost. If you act quickly you can build relationships with these companies and then hit them up for business as the end of the year comes, they will have excess cash that will not be around for the New Year, so why not spend it now?

Take a fresh look at your marketing plans

Take a look at your goals and see which ones have been accomplished and find dates of completion for your other plans. If you have any unfinished goals, you can add them to the list for next year. The end of the year gets many people worried about next year, but this is your chance to be one step ahead.

Party!!! Go to ALL networking or holiday events

When the holidays are in season, you can bet there will be holiday parties. But while others are busy socializing, you can be busy building relationships with people you meet at these events. Keep your eyes open because you never know when you’ll pick up a new client.

Advertise year-end close out deals

If you are a small business, discount prices and packages for existing clients, or even new clients, as a great way to form alliances with a strategic business. Deals allow you to reach that one tough client you’ve been trying to get and at this time of the year, a lot of bosses want to look good on the bottom line.

Break out of your same old routine

Have coffee from somewhere new or just add two sugars instead of one. No matter what it is, just try something new. Break up the monotony.

Recommendations for Air Asia With the Perspective of Different Cost Analysis

Air Asia Craft

1 Introduction:

Starting from short haul operation strategy, Air Asia airline in south-east Asia provides cost effective flying solutions for travelers. To formulate this cost effecting strategy, Air Asia first determine different cost such as capital, fixed, variable, maintenance, labor, fuel, facility, inventory, environment and technology cost to establish new point to point airline service.

To investigate different kinds of cost Air Asia first identify potential market in south-east Asia by strong commitment at all level of services; for instance in safety, security, customer service and benefits. Air Asia also established their strategy by building strategic alliances with other airlines.

This low cost strategy from Air Asia airline also proven to be formidable puzzle of interest as different proportion of constant changing variables affect on policy making, segmenting market, inventory control, yield system and so on. Basically, implementing such strategy was indeed complex in nature for example, providing direct services between two destinations route increase LOS (level of service) but on the contrary if the airline does not fill up with sufficient passenger then the airline surely will incur huge losses..

2 Different Cost Analysis of Air Asia:

2.1 Capital cost:

For Air Asia, capital cost is associated with initial setup of project, generally which occur at the beginning of project likewise, investment or buying airplane, cargo, aircraft, lands, buildings, construction, alternative route, high speed train (HST) facilities for different route and so on. Recently, Air Asia is going to expand its market in air cargo which again asking for lots of capital investment.

Though, airline capital investments is highly intensive and most of the potential project failed due to limited funds. For example, MAXjet airways, EOS and SilverJet all failed at the initial stage of capital investment only because lack of funding and competitive business models (Wensveen, Leick, 2009). Thus, Air Asia is required to understand this issue for successful business require sufficient amount of capital investment at initial phase.

2.2 Fixed cost:

Here, the price of Air Asia has to be determined on capacity, seats and utilities to minimize total cost. In addition, fixed cost also consist of ticketing operation, ground facilities, airport counter facilities, forward booking and dispatching aircraft from the fleet which can be spread over more passenger as traffic density rises.

2.3 Variable cost:

These costs are determined based on operating, maintenance, labor, fuel, facility, inventory, environmental and technology cost.

3 Operating cost:

The effects of operating cost are un-quantified as the scope of system is varied on point to point service. Here the basic operating costs are administration, ticketing, sales & promotion, passenger service, en-route airport maintenance and landing cost. These operating costs have determined on the level of various operations on airline including air service such as cargo operation, employees.

3.1 Flight operating cost: Is typically associated with aircraft, fleet, flying operation as well as cost related to repairing of equipment and depreciation & amortization.

3.2 Ground operating costs: this cost incurred from handling airport station, landing fees, charges, processing cargo, passenger baggage, travel agency cost, retail ticket office, distribution, commission, reservation, ticket and sales and so on.

3.3 System operating cost: this cost include passenger service cost (i.e. foods, entertainment, flight attendant and in flight service and transport related cost (i.e. regional airline partners providing regional air service, extra baggage expense and miscellaneous overheads.

4 Maintenance Cost:

The next stage is maintenance cost which is related to engine maintenance and components maintenance cost. In 2009, the proportion of engine maintenance cost was 43 percent where component maintenance cost was 20 percent and line maintenance was 17 percent. The maintenance cost also increases due to direct operating cost as for daily air flight operation.

Thus, maintenance cost is crucial for our Air Asia because this overhead cost doesn’t depend although it varies to the number of times due to requirement of service, demand or other factors. For example, any break down on engine or component hamper airline services for on time flight or even any disruptions increase additional charges as well as minimizing level of services which eventually drive away passenger.

5 Labor cost:

For Air Asia, labor cost is major factor as it is related with salary, benefits, pay rate for cabin crew, pilot, stuffs and other employees. However, labor cost also includes with aircraft services, cleaning, and passenger handling and catering. For example, providing service for customers likes catering, cleaning or even emergency service during flight require services from stuffs. For these additional services, employers expect to receive additional incentives.

6 Fuel cost:

Constant fluctuations on fuel price are also causes great impact on airline service in terms of competition on point to point service. This has been evident that approximately overall 20 percent operating costs are incurred from fuel, and due to price sensitivity, flexibility and quick responsiveness fuel price causes negative effect on ticket price.

7 Facility cost:

Here all kinds of aircraft, electricity, water, availability of spare equipments, machine, tools, ground maintenance filtering, pipeline and route maintenance costs are related to facility cost.

8 Environmental cost:

Airline industry is usually always remaining under pressure to decrease negative impact on global warming and noise pollution. Growing awareness on environmental issues is becoming a huge challenge now days to introduce new technology, aircraft and new air flight. For example, Singapore airlines attempted to keep its fleet as modern as possible. The new A380 is a cleaner and greener aircraft compared to the Boeing 747 on a per-seat basis but introducing such new service was really costly.

The only solution is to become greener and eco-friendly is adapting technology which doesn’t pollute air and doesn’t increase global warming. For example, eco-friendly gas could be an alternative solution to mitigate this issue as well as reducing costs.

In Air Asia, it’s very important to forecast future environmental threats to sustain in market. This cost is hard to eliminate but since Air Asia is based on south-east Asia; rules and regulation are considerably favorable to sustain in market. On the other hand, it’s necessary to forecast estimating cost of environmental tax.

9 Technological costs:

Poor technology like traditional system i.e. manual ticketing, checking system, decrease significant amount of level of service. Though the cost are differentiate but to reduce substantial amount of cost for example, online booking, online assistance, and online information could be minimized by 24/7 online help line. For safety and security, RFID technology or 2D reader, barcode, e-service can be used.

10 Conclusions:

To sum up, cost is always a major factor in all aspects like in marketing, operational, safety, technological, maintenance, environmental for Air Asia. Though cost is flexible in nature and complex but for Air Asia could easily switch their cost due differentiate their market and taking advantage on existing alliance.

Here, Air Asia airline need to identify proportion of cost to invest at the right sector over the long period of time. As, the company is already offering 20 percent low flight than competitors; thus, it’s necessary to control cost with proper budgeting, planning and scheduling. In this case, Air Asia can also learn from Jet Asia and Singapore airlines, how these successful companies operate their cost-effective business to sustain in the market.

Robby Davis

Robby Davis

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At CoastPrivate, we’re more than simply a jet charter company; we’re a full-service private aviation brokerage offering a wealth of solutions, from ad-hoc charter and elite jet card membership programs, to airliner charters, private jet leasing and private jet sales worldwide.

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