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Jet Ski Rentals – Why Should You Rent a Jet Ski? How to Restore a Jet Ski

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Jet Ski Rentals – Great Escapes

A Great Escape

If you love spending time at the lake or beach, then you’re probably not averse to the idea of a jet ski rental. Feeling the spray of water on your face while gliding over the waves on a summer’s day can do a lot for anyone in the way of feeling better about the world in general. Therefore, before planning your next weekend escape or vacation, you might include renting one in your plans.

Appraising the Rental Company

When choosing any of the marina facilities that offer jet ski rentals, it’s important to check first as to how accommodating they are in helping serve your needs with respect to any daily jet ski rentals.

Does the business that offers boat and jet ski rentals provide classes in safety and operation of the vehicle you’re planning to rent? Are the employees helpful with regard to answering any inquiries and supplying you with the needed supplies, such as life preservers or maps?

Is the business you’re thinking about choosing for your rental conveniently located near the place where you’ll be staying? Can they make the provision to deliver the watercrafts chosen from their stock of jet ski and Sea Doo rentals, or will you have to go and collect them?

Appraising your own Needs

Next, you’ll need to answer a couple questions with regards to your own vacation goals.

For instance, is the cost of jet ski rentals in the area where you’ll be staying in line with your finances? Is there a minimum number of days that you will have to rent the personal watercraft (PWC) or can you take it on a daily or hourly basis if cost is an issue?

Needless to say, all of the above questions should be answered so you can incorporate your time on the water into your vacation or weekend plans.

More Questions – Making the most of your Vacation

Where are you anticipating going on your vacation? How can you work jet skiing into your overall plans? For example, you may want to work a day of jet skiing into a vacation to, say, Miami, Florida where you can shop in South Beach, visit the dolphins at the Seaquarium, spend time at Parrot Jungle Island or watch the primates at Monkey Jungle. If you know the day and time you’ll be using your PWC, you can schedule it in with your other planned activities.

Or maybe you want to spend time in the exciting atmosphere of Las Vegas. There are a number of waterways and lakes near the city. Many businesses that provide jet ski and Sea Doo rentals are located on Lake Havasu in Arizona as well as along the Colorado River. Both these bodies of water are near the famed Nevada city.

Planning Ahead

Once you’ve determined the place where you’ll be using your jet skis and the city and sites you’ll be visiting, you’ll want to make an advance reservation with the rental company for your jet skis. Reservations, in many instances, can be made online fairly easily. Some companies will require a down payment before the day of the rental. In addition, most companies require that you be 21, have a valid driver’s license and of course a credit card.

Whichever place you choose, the overall cost of jet ski rentals should fit nicely into your budget and plans.

Why Should You Rent a Jet Ski?

The best part of renting a jet ski is that you can have all the fun associated with being on water without purchasing a personal watercraft which usually has a very high price tag. Renting a jet ski when on a vacation is a more feasible option because even if you maintain a personal watercraft at home, it may not always be possible to take it to your holiday destination, particularly if you are traveling by air.

When you rent a jet ski on site, you don’t have to worry about towing the water craft to the beach or the lake; add to this the fact that most jet ski rental establishments have an array of some of the most sophisticated personal watercraft models, and it is not difficult to see why, renting it is one of the most popular inclusions in vacation plans made by people across the country. If you rent a water craft, you don’t have to go through the hassle of maintaining a trailer for your personal jet skis; and there are no storage charges, operations costs such as oil changes etc or the registration fee to contend with, you can do away with all these added expenditures by renting it instead of purchasing one.

Most Jet Ski rental businesses will be able to offer you water craft with an advance booking regardless of where you are traveling. Another thing to consider when you mull over buying it is the fact that very few of us can afford to use our skis every day so it would be utterly futile to spend several thousand dollars and consistent storage and maintenance charges to own your own jet ski when you will only be using the water craft occasionally; instead it would be financially prudent to simply rent a personal water craft

Even if you were to rent a ski everyday while you are on vacation, it would still be a more cost effective option than owning a personal water craft; not to mention that every penny that you spend to rent a jet ski will be worth while because you and your friends can have a truly memorable vacation with a jet ski at your disposal.

