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New Versus Used Jet Skis – Things You Should Know with Pros and Cons

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New Versus Used Jet Skis – Things You Should Know

Jet skis are a great source of fun and excitement if you are a person who really loves having a ride through the open waters of the sea. However, purchasing one brand new is not always the best option if you have a set budget.

Second-hand jet skis are also worth consideration and can help with this issue. Not only that, there are many other benefits when purchasing a used personal water craft over a brand new one.

However, purchasing used jet skis also has some disadvantages, but these can be reduced, compared with the apparent advantage with regards to the cost of purchasing one second-hand. If you are deciding whether to purchase a second-hand PWC or not, you should be aware of the pros and cons when making the decision what is appropriate for you.

Why Purchase A Second-Hand Jet Skis?

To help guide you in making the decision, here are some reasons why you should consider purchasing second-hand ski:

Used jet ski sale are cheaper. Similar to used vehicles, the cost of jet skis decreases over time. The costs will depend on how long that the PWC is owned by the seller from the time it was first purchased and also depend on the ski’s type. Mainly, the more often it is being used, the less expensive should would be. Obviously, this will not be the case always, and the reasons for this are the following:

  • If it is sold by private vendors, the cost would sometime be much lower than the real value. The owner may have used the ski very rarely, maybe due to lack of time for leisure or limited access to open water.
  • The owner might be attempting to sell the personal water craft quickly, for any reason e.g., Going Overseas.

These factors will simply mean that you will have some negotiation power, you can obtain an excellent deal.

Another reason why you should consider purchasing a second-hand or pre-owner jet ski is similar to the reason that the owners sell their jet ski. As you may know, PWC’s are not used frequently. In fact, you may be able to use the jet ski occasionally throughout the year. Therefore, why purchase a brand new one if you will just store it in the garage and only use it three or four time per year.

Always keep this in mind: used PWC’s as well as a brand new ones would more than likely be used at the same rate. If it is new does that mean you will use it more? Unlikely; It will remain in the garage most of the time, except if you reside near the beach and if you plan to use it for competition or commercial reasons.

When it comes to rental, it is perfect to purchase second-hand PWC. You do not need to purchase a costly, brand new one if you only want it to be rented. You could still obtain the popular brands of PWC’s even when purchasing second-hand.

These well known brands are easily found within the classifieds and online markets. You can find an excellent deals on used jet ski sales online. Also, the classified ads section of your local newspaper is also one good place to start!

The Pros and Cons Of Used Jet Skis

Just like cars, when you consider buying used jet skis there are some things to think about. There are definite pros and cons. With jet skis, there aren’t too many disadvantages.

This article is all about buying a used one. Not saying that buying brand new is such a bad thing, but you really should consider the benefits of going used.

First of all, used jet skis are cheaper. When you purchase something already used, the price is definitely going to go down.

The value is not the same for all jet skis. You need to consider how old it is, the condition it is in and of course the model. Usually the price will be lower if it is in worn condition and several years old.

Most sellers of used jet skis are private owners. This usually means that the price will be significantly lower than the actual price. And, it is very possible that the jet ski was hardly ever used.

You will usually have no problem finding a used jet ski to buy. People usually sell them because their garage is too full and they hardly ever got around to using it as much as they had hoped.

Actually, when it comes down to it, a huge reason why sellers want to sell is because jet skis cannot be used all year round unless you live somewhere warm.

I mean, why have a brand new jet ski when you can only use it in the summer? It is really only worth buying a new one if you lived right by the water and in a very warm climate where you will get to use it most of the year.

Finding used jet skis for sale is actually quite easy. There are websites and online auctions where you can pick one up. I would also suggest looking in your local newspaper and classified ads to see if there is anyone local who wants to get rid of theirs.

If you find a jet ski that is in great condition you may want to consider making a little bit of extra money by renting it out.

Robby Davis

Robby Davis

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At CoastPrivate, we’re more than simply a jet charter company; we’re a full-service private aviation brokerage offering a wealth of solutions, from ad-hoc charter and elite jet card membership programs, to airliner charters, private jet leasing and private jet sales worldwide.

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