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At Coast Private, we’re more than simply a jet charter company; we’re a full-service private aviation brokerage offering a wealth of solutions, from ad-hoc charter and elite jet card membership programs, to airliner charters, private jet leasing and private jet sales worldwide.

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Private Jet Charter Flights Save Your Time for Business in Air Travel

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Private Jets Charter – A Splendid Way To Travel Or A Proper Saving Of Time?

Private jet charter  are the newest modes of flying for people in a hurry. No longer are these jets the exclusive domain of the wealthy and influential as service providers are turning their focus towards a burgeoning middle class and the tribe of businessmen and entrepreneurs. People can now afford private rental jets due to their low pricing plus private jets have their perks too.

Commercial airlines have a long list of glaring defects but we have to adjust with that due to the lack of options. The list of grievance includes schedule conflict, queues, random checks and many others but the oft repeated complaint is the unannounced delays from which there is no escaping.

The service available on commercial airline is also another source of complaint and the discrepancy can be best seen in the service of Business Class and Economy Class.

On the other hand private jets have none of the above mentioned defects and are considered a far better option. Read on to understand how a charter jet scores above a commercial airliner in every aspect.

Charter jets provide top notch cabin service that is comparable to that provided in the business class of commercial airlines. In some cases it has surpassed commercial airlines altogether. This is primarily due to the fact that charter jets carry significantly lesser passengers and thus the staff can easily cater to them and make them comfortable.

The chances of a delayed flight on a private jet are also quite low until and unless there are truly unfavorable weather conditions. Keeping that rare bad weather away from the topic, private jets are always on time. Their primary goal is to ensure their customer’s safety and timing which makes them a force to reckon with in the modern aviation history.

These jets signify the slow but sure change in the field of aviation and especially commercial aviation. They are the future of commercial aviation with all of its advantages and more with none of its stifling disadvantages. There has been an idea or a mindset that charter jets can be hired only by the rich or those who can afford it.

That was the case some decades back but not any longer. These days hiring or chartering a private jet is neither that expensive nor that difficult.

The charter jet industry itself has taken up several innovative steps in revolutionizing the services and its prices. The industry itself has started catering to the burgeoning middle class businessman or professionals who don’t want to waste precious time. With several economy options available, private jets are no longer a snobby way of maintaining or showing off.

People have understood its importance and have recognized its services that will help them in saving time.

The Simple Truth about Private Jet Charter

In the current economic climate you may need that extra few thousand and I know that as you look to make savings on you private jet travel it may be worth your while looking at why some companies are taking you for an expensive ride.

Consider some of the limitations with spending around €200,000 EUR on a 25 hr block program from a leading shared ownership private jet company compared to spending up to €180,000 EUR or indeed less on similar aircraft with much more flexibility when using adhoc private jet charter.

With some companies you pay for all the little changes that you make, like upgrading or downgrading to a different size aircraft, fuel surcharges, landing fees, airport surcharges, parking charges on some aircraft, and catering on larger aircraft is also not included.

You are also locked into a fixed contract that expires, so if you don’t fly you lose your money and within a year it disappears. If you are looking at charter on an adhoc basis it certainly a cheaper and more flexible option.

The price that you are quoted is the price you pay, catering is included and you have the ability to match the aircraft for the specific need that you have. For example you may want to fly from London to Nice with your wife for the weekend, you would use a light jet which will take you there in supreme comfort.

Then during the week you require a business jet to take 9 passengers from London to Moscow, you would use a heavy jet with more space and additional range. With adhoc charter you only pay for what you use. And as you pay as you fly. Your cash can be in your control making interest for you not in someone else’s account making interest for them.

There are some benefits of using per hour programs including that they guarantee availability from your home base. As they guarantee availability at short notice but if they are experiencing heavy bookings they may have to fly a plane in from a different location to do the flight.

This does not cost the end client but indeed some per hour companies are forced to make a loss due to their contractual agreement.this occurs on some flights due to the relocation costing more than the actual billed amount.

Considering that the planes are involved in fractional ownership and the shareholder owns the aircraft to a large extent. It may be of concern to the to some members of these programs that the company runs a model that does not seem to be able to provide a return on investment.

All in all per hour block programs seem to have a decent market share of the Private Jet market, but at what cost to their members? It would appear that adhoc charter is more flexible and cheaper with the only downside being that it takes a little more involvement to book a flight. But that can simply be fixed by employing the right broker that you trust. They can arrange all your needs with a simple email or phone call.

Private Jet Charter Flights Are the Ultimate In Air Travel

Private air charter is ideal for sophisticated travelers seeking the utmost in comfort and convenience. Spacious comfortable seats that you just don’t find in normal aircraft, gourmet meals, bars, and in-flight movies are just some of the perks you can expect to find on your next private jet charter flight.

