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At Coast Private, we’re more than simply a jet charter company; we’re a full-service private aviation brokerage offering a wealth of solutions, from ad-hoc charter and elite jet card membership programs, to airliner charters, private jet leasing and private jet sales worldwide.

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How to Select a Private Jet Charter and Tips For Benefits

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How to Select a Private Jet Charter

When you are selecting a private jet charter, you will need to check out the quality, consistency, and service quality. These days, people are looking at improving their overall travel experience and so they look at fully customizing their flight preferences.

When chartering private aircraft, you will have to check out some additional services that are being offered. Value added services such as customized catering, and on-ground transportation are always welcome. In addition, you may also need concierge services for spas, hotels and entertainment.

Tips For Selecting The Best Private Jet Charter

When selecting the Private Jets, you will have to first check out the parent website and look for services offered by the private aircraft rental company. Along with the services, you may also want to know about the cost. Some websites may have the costs listed and some may not have it.

Always check for the hidden costs when you are searching the best jet chartering services. Although there are few restrictions on the Private Jets or Jet charters, you will have to specify any specific travel requirements that you may have.

Generally, a smaller private jet charter would not have any flight attendants, but if you want them, you may have to pay some additional cost. In some Private Jets, you can even choose the fight attendants. When booking the executive jet charters, you will have to check the procedures of booking.

There are some jet charters that may allow booking on phone and for some, you will have to make an online payment first.

Aircraft Charter

On the aircraft charter agent websites you will get all the information on the type of aircraft, age of the aircraft and other specifications of the aircraft. Your safety is the main goal of these companies and they will ensure that all the security checks are complete before you fly to your destination.

There are several jet chartering services available these days that will give their customers all that they need. You have a wide variety to choose from, make the most of it and select the best Aircraft Charter. There are some aircraft charter services that will give you good discounts if you are a frequent flier.

It is recommended that if you are traveling to and from a destination frequently, use only one aircraft charter services. In this way, you can also get a good discount on the flying deals. Most Private Jet Charter services these days are doing good business as more and more people are planning to travel with comfort. The prices offered by the Private Jet Charter services are also very reasonable these days.

You need to check with the Private Jet Charter service if they are offering the following:

* Primary source for your due-diligence
* Complete, in depth safety reports on your charter operators
* Instant access pilots experience and historical safety ratings
* Instant search

In addition to the aforementioned items, you may also want the access to Pilot Certificates, Aircraft Registration, Operator Certificates, Accident and Incident Reports, Enforcement Actions, and Ownership and Management documents.

Classifications of Private Jets

Private Jet

In the world of private jet charter, there are different classifications of planes, each with different amenities, specialities and specifications. When booking a private aircraft, it is important to know the differences, so that you are well informed and make an educated, cost effective decision. This article will help to differentiate the different classes of jets available, and highlight the differences, benefits, and detriments of each.

  1. Very Light Jets – Also known as Microjets or VLJs, Very Light Jets are small aircraft that are with a single pilot, seating for 4-8 people, and a maximum takeoff weight of 10,000 lbs. Most VLJs do not have an on board lavatory, and are generally used by passengers looking to go relatively short distances of 300-500 miles (40-80 minute duration). Despite the lack of amenities, these jets are very comfortable, cost effective and a good option for trips between small local airports. Examples of VLJs include the Cessna Mustang and the Eclipse 500.
  2. Light Jets – Also designed to access small airports, Light Jets are a staple of the private jet industry. With larger cabins than VLJs and a larger cargo/weight capacity, Light Jets are an industry standard for short, comfortable flights. Examples of popular Light Jets include the Learjet 45 and the Citation CJ4.
  3. Mid-Size Jets – Larger than Light Jets, Mid-Size Jets including the Cessna Citation XL and the Gulfstream 250, are meant for longer travel, and can handle transcontinental flights with a passenger load of 7-9 people and a cruising speed of 510-590 MPH. These jets offer amenities like toilets and are perfect for longer flights with a nonstop range of 2,100 miles.
  4. Super Mid-Size Jets – With wide body cabins, increased altitude, cruising speeds and range capacity, Super Mid-Size jets are the elite class of the medium aircraft. The Gulfstream G350 and Hawker 4000 are ultra-luxurious jets that are far and away the premier means of travel for parties of 7-10. The wider body offers more cabin space, increasing the high end options and amenities available.
  5. Large Cabin Jets – Larger then their Mid-Size Jet counterparts, Large Cabin Jets like the Gulfstream G500 and Bombadier Global 5000 offer increased transcontinental range, cabin space, and capacity. With the ability to transport 10 passengers and their luggage upwards to 4000 miles without a refueling stop, Large Cabin Jets are a great choice for larger parties looking to make long distance luxury travel plans.
  6. Jumbo Jets – The peak of both luxury and size, Jumbo Jets offer the most exclusive means of transportation available in the sky. Luxury cruisers like the Boeing Business Jet can be configured to transport upwards to 50 people to transcontinental destinations, all in first class seating. Perfect for sports teams or corporate outings, Jumbo Jets often feature conference and dining areas, showers, and master staterooms.

As you can see, the differences in private jets is staggering, and knowing the pros and cons of each can make you better informed the next time you book a trip. For more information, contact Aero Jet Services, the premier private jet charter company in the world.

The Benefits of a Private Jet Service

Private Jet Service

Traveling around the world on a private jet service means you are flying like a rich and famous star, right? That fact is not so true anymore. Flying via a private jet service today is more accessible for the mainstream customer than ever before. It simply means you are saving time, saving money and wanting to bring the choice back to your flight plans.

The Art of Freedom Scheduling

When you choose a private jet service, you are the one in charge. You choose when the flight will leave and from which airport you will be flying out of. That freedom has helped the private jet service market to boom in recent years.

Combined with the extraordinary rise in commercial airline prices, the private jet service available for every flyer is one that is now more affordable and convenient than ever before.

Paired with the freedom of scheduling, the time you save with a private jet service is phenomenal. No waiting in lines, passing through multiple security checkpoints and wasting those precious moments connecting from one flight to the next.

For the business person, especially, these wasted moments are all about the bottom line. The more time a business person spends in the airport the less money they are making and thus the increasing popularity of private jet service flights.

The Size You Need

Another great opportunity when choosing a private jet service is the choice of which type of plane to fly on. There are jumbo jets, very light jets, mid-sized jets and even helicopters to choose for your flight needs. If you are flying alone, you are the king of the flight and you decide how much room you need to make that flight comfortable along the way.

When choosing a private jet service, the security of the flight will be increased exponentially. You will no longer have to worry about those stringent guidelines at the local International airport. The security line will not be 100 passengers deep and you have zero chance of losing your luggage along the way.

All-in-all, the positives of the private jet service far outweigh the difference in price. You will pay more to secure a private jet for your next flight, but the amenities, luxuries and time saving qualities of that flight are the best in the world. Private jet services offer you, the consumer, the chance to choose every aspect of your air travels and arrive on time, every time.

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Robby Davis

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At CoastPrivate, we’re more than simply a jet charter company; we’re a full-service private aviation brokerage offering a wealth of solutions, from ad-hoc charter and elite jet card membership programs, to airliner charters, private jet leasing and private jet sales worldwide.

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