If you are looking for a welcome break from your regular vacation itinerary that comprises of hiking, biking and languishing on the beach working on your tan, jet skiing will make your vacation spectacular. Imagine, the spray of water on your face as you ride on the waves at high speed with the sun overhead giving you the perfect tan, doesn’t it sound dreamy? If yes, let’s talk about personal water crafts

People are often confused by the term personal water craft; a PWC as its popularly known is a single or multi occupant watercraft that can be used like a snow ski to ride on water; These personal watercrafts are also used for free style aerobatic maneuver events and racing. There are several companies that manufacture personal water crafts and the products of each company are known by a different name.

For instance, jet skis are water crafts manufactured by Kawasaki while the wave runner is a Yamaha product; similarly, a Sea Doo is manufactured by Bombardier. Most of these water crafts are available in two varieties; the stand alone; which as the name suggests is a single occupant ride and the sit down models which can accommodate two to three people including the operator. If you intend to rent, you should know that the stand alone versions will cost you more than the regular sit down models.

If you would like to experience something different and wild this year while you are on vacation, you should definitely consider renting. Even if you are an expert Jet Ski operator and have ridden one several times, a jet ski can offer an exciting and scintillating experience every time you ride the waves.

Things to Remember While Taking Jet Ski Rentals

Looking for some exhilarating adventure on water? Try Jet Ski boats! These wonderful vessels come cheap and are great ways to pep up your holidays. All you will need is a driver’s license to. However, you may have to book in advance if you plan to opt for Jet Ski rentals during the peak season at popular holiday locations.

The fact that these boats can travel at very high speeds make them ideal for people who love to indulge in racing. If you wish to water ski, you may choose the three-seater models with tow ropes and skis.


* While choosing a Jet Ski rental you may ask the manager of the place where you are staying for references.

* You must be very careful about the safety that you carry onboard. Unless the agency is well-equipped it may not be able provide all the safety gear required. Apart from the standard personal flotation device or a life jacket, you should also carry a fire extinguisher.

* If you are not a seasoned driver of these vehicles, you should be given a manual which will enable you to become familiar with the operation of the vehicle.

* As with any other vehicle, do not drink and drive! Since these vessels are driven at fairly high speeds, accidents can be fatal.

* Items like keys, purses, and wallets should be stored in a zip lock bag. This bag should be kept in a water resistant saddlebag.

* Plan out your route in advance and tell the agency about your plan. This will preclude the possibility of your going to places where accidents are likely to occur.

Usually Jet Ski rental agencies will require you to pay some amount while renting a vessel as deposit. If reservation is required, do not forget to ask whether there are any cancellation charges of not. These boats are usually let out by the hour, so you may hire one for just half a day.

One of the best places to enjoy this activity is Land Cumberland in Kentucky. Since this artificial water body is 101 miles long and has a calm surface it is ideal for high speed racing. People also come to this place for the amazing landscape that surrounds the lake, the pleasant weather, and the abundance of fishing opportunities. The largest sauger caught in Kentucky came from this lake. Jet Ski rentals are easily available on the several marinas on Land Cumberland.

Test Your Knowledge on Jet Skis and Jet Ski and Sea Doo Rentals? A Quiz

Jet ski and Sea Doo rentals are available for anyone who wants to do something fun for vacations and weekend getaways. They are a great way to turn a family outing into something spectacular and memorable. There’s nothing like racing through the waves along the shore of a favorite lake or ocean front, or navigating out to an island in the middle of a lake.

Do you know anything about personal watercraft(PWC) rentals? If you’re not ready to take the plunge and buy your very own PWC, you might want to consider renting one to see if they are for you. Take the following quiz to test your knowledge of the ins and outs of the PWC rental market and its general practices.

(1) What item must be worn at all times when securing a PWC from any marina that offers boat and jet ski rentals?

(a) Goggles

(b) Gloves

(c) Wet Suit

(d) None of the above

Answer: (d) Although it’s recommended that all the items be worn, a personal flotation device (PFD) or life jacket is a required item one must wear when operating any PWC.

