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Flight Training Simulator – Affordable Alternative For Cash Strapped Pilots

Flight Training Simulator – Affordable Alternative For Cash Strapped Pilots

What is great about using flight training simulator is that it is an affordable, low-cost way to learn how to fly.

On the other hand, if you are already a pilot, then it is a great way for you to refine your piloting skills or for you to undertake advanced training while, at the same time, saving money on training costs.

Let’s face it. In this economy, everyone cutting back, businesses and individuals alike. And there is no doubt that the economy is taking its toll on the general aviation industry as well.

That means that learning to fly can be quite an expensive proposition, and be financially out of reach for too many aspiring pilots who wish to experience the thrill of flying.

Fortunately there is one option: Use a flight training simulator to supplement the actual flight training that you receive in the air.

This will help you gain some extra practice, thus making your time spent in the cockpit to be more productive, since you will have already had ample time to practice in the simulator beforehand.

The FAA requires a minimum of 40 hours of flight instruction in an aircraft to get your pilot’s license. Some people are ready for the pilot’s exam and check ride right at 40 hours. Some people need a few extra hours of practice. And some people may take twice as many hours to get their license.

By supplementing your actual fight instruction with practice time in a flight training simulator, you can accelerate your training, gain extra practice, develop your proficiency, and reduce the likelihood that you might exceed the 40 hour minimum, thus saving you time as well as money spent on lessons.

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