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Jet Table Saws Review

Jet Table Saws Review

Jet table saws are some of the most respected table saws in the business. They build good quality machines, and customers are generally favorably impressed. In this review we’re going to talk about three of Jet’s most popular saws, the Jet 10-inch cabinet saw, the Jet 10-inch workshop table saw, and the Jet 15 Amp benchtop table saw. We’ll look at each of these in turn.

Jet 10-inch Cabinet Saw

A cabinet saw is designed for fine woodworking and the Jet cabinet saw is no exception. This saw boasts a 27 x 40 inch table, a left-tilting blade, a 50-inch total rip capacity, and 3 horsepower, 230 volt motor. In the customer reviews we surveyed, customers seemed more than happy with this particular saw by Jet. Jet undercuts their competition on price, but over delivers in value.

Jet 10-inch Workshop Table Saw

Jet’s workshop table saw is designed to be used on the job site, not in the shop. It’s basically what we call a contractor’s saw. That is, it can be moved from job site to job site with relatively little effort. It’s accurate enough for on site cabinetry. But probably not accurate enough for fine woodworking. Again Jet has created a very fine product for the price.

Jet 15 Amp Benchtop Table Saw

Jet’s benchtop table saw is certainly as good a value as any other saw, but since there are more manufacturers in the lower price range, Jet doesn’t just run away with the field on this. They’re getting a lot of competition from DeWalt and Bosch, among others. That sais, Jet’s benchtop saw is certainly a good deal and an excellent saw.

There’s obviously a lot to know about table saws. For one thing, you have benchtop saws, with no legs, and which have to be placed on a surface to use, contractor saws which are portable and have legs, and cabinet saws, which are designed to be left in place. Obviously, Jet makes a very nice saw in all three categories.

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