(2) What is another name for a stand-up PWC?

(a) A wakeboard

(b) A waverunner

(c) A sport craft

(d) A solo craft

Answer: (d) A solo craft is operated from the standing position which allows one person to control and occupy the vehicle.

(3) How is the cost of jet ski rentals determined?

(a) The renter is charged for daily jet ski rentals by the day.

(b) Jet ski rental rates are charged by every 4 hours of use.

(c) The cost of jet ski rentals is determined by a flat rate by either the half hour or hour.

(d) Most rental businesses determine the amount charged from the time you make the reservation.

Answer: (c) Generally, most businesses who provide daily jet ski rentals rent their equipment by the ½ hour or hour although some variances apply.

(4) What manufacturer first produced the WaveRunner?

(a) Kawasaki

(b) Honda

(c) Polaris

(d) Yamaha

Answer: (d) Yamaha Motor Company produced the trademarked WaveRunner personal watercraft (PWC) although the name “waverunner” can refer to a variety of personal watercrafts.

(5) The trademarked name Jet Ski is produced by what company?

(a) Honda holds the trademark on this name

(b) Polaris produces these vehicles

(c) This is the general term referring to personal watercraft produced by a number of companies.

(d) Jet Ski is the trademarked product of the Kawasaki Motor Company.

Answer: (d) The registered trademarked product is manufactured by Kawasaki although the general reference to one can mean a number of personal watercrafts manufactured by a variety of brands.

(6) What is the minimum age requirement if you want to rent a jet ski?

(a) The minimum requirement is 12 years of age.

(b) Minimum age is 22 years old.

(c) To rent one the minimum age requirement is normally 16.

(d) One typically must be 18 years old to rent a PWC.

Answer: When renting one, the minimum age for signing a rental agreement is normally in most rental facilities 18 years old with a driver’s license. Generally the minimum age of a driver is 16 years old.

How’d you fare? Were you “at sea” when it came to answering some of the questions? Regardless, if you’re interested in renting any PWC, you can find a variety of places on the Internet that can help answer your questions in this regard. Just take the time to do your homework and you can make your next water outing an exhilarating experience.

How to Restore a Jet Ski

The restoration of a older model jet ski can be a rewarding experience upon completion. If you’ve lived by the water for the better part of your life, you should be at least remotely familiar with jet skis, maybe even intimately familiar. This read is for those personal watercraft enthusiasts who may wish to restore a jet ski.

The phrase “how to restore a jet ski” is not necessarily a how to rebuild carbs or pumps, but how to approach a restoration project from day one. First of all it is important to consider that the people who can best afford to restore a jet ski, usually don’t.

Those who can’t afford restoration projects are usually the ones that desire and ultimately attempt them. Many times, these projects usually come undone because the owner failed to anticipate the cost properly. Fixer upper jet skis are rarely good deals. Money is a very important aspect in these projects.

If you haven’t got cash, then it’s likely a mistake to think that you can perform a complete restoration. Looking at it from another point of view however, taking a well designed, well built, older jet ski and restoring it can be the most cost effective way to get yourself onto a good quality jet ski that you would not otherwise be able to afford.

Older models tend to have less bells and whistles but when you’re cruising across the water with a breeze in your hair, does that really matter? Regarding your best bang for the buck, it is possible for the economics of such a project to work out because a lot of the investment is going to be old fashion elbow grease. The similarities between jet skis and older homes are astounding.

This is evident by watching just about any home improvement show on television. Someone takes an older home, restores and rebuilds the house and reaps heaps of profit and pride. The restoration of vintage model jet ski, or even a late model personal watercraft with an enormous amount of hours, can produce a high resale value in some cases, but the pride of a self restored jet ski is a guarantee.

Here are some basic concepts to guide anyone in the right direction regarding their own jet ski restoration project. First, there is a matter of legalities. Be sure the jet ski comes equipped with a title of ownership or some form of legitimate registration. One could only imagine the horror of a fully restored personal watercraft that was not legal to operate on public waters.

