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Luxury Travel As a Family | Luxury Paradise in Cyprus

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Luxury Travel

Luxury Travel As a Family

Being a family doesn’t mean luxury travel, elegant hotels and jet set living have to be put to one side. Although some of the top boutique hotels in the world do cater more to couples than kids, there are plenty of family friendly crash pads in both town and country that will make your holiday experience superbly lavish! After all, who deserves a little luxury more than a stressed out parent?

First of all, luxury hotels have an excellent reputation for personal service – and this can translate into family facilities, too. Many top hotels have a concierge who can arrange child minding or babysitting whilst the grownups enjoy a Michelin starred dinner, or an extra cot or bed to be added to the room to turn it into a family suite.

Moreover, the recreation and leisure activities available can be perfect for kids. What youngster doesn’t love splashing around in the infinity pool or swimming in the hot tub on the balcony? The tennis courts, golf courses and beaches will also keep them happily entertained.

Best Destinations for Luxury Travel with Children

1. Although the long flights might be a trial with very young kids, luxury hotels in the Caribbean top the list because many offer a private villa instead of a room. With all the comforts of a five star hotel (and none of the inconveniences of the self-catering apartments usually ear-marked for families) but also the privacy and space you’d find at home, these kinds of set-ups are ideal for travelers with children. Shop around for the resorts with private pools and barbecue areas (which should come with a complimentary chef from the hotel, too) to keep your family in splendidly luxurious isolation.

2. Europe can be a daunting prospect as a family (what three year old wants to spend the afternoon at an art gallery?) but it’s also a good place to find old-fashioned hotels that treat every guest like royalty – even those little monsters. Avoid the stuffy, minimalist places and plump for the city hotels with long reputations or self-contained resorts on the coast. Small, manageable and picturesque enough for all the family, Santorini and Malta are the best places to consider.

3. Whilst you’re best to steer clear of trendy metropolitan joints in Canada and the USA, countryside retreats can be a great alternative – and they don’t have to mean skimping on luxury, either. The kids can go wild in the great outdoors as parents pamper themselves at the spa, or perhaps enjoy a spot of wine tasting in the Napa Valley. Don’t just think about summer vacations, too – a snowy winter holiday filled with sledging and snowball fights (and brandy by the fire of course) certainly offer family-style fun.

Luxury Paradise in Cyprus

Luxury Paradise in Cyprus

Traditionally the luxury holiday experience with five star accommodation, picture perfect beaches, friendly locals, gourmet cuisine and a fabulous culture is an unaffordable dream for many involving a long flight, an exotic location and a crazy budget.

But on your European doorstep is Cyprus, the jewel of the Mediterranean which offers luxury lovers an abundance of sweeping sandy beaches and a host of luxury activities. Only a four and a half hour flight away, Cyprus has all the benefits of a luxury holiday experience at a more affordable price. Amathus Hotels has put the following guide together, to help the lover of luxury get the best out of Cyprus.

Spa treatments and pampering, the ultimate in luxury and relaxation. Many of the luxury hotels in Cyprus offer a wide range of treatments designed to calm your mind tone your body and invigorate your spirit. From a 30 minute massage to ease your weary legs after a days sightseeing, or a full pampering session including a full body polish, a Swedish massage and a hydrotherapy bath, you can find it.

Why not experience relaxation together and have couple treatment where you and your partner can enjoy a massage or facial side by side. If you are feeling really adventurous then you and your loved one could have a romantic hydrotherapy bath for two to melt away your stress together!

Remember these post treatment tips: make sure you are fully hydrated after any spa session with a glass of water or a herbal tea and stay out of the sun for at least a couple of hours if you have had any sort of facial.

Yacht charters would make your Cyprus experience unforgettable. Hiring your own private yacht in either Limassol or Paphos is easy, with several operators offering services in the area; you could even push the boat out and have a party for friends and family cruising along the Cyprus waters.

Sail out of Limassol Old Port to find the perfect romantic spot, be left by the skipper to enjoy the sunset while sipping champagne and wake up to a fresh continental breakfast before sailing back to the mainland. Week long tailor made programmes for those keen on a longer experience are also available.

If you like to experience new places with a birds eye view then the perfect activity would be a helicopter ride around the island. If you are not afraid of heights then plan an unforgettable flight, soaking up the breathtaking views and scenery you can only experience from above.

If you want to inject a bit more luxury into your Cyprus experience then why not splash out by arriving from the airport to your hotel by limo. There are many companies that you can contact for different services, whether you need limousine rental, airport transfers or limo sightseeing tours.

Other places to visit

If all of the above isn’t enough to make you book your flights now, then here are a few more ideas to make the trip more appealing.

Cyprus has some of the most beautiful sandy beaches. Spend a day soaking up the sunshine whilst having a good read of that novel you have been meaning to start. If you are planning to stay in a luxury hotel in Paphos then here are a few beaches you may want to explore. North of Kato Paphos is Faros Beach, a sandy beach with some sandstone rock.

Further out is Kissonerga Bay. A much quieter beach with banana plantations on its perimeter, it’s ideal for a day of tranquillity. Further north still is Coral Bay, the area’s most popular sandy beach. If you haven’t had enough of the beach for one day then you can always have a romantic dinner in the beautiful grounds of your hotel followed by a moonlit walk on the beach.

Lastly, Cyprus is full of history everywhere you turn. While you are there you must do at least one days worth of sightseeing to immerse yourself into the local culture. Limassol boasts two castles, Kalossi Castle dating back to the 1200s and Limassol Mediaeval Castle where Richard the Lionheart was married at the chapel on this location in 1911. Visit Paphos and indulge yourself in the Roman architecture.

There are impressive mosaics in the western part of Kato Paphos, discovered in 1962 there is over 2,000 years of Roman history to be absorbed. In the hot summer months you could even have an evening’s entertainment of theatre or orchestral performance at the Roman Odeon.

So there we have it, a little taste of the luxury lifestyle you can experience with a vacation to Cyprus. It will truly be an unforgettable experience if you choose the right place to stay as well as suitable activities.

Robby Davis

Robby Davis

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At CoastPrivate, we’re more than simply a jet charter company; we’re a full-service private aviation brokerage offering a wealth of solutions, from ad-hoc charter and elite jet card membership programs, to airliner charters, private jet leasing and private jet sales worldwide.

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