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General Aviation Sector – DHS and the Future Risks, Threats and Industry

General Aviation Sector – DHS and the Future Risks, Threats and Industry

Although I am now retired and it is not as important to me personally, as it once was, I am pleased to see that the General Aviation Industry Sector has returned from its destruction due to bad choices and over regulation after 9-11. Since Aircraft were used during 9-11 by International Terrorists and those terrorists trained how to fly, but not land the aircraft they flew into those buildings the authorities put in place many restrictions.

General Aviation is a much easier place to spend money, than to make it, as they say, it's always been that way. I was involved in the aircraft cleaning business and General Aviation was one of our best markets over the years. Normally, most General Aviation businesses have just gotten by over the years. But now, the Fractional Jet Business, Jet Centers, etc, have all done well.

Is the Industry safe from International Terrorists? Well, I believe that the General Aviation Sector is watching for suspicious activity well. Sometimes, I think I worry about Foreign Middle Eastern Private Jets, which are extremely large – Airbus or Boeing Size aircraft. And I do get concerned with foreign Cargo Aircraft. And I guess it is hard to forget that interesting Tom Clancy Book I read, it is worth reading on the subject written some 10-15 years ago now.

It is unfortunate that the authorities were so quick to attack General Aviation for the failures leading to the acts of 9-11. It really is not General Aviation's fault. They are just plane folks.

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