Of course, laws vary greatly among the states so check your locality either at the department of motor vehicles or other appropriate governing office. Now on to the fun stuff… The hull of the watercraft should be sound and not require any type of substantial reconstruction. A solid foundation is the best way to start any project. If you plan on investing your hard earned money, be sure it is a desirable model based on the possibility you’ll need to resell at some point.

Do your financial homework, an accurate estimation of overall cost is essential to any project. next of course be sure you have the funds allocated to complete the job, maybe even a buffer is even a good idea. Too many projects go uncompleted thanks to a lack of funding.

A very liberal consideration needs to be given to total restore time as well. Chances are that it will take about twice as long to complete your project than originally anticipated. Being that personal watercraft are a seasonal vehicle in most cases, off-season work would be best so there is no hurry with critical portions of your work. Patience is key from start to finish.

Another thought to consider is partial sub-contracting. If there is any part of the engine or hull where an expert can achieve better, or longer lasting results, than go for it. There is no shame in hiring out a portion of the restore if you feel you may not do the best job on your own.

Some mechanics are not strong electricians and vice versa. It is important to know when assistance is necessary. Painting or refinishing the hull with a custom paint scheme is a great example of something that may need to be handled by a professional.

Nevertheless, these types of restoration projects are not for everyone. But for those that have desire, skill, time, and plenty of money, such projects can be rewarding and ultimately enjoyable. Maybe the trick to your success is to attack the restore with a business-like attitude. Guaranteed you’ll feel like a million dollars on the day you place the jet ski back in the water.

Purchasing Your First Jet Ski And What You Need To Know Before You Do

How many times have you been out at the lake or ocean and seen numerous people whizzing about on jet skis having the time of their life, wishing you were out there with them? They are very fast and maneuverable, and there is always plenty of splash action to keep you cool on a hot day! They are probably the number one serious rental toy at the beach at most resorts around the world, and for a good reason. They’re fun to drive!

There are many different types and models of jet skis (also called waverunners), and I’m going to run through a few of them. I’ve personally had a Sea-Doo GTX for several years and I may be somewhat biased, but I consider them to be the best and most popular selling brand. The company definitely knows how to market, and they have a lion’s share of the sales today.

Sea-Doo has been around for quite a while and they’ve got a great reputation in the industry for ease of use and that they are also extremely easy to take care of and maintain. Any problems associated with Sea-Doo’s are often relatively minor, and can be usually inexpensive to fix. Of course, with any big piece of machinery there are always exceptions, and you’ll want to treat it as nicely as you can in order for you to keep enjoying the benefits of being out on the water for years to come.

Seriously, I’ve seen people go out and tear apart a brand new waverunner just because they want to take it to the limit each and every time in their quest for fun. These are the people who will probably end up selling off that same waverunner within a year or two because they’ve abused it so bad it doesn’t run as well as it used to, so when purchasing a used jet ski it’s best to really learn everything about its history that you can.

Speed and maneuverability are not the only reasons to purchase a jet ski; the larger models are also great for extended touring trips or all day excursions. They are incredibly stable and some will have huge amounts of dry storage space for picnics, clothes, or other items that you may need when you stop. That has become one of my favorite reasons for having the GTX now, is just being able to take off and see where the day leads you, knowing that you’ve got everything stored away for any eventuality!

The first few years that I’ve had the jet ski I used extensively in the Gulf of Mexico and salt water, and I can’t begin to tell you the things I’ve seen and experiences I’ve enjoyed with that jet ski! Imagine yourself about an hour or so from sunset just laying around on your jet ski with the motor off just enjoying life and suddenly a pod of 30 dolphins come right up and nose about chasing after fish! I’ve had that happen a few times, and it’s just one of the memorable times I can say that I’ve had with my salt water jet skiing.

More recently, I’ve used my Sea-Doo mainly in fresh water lakes around the Atlanta area, and I can tell you that even though some of the lakes tend to get very crowded on weekends that it is also a very enjoyable experience! On a hot day in the summertime, there’s nothing better than hitting the lake with your jet ski to cool off and swim.

I’ve found that one main difference with busy lakes as opposed to the open ocean is that you will need to keep your head on a swivel much more to avoid any collisions with other boats or people. On a busy day, there are also many waves caused by the wakes of other boats and water-skiers and you will need to keep an eye on them as well.

