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At Coast Private, we’re more than simply a jet charter company; we’re a full-service private aviation brokerage offering a wealth of solutions, from ad-hoc charter and elite jet card membership programs, to airliner charters, private jet leasing and private jet sales worldwide.

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Executive Private Jet Size Categories – Which Is Right for You?

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Executive Private Jet Size Categories

If you look at the aircraft types available for Stratos executive private jet charters, you’ll see we’ve divided our network into eight size categories. Each category has its own advantages and pricing guidelines. But how does an informed traveler choose the right jet?

Our Stratos Jet Charter booking agents can help you find the right aircraft for your mission. But what if you are just browsing jet categories for an upcoming flight, and don’t need a booking agent yet? Here is a quick guide to the six main executive private jet size categories.

While The Citation M2 Can Accommodate A Maximum Of Seven Passengers, The Optimal Cabin Arrangement Is For Four Or Five.

Very Light Private Jet

Very Light Private Jet

Although designed for regional executive private jet flights, very light jets are still big on comfort. Most very lights feature the same amenities as larger jets such as fold-away workspaces, wide chairs, and AC power outlets.

These nimble aircraft are perfect for four or five passengers traveling to a nearby airport within 1100 miles. Smaller airports with short runways are no problem for a very light jet.

Light Private Jet

Light Private Jet

With Stratos light jets, you get better seating and storage capacity, and measurable increases in speed and range.  A light executive private jet can accommodate five to eight passengers for a domestic flight between 1,800 and 2,500 miles. For example, Boston to Miami is 1,260 miles by air.

Top light jets such as the popular Lear 70 can travel as fast as 622 mph. This is a significant time saving when compared to the Citation M2 very light jet, which cruises at 460 mph.

Midsize Private Jet

Midsize Private Jet

Stratos midsize jets are among the most popular aircraft in our network. Transcontinental range is the main benefit of booking a midsize luxury executive private jet for your travels.

Typically configured for seven or eight passengers, a midsize jet can carry your executive team from San Francisco to New York in stylish comfort. Increased legroom, cabin size, and cargo storage add to the comfort of flying in a midsize jet.

Super Midsize Private Jet

Super Midsize Private Jet

As the size categories increase, so do the options for your flight mission. A super-midsize jet is superior to a midsize jet in cabin size, speed, and range. The super-midsize executive private jets in the Stratos network are a competitively-priced international travel option.

Designed to carry seven to nine passengers across an ocean, many super-midsize jets feature extra-spacious cabins and seats that fold down into bunks. You’ll arrive on a new continent feeling refreshed and ready to tackle your next project.

Heavy Private Jet

Heavy Private Jet

The heavy jets in our network are the true global executive private jet charter champions. The heavies are built to match the speed and range of commercial airliners, without the cramped space.

Essentially flying hotel suites, the heavy jets feature multiple work and lounge areas, cutting-edge wireless communications, private washrooms with showers and even bedroom suites. If you need to get ten to sixteen passengers to a crucial meeting half-way across the world, a Stratos heavy jet is your solution.

Private Jet Detailing And Aircraft Cleaning Entrepreneurs Have Good News For 2017

Aircraft Cleaning

The general aviation sector has been in the doldrums for quite a while. Some blame this on increased FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) regulations, much of which occurred after 9-11 to protect airports from potential terrorists, unfortunately these increased security requirements and increased regulations have stifled the general aviation (GA) sector.

The economic crashes of 2000 and 2008 didn’t help, although in 2003 the economy was flying high thanks to Bush Tax Cuts and stimulus, then it hit a wall again and didn’t really do well until the run-up just before the 2008 crash.

The GA sector has only slightly recovered since then but not back to its 2003 highs. When Obama got elected he railed against Corporate Jets and Corporate Fat Cats which hurt jet sales and new aircraft sales.

Remember when congress went after the Auto Makers for flying their corporate jets to Washington DC to beg for bailouts? Public sentiment against GA was at an all-time low.

All of this had hurt aircraft cleaners and jet detailers – it made it tough to make money, but it looks like things are changing and the number of GA Aircraft is increasing. This new Trump Administration is pro-Aviation unlike the Obama Administration.

Cutting corporate taxes will also help GA and jet sales. It looks like clear skies ahead for those in the General Aviation services business.

There was a great article in AIN – Aircraft International News – December Edition titled; “UBS Bizjet Index Sees Post-election Surge,” by Chad Trautvetter posted on December 12, 2016 which noted the following facts; The new Trump Administration in the U.S. is widely seen as a positive, with 61 percent of those surveyed expecting the outcome of the U.S. presidential election to ultimately be positive for the business jet market, while 11 percent don’t see a positive impact and 28 percent are uncertain.

In fact the article went on to note that there was an increase of between 44-49% increased orders for private jets over last year. Many of those aircraft will be delivered by 2018, and the backlog will increase used aircraft sales and current new inventory.

