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Improving Muscle Tone – Toning and Fitness With Lots of Fun Mixed In

Improving Muscle Tone – Toning and Fitness With Lots of Fun Mixed In

When you look in the mirror, what do you want to see? Far from the seemingly archaic ideals that envisioned fat as beautiful, healthy and a sign of contentment, most present-day societies perceive a stereotypic ideal body image of excessively slim women and a lean and muscular build for men to mean beauty, health, strength, hard work, success, and self-discipline.

Unfortunately, achieving that ultimate ideal is nearly impossible and is more often than not bad for your health. So back to the question … when you look into the mirror do you want to see a bag of bones staring back or someone with bulging muscles but riddled with disease? Or would you prefer to see a fit and healthy person? Staying fit and healthy is necessary for a long life full of contentment and happiness. And the keys to achieving a healthy lifestyle are, as you well know, eating a balanced diet and exercising.

Routinely performing both aerobic and resistance exercises can keep your body fit. Though aerobic exercises can invigorate your heart and lungs, if you want to become strong and look good at the same time, you have to tone your muscles.

Most people don't realize that the phrases "toning your muscles" and "muscle tone" are neither synonymous nor interchangeable. Muscle tone is actually a physiological term that refers to the partially contracted state maintained by muscles at rest. This is an involuntary contraction, the degree of which depends on the extent your muscles are stretched as they link from one bone to another. Since exercise cannot affect the degree of muscle stretch, this means that muscle tone does not change with exercise.

In contrast, "toning muscles" is a term used by fitness experts to denote the well-defined appearance and firmness of muscles and leanness of the body. After explaining the concept of toning, the next question to ponder is how do I make my muscles look well-defined? Luckily, here we are, at the ready with the answer! 🙂

Fats are abundant in the subcutaneous tissue beneath your skin. Meanwhile your muscles are located beneath the subcutaneous fat. So getting rid of the fat will remove the visual block that hides the outline of your muscles. Hence, if you want your muscles to look well defined and toned, then you will need to get rid of a good deal of your subcutaneous fat, so that every shape and curve of your muscles will be outlined through your skin. Be aware though, if your muscle size is small, then losing body fat will only make you look like a walking skeleton. Since that's probably not your ultimate objective, toning and building of muscle is in order.

The best way to tone is to do a combination of both aerobic exercises to reduce total body fat and weight resistance exercises to build muscles. Inside the gym, the basic workout involved in losing weight and / or toning muscles includes warm up, weight lifting or resistance training, cardiovascular workout, cool down and stretching or flexibility exercises.

However, many of these basic workout regimens are ineffective because people have a tendency to get bored with the monotony, and as they lose interest, they eventually quit their workout routines. The rise and fall of the popularity of many workout routines throughout time serves as a proof of how people keep searching for the new and better routines that will keep their interests peaked.

If you're one of those people, no need to lose hope because the new Trikke "gym on wheels" is now available to help motivate you to get out and have fun while you're working out aerobically and toning your muscles, all at the same time.

The Trikke scooter is a human powered three-wheeled cambering vehicle that allows you to use almost all your body muscles while cruising at high speed. In the absence of a mechanical propelling device, you have to continuously twist your body, shift your weight, and thrust you arms side to side in order to move and accelerate the Trikke. These actions involve the contraction of both upper and lower body muscles. It sounds more complicated than it really is. It's kind of like the bicycle: trying to explain the details of it would be complex and confusing. But once you've seen it and done it a few times, it's a piece of cake.

The large group of muscles required to contract repeatedly in order to propel the Trikke will give you a good aerobic workout, increase your metabolism, burn more body fat, and increase your muscle tone. But the beauty of the Trikke scooter as an exercise device lies in the fact that the thrill of the ride overshadows the fact that you are experiencing a great full body workout. More often than not, you won't want to quit, and will only stop once you wear yourself out.

In fact, many enthusiasts claim that Trikke-ing is addictive. They claim, that at first the concentration required to learn made them unaware of how much their bodies were moving, and even more so once they're cruising at top speed. In addition, you can never run out of reaching for new levels of finesse that would require contraction of new muscle combinations. In fact, you'll find that the Trikke can help you achieve the best fitness level of your life without the boredom of indoor workouts.

And it's so much fun!

Hope that helps …

Source by Jae Winters

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