The difference between salt water and fresh water jet skiing can also be found in the maintenance of the vessel, and the salt really does play havoc with any exposed metals parts, especially on your trailer! As you can expect, you are totally dunking your trailer in salt water each and every time that you put your jet ski into the water, so after every use you will need to give both your waverunner and trailer a good washing to try and get as much salt off as possible.

Even with that, you will still get a fair amount of rusting on the trailer, but that’s nothing to worry about. Just do your part after every use, and it should take care of you for years to come. Remember to also grease the ball bearings in the wheels every year or two (any certified shop can do this for you), because repeated dunking in salt water can wash the grease away over time.

If you are using your jet ski mainly in fresh water, there is much less maintenance involved. The maintenance shop that I use suggests giving it a good wash once or twice a year, and not to worry about hosing it down after every trip out unless it’s just really dirty. Fresh water will not cause it to rust any more, but of course greasing the ball bearings at least twice a year is still recommended.

If you live in an area where they actually have winter and you won’t be able to use your jet ski year round (anywhere not in Florida!), then you will also probably also need to have your battery charged back up in the springtime because it tends to lose its charge over a couple of months on non-use unless kept plugged into an outlet continuously.

Other brands of jet skis that are also very popular are Kawasaki, Yamaha, Honda, and Polaris. Polaris is probably the smallest company of the bunch, and you will only see these machines rarely out there. Yamaha is a very popular rental jet ski, and you will see these quite frequently on the lakes and bays. Many people will get their first experience with a waverunner from a rental company, whether it’s a nearby lake or a weeklong trip to some exotic locale.

This is a great way to “get your feet wet” so to speak, but understand these rental companies will always have a governed down version of the jet ski in order to slow the speeds so that nobody will hurt themselves or hurt others. Top speed in the rental industry will rarely exceed 35 or 40 mph, and Sea-Doo even has two owners’ keys specifically for that reason.

They have a “learning key” which has a top speed of about 35 mph for beginners and rental companies to use. Once the owner has mastered this speed, then they can progress up to the regular key which can have a top speed up to 70 mph or in some cases even higher!

However, anything above 60 mph can be a really crazy ride, and you don’t want to fall off or be thrown off the Jet Ski at that speed! Imagine hitting concrete at those speeds, that’s kind of like the water when you’re going very fast! So be warned!

As long as you take care of you brand new Jet Ski and properly maintain it, there is no reason that it won’t provide you with many, many years of fun and enjoyment for yourself and your family. With purchasing a new jet ski, you at least know what you’re getting as far as a good machine.

There will be a factory warranty and sometimes you can also purchase a nice extended warranty, and you will probably not have any initial problems with it at all. However, with a used model you really do not know what you’re getting and you’ll want to do your homework to make sure that it wasn’t abused by the owner or damaged in some way.

There is a lot of opportunity for damaging the machine on the waterways, including grounding out on shoals, operating in very shallow water, hitting rocks just under the surface, running into other boats or people, or even traffic accidents on the road.

It might be best to have a certified marine mechanic take a look at it before purchasing, just to make sure. There is a huge price difference between used and new however, so if you can find a used machine in great shape you will save a large amount of money between the purchase of a new machine.

I hope I covered some useful information for those of you interested in purchasing your first jet ski, and maybe gave you some things to think about to make sure you are choosing the right one. Also, to give you a good idea of the general maintenance involved and to steer you clear of the many urban legends about how having a jet ski is a bad idea and you will grow to regret it.

I’ve loved every minute of my Sea-Doo, and I look back at the purchase as an impulsive buy, but a thoroughly great idea I had for years of enjoyment, both past and future! So have fun everyone, and I’ll see you on the lakes and byways of the world!

Robby Davis

Robby Davis

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At CoastPrivate, we’re more than simply a jet charter company; we’re a full-service private aviation brokerage offering a wealth of solutions, from ad-hoc charter and elite jet card membership programs, to airliner charters, private jet leasing and private jet sales worldwide.

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