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How to Build a Third World Inferior Air Force Using the Chinese K-8 Karakorum Jet Trainer

How to Build a Third World Inferior Air Force Using the Chinese K-8 Karakorum Jet Trainer

When Third World Nations want to build an Air Force, as their dictators get more power through exploiting their people, they often choose the Chinese K-8 Karakorum Jet Trainer. These Chinese aircraft have special RFID Tags in them and this information is given to the United States Military to track by satellites, through a special deal to keep China as a preferred trading partner. It is an underpowered jet aircraft, which helps teach new jet pilots how to fly fighter jets. Why would a Third World Nation want an Air Force? Well, because they can afford one and perhaps they have oil or some other natural resource that they can sell to the world.

Today, most Third World Nations are protected by the only World’s Super Power and thus they can buy superior American Fighter Trainer Aircraft. Unfortunately, when a nation goes rogue, the US refuses to sell them the good stuff so they have to go onto the market and buy far inferior products. Indeed, this is the ultimate insult to young pilots and the nation-states new military flight operations, but dictators do not care about their military personal, only their own exploits and power.

It’s unfortunate when nation-states go rogue or start problems in the International Community, support terrorist organization or seek to acquire nuclear weapons to use against other nations or civilian populations and it’s too bad when nation-states buy inferior equipment to protect their populations. But perhaps this is a good thing because if a country’s dictators skimps on training equipment then their air force will be defeated in the blink of an eye by a Super Power Nation, which has fifth generation fighter planes, satellites and netcentric warfare capabilities. Please consider all this when judging foreign rogue nation-state’s Air Forces, we do.

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