More aircraft certainly means more aircraft to clean and more new aircraft means more corporate detailing customers as well. Meanwhile, along with the fractional jet market, we see jet air-taxi services on the increase as well as Uber style aircraft ride-sharing plans smaller companies can buy into. All of this means the GA sector is ready to take off again and that’s good for business.

Private Jet Charter – Enjoy The Benefits

When you want to enjoy the benefits of traveling on your own plane, a private jet charter may be the best possible option for doing so. A private jet charter allows you convenience, flexibility and comfort and allows you to avoid the hassle of flying commercial. It also provides you with a safe, cost effective and reliable way to travel.

Why Choose a Private Jet Charter?

Private Jet Charter

Many busy professionals or people who have a limited amount of time will eventually decide that their time is too valuable to waste fighting the lines at check-in and baggage claim, not to mention too valuable to wait out long delays.

Of course, those who determine that traveling on commercial flights is a hassle typically will not want to give up traveling entirely or will not be able to give up traveling for business or professional reasons. This leaves these seasoned travelers looking for alternatives to flying on a conventional airline.

There are a number of different options for those who are looking to escape the world of commercial airlines, and it is important to choose the option that is right for you. Your choices generally include a variety of different ownership programs wherein you own your jet or finance the purchase of your plane.

Another option includes a jet share where you have some type of fractional ownership interest in a plane. A Jet card works in a similar way by providing you with the use of a jet, but it entitles you to the use of a private jet you share with others that may be owned by another party.

While these different options offer you the flexibility and other benefits of having a private plane, they tend to be complicated and costly. Finding a fractional ownership share, negotiating the terms, making the payments and understanding when you can use the plane, for example, can be almost as much hassle as simply flying commercial in the first place.

Fortunately, you do have another choice if you want to enjoy the benefits of flying on your own plane. This option is private jet charter. Private jet charter gives you all of the benefits of other methods of private plane ownership or sharing, as it allows you the freedom to travel when you want as well as the promise that you will not be wasting time waiting in lines and on delays.

When you opt for private jet charter, you may also be able to fly into an airport that is closer to your final destination than you would with a standard airline with more limited flight patterns. This too can be a major time saver.

Private jet charter is possible on light jets, turboprop planes, super midsize jets, midsized jets and heavy jets, so you can choose the plane that best meets your needs for a particular trip. Private jet charter is also more cost effective and significantly less expensive than other options including ownership shares and Jetcard. This means you can enjoy convenience, flexibility and savings when you opt for private jet charter.

Private Jet Vs. First-Class Flight: An Overview And Comparison

Whether it’s a business trip or a vacation, a chartered jet allows you to maximize your time at your destination and minimize the number of hours you spend traveling.

On the other side, first class travel is also a lavish way, even though it involves dealing with airport safety and other commercial flight inconveniences. So what helps determine whether flying first class or chartering private jets is better for you? If you can afford only one, there is no reason to consider both alternatives so let the economic factor out of the way. A private jet is a little more priced than a first-class seat which can run from $800 to thousands of dollars.

On-demand charter service price depends on the plane size, Light Jets start at $2,800 per hour. Mid-Size Jets start at $3,800 per hour. Super Mid-Size Jets start at $4,500 per hour. Large Cabin Jets start at $6,500 per hour.

On a commercial aircraft, you are essentially renting a seat. You rent two seats and pay double the price if you want to take someone with you. If you plan on to take a group of eight with on the two-hour journey from Atlanta to Vegas, you’re paying close to $8,000. Where you fly first-class on an eight-person business jet. On the other side, you fly first-class on a eight-person private jet for that same price.


  • If you’re flying abroad, first class might be a bit cheaper than a private jet.
  • Private aircraft may be more economical for business executives whose time is as precious as capital.
  • Private aircraft offer more personal accommodations than first-class flights to travelers.
  • If you travel solo, first-class tickets will probably be less expensive than chartering a seat on a Private jet. A private jet may be less expensive for larger groups than purchasing several first-class tickets

Private Jet 

private aviation for travel

For customers in the top tier of flight travel, private jets are available to meet all their personalized needs.  A surprising amount of businesses, professionals and individuals use private aviation for travel. While first-class air travel still has many advantages, private jet flights have several distinct advantages and amenities over commercial airlines.

Modern private jets are consistently becoming roomier and more sophisticated than the best first class cabins on the market. On a private jet, the comfort is increased dramatically thanks to spacious cabin areas, bespoke catering and top of the line amenities.

But of course, convenience and luxury are improved at a cost. That being said, some private jet charters companies are finding more inexpensive methods to make private travel more affordable.

First Class

First Class aircraft

While flying first class on a commercial aircraft offers several amenities, its not at same level—or personalization—of flying privately.

