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Essential Information to Know About Air Ambulance Services Throughout Europe

Essential Information to Know About Air Ambulance Services Throughout Europe

The demand for private air ambulances has soared over recent years as a result of people taking more and longer trips abroad. This demand is also expected to continue to rise, with larger numbers of people enjoying retirement and breaks away to second homes in sunnier climes.

Unfortunately, a sudden illness or accident can happen at any time and knowing there will be a dedicated team able to speak in English and provide the best urgent medical assistance is a comfort. With modern medical crews being fully trained to administer critical care, it is good to know such teams are close by.

Having attended to the immediate crisis, it is also good to know that the fully equipped air ambulance can evacuate the injured parties and their loved ones back home in as short a time as possible. With a medical escort all the way and a fully linked up network to ensure on-passage to UK hospitals is completed as quickly as possible too, they afford great assurance.

Understanding the process of the operation and what to do in an emergency is important. Ahead of anything else, it is important to know that all air ambulance services from Europe to the UK are professional and as such, patients and relatives can be sure they are attended to and repatriated with all the support, reassurance and organisation required.

To get the wheels or, more appropriately, the wings in motion, all that is required is a call to be placed to the air ambulance operators. Alternatively, an email can be sent. Either way, the call will be logged, personal details and medical history taken and a conversation with a qualified doctor will take place.

From here an assessment will be made and if necessary, the patient will be transferred by local road ambulance to a suitable airport. Upon arrival, the team will transfer any stretchered and seated patients onto the jet, whilst those able to walk will be escorted to their seat for the flight home.

The air ambulance service will also ensure that all details are in place for a private or NHS ambulance transfer are waiting on the ground back in the UK, ready to transfer the patient upon disembarkation from the plane.

The cost of air ambulance evacuation and repatriation can be considerable because of the nature of the operation. These do vary from individual to individual, whilst each country in which an emergency occurs will result in different charges.

In many cases, these costs will be covered through travel insurance. Where this is the case, all details will be passed to the patient’s insurance company automatically. If there are some costs involved that do not qualify for insurance cover, the air ambulance service will have a dedicated team to advise what options are available.

In the event of a medical emergency and when repatriation is needed, it is understandable that there are heightened levels of stress. Working with a professional air ambulance service in Europe that can provide treatment and get you back home in as quick a time as possible can minimise this. Trained to provide support to the patient and their family and friends, they provide a seldom discussed emergency service every day of every year.

Source by Andrew Hitchcock

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