Check-in, screening and customs facilities are typically much faster if your flying on a first class , but after all, you are still on a commercial flight and have to arrive several hours prior to your flight. First class passengers also must finagle with busy airport terminals, safety queues and lengthy walks across terminals. Although you are invited first to board, but you still required to wait for other passengers to board before you depart.

Commercial aircraft are mostly limited to large airports because of their size. Travelers also must account for driving time, if the location they are going to is outside the metropolitan area.

Private Jet clients can also take pets— golf clubs, skis and other large items which do not fit readily on commercial planes. The risk of losing these items on in the baggage claim process is also avoided.

Private Jet Vs. First Class Comparison

Price: Private Jet Vs. First Class Cost

The first big difference between first class and private jet is, when you fly on a private jet, you charter an entire jet. When you fly first class, you only charter a seat. Chartering an aircraft is understandably costlier than just a single seat. However, the price per seat is less on a private jet for many routes.

Therefore, the price difference operates in your favor when you fill all seats on the flight. This particularly applies to flights less than 2 hours, where small to mid-sized aircraft can be chartered. If your flying internationally, you’ll need a larger aircraft with a bigger range, which equates to a more expensive charter.

Businesses use private jets on a regular basis as the cost is beneficial. When teams of individuals or clients have to travel, they get a better deal because the costs of a private charter are divided by the number of people that fly.

Comfort: First Class Vs. Private Jet Charter

Comfort really depends on the aircraft and airline. With more room, less individuals and lots of facilities, one of the main attraction to private jet charter is undoubtedly its comfort. While the first class has a variety of advantages, such as additional legroom and food, a private jet flight takes it up a level with personalization.

Despite private jet preconceptions, flying first class tends to be as luxurious as an executive jet.

However, because of the luxury nature of their industry, private jets have additional benefit. Whether it’s catering or entertainment on board, you can request various sort of amenities. As you are the only passenger, you will always receive VIP service. Above all, you can select an airplane best suited for your requirements.

First Class Vs. Private Jet Charter – Who Has The Better Experience?

Private jets generally depart from private terminals and airport FBOs. You can breeze through security, be on your flight in short amount of time. At most airport FBOs you can drive onto the runway and board the jet. It is an exclusive experience, as it is a private terminal. No queue and no waste of time, no need to go through crowds or no far-flung terminal gates. And if perhaps your delayed, a private jet will wait for you.

First class passengers have a similar airport experience to economy class passengers. Of course there is a swanky lounge to wait in and prioritized check in, but everything else is very similar, including the need to arrive two hours before departure. When flying on a private jet you don’t need a lounge to wait in, because there isn’t any waiting time.

It’s easy to imagine that the airport experience is improved at a private terminal versus a commercial terminal. But the key difference is the time saved. Airport FBOs have expedited systems that can save you upwards of one hour for every flight. And that’s just for take off. Land at a private airport and you save additional time.

Comparing First Class Flight Vs. Private Jet In Business Experience

Intensive business schedules often mean visiting multiple destinations in one day or week. To optimally do this you need a dedicated aircraft. With private charters, scheduling is extremely flexible, enabling you to make adjustments that accommodate any overrunning or cancellations. If you have to regularly reschedule then a private charter is best suited for you, as commercial flight schedule is fixed.

While some airlines implemented business cabins, this characteristic has always been an integral features of private jets. So when traveling as a team or traveling with clients, private jets give you a chance to re-group or de-brief. Since its private, you can proceed your discussions without interruption. Ultimately you can get business done and optimize every moment in the day.

Why Choose To Charter A Private Jet Over First Class When It Come To Flight Duration?

This is the biggie, especially for business travelers. Commercial flight schedules are restricted by a hub and spoke model. So while there are many options for flying New York to Los Angeles, or between other major US cities, reaching smaller destinations often requires a layover. With a charter flight you can fly anywhere, anytime. This becomes increasingly important when you need to reach multiple destinations in a single day or week.

Total Time

With private jet travel, the time you save is not saved in the air. In a Boeing 747 or medium-sized private jet, the flight time between Los Angeles and New York is relatively the same. It’s the time saved on the ground that makes all the difference with that kind of routing.

You can show up ten minutes’ prior to your flight vs two hours. Disembark in 10 minutes versus 30 from the airport. Contribute on the time saved thanks to flexibility and easy rerouting of a private jet; then note the difference in flight duration when commercial schedules are unable to meet your needs.

Private jets can transform how you travel by saving flexibility and time. It can originally seem costly to travel on a private jet, however, take into the importance of time, the cost wont seems outlandish.

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Robby Davis

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At CoastPrivate, we’re more than simply a jet charter company; we’re a full-service private aviation brokerage offering a wealth of solutions, from ad-hoc charter and elite jet card membership programs, to airliner charters, private jet leasing and private jet sales worldwide.

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