It sure beats those cramped commercial airline flights where you can barely move your legs. The level of service and safety on these flights surpasses what you typically find on

commercial flights. What’s more, it’s convenient. You don’t have to wait in line for hours. You just pull right up to the aircraft, board the plane, and you’re ready to go. Oftentimes, the charter company can arrange specialized services such as ground transportation or catering.

Why do travelers typically prefer hiring private jets? Probably the number one reason is that it allows the travelers themselves to decide their flight itinerary. You no longer have to rely on commercial airlines to tell you when you can and cannot fly.

What’s more, this kind of service allows you to land in airports that commercial airlines aren’t allowed to go to. This could bring you even closer to your final destination than you previously were before.

One of the many benefits of traveling with a private air charter company is privacy. You get to travel with people you know, and you get the entire plane to yourself. This makes it a lot easier to relax in private, or discuss pertinent matters pertaining to business or personal things.

What’s more, private air chartering can be a cost effective way of traveling, particularly if you are traveling in a group. Up to eighteen passengers can be accommodated on most private jets, and when the cost is split evenly between passengers, the final amount is often significantly less or equal to what you’d spend on a commercial flight. If you have many stops on your itinerary, chartering a private jet can save you on hotel and parking costs.

Who, exactly, uses private jet charter services? Above all, people traveling on business. This includes celebrities, business executives, CEOs, as well as smaller organizations who prefer to travel together as a group.

Private jet charters are also enjoyed by luxury vacation travelers who simply have the extra money to pay for a hassle-free experience. These travelers enjoy customizing their own itineraries with companies who are willing to go the extra mile to accommodate their specific travel needs.

To further your investigation on a private jet flights [http://www.charter-private-jet.net/privatejet.php], please visit the link provided below where you will find great articles and useful air charter services [http://www.charter-private-jet.net/aircharterservice.php] information.

Private Jets: Why are more business travellers choosing this option?

Mid-Sized Private Jet Charters

For many business travellers, commercial airlines are a thing of the past.
How come?

Private jets are becoming increasingly popular for many businesses, despite the fact they’re more expensive. This is due to the whole host of benefits they offer, which actually make them a more affordable, practical and efficient option than standard airlines – plus, with a growing number of private jet charters, they’re also becoming less expensive.

So let’s take a look at just what perks private jets offer companies (aside from the most obvious ones, of course!):

Many private jets waver the no mobile phone or Internet usage that commercial airlines have in place

They Save Time – and in Business, Time is Money

When you fly privately, there are a number of added bonuses available, and one of the most noticeable is how quickly you’ll get to and from your destinations.

For starters, you’ll need to spend far less time on the ground queuing in the hustle and bustle of the airport, waiting to get through security and fighting for a seat on the plane.

Private passengers are often allowed to arrive just 15 minutes before their flight’s scheduled to take off. And once they jet off, private jets are able to reach a higher altitude than commercial flights, which means they aren’t battling with the same air traffic issues because they’re out of these busy zones.

Furthermore, you aren’t only limited to flying from major airports around the world as private jets have access to hundreds of additional smaller airports that commercial airlines couldn’t fly from (due to smaller runways, limited facilities and so on).

Again, this adds to the time you can save travelling, as the airport you’re landing at may be much closer to your end destination. This may cut out traffic jams, more queues and time travelling to your hotel/business meeting.

Finally, cancellations and delays are something the majority of private travellers won’t have to deal with as they’re virtually unheard of.

They Give You Privacy – and Plenty of Added Comfort

There’s nothing worse than trying to get some work done on public transport while trying to shield your company’s private details from the nosey neighbour who’s peering over your shoulder.

However, on a private jet, you’ll have far more space to yourself (perhaps even the entire plane), allowing you to spread out, relax and look through important documents if you need to.

The seats and overall surroundings are far more comfortable, too, giving you the time you need to recharge and prepare yourself for your next business meeting.

Private passengers are often allowed to arrive just 15 minutes before their flight’s scheduled to take off

They Give You Chance to Do Business
Still got business to do while you’re up in the air or need to close an important deal? This isn’t an issue when you’re flying by private charter – in fact, it’ll probably add to the success of your business meetings.

Business passengers receive an attentive service and the knowledge that their business matters will be dealt with in complete privacy. You’ll have the freedom to work with your team or get your head down on your own, with all the peace and quiet you need to focus on the task in hand.

Equally, many private jets also waver the no mobile phone or Internet usage that commercial airlines have in place.

They Give You More Kudos with Clients
What could be more impressive than flying by private jet to meet an important client? This gives your company an incredibly professional edge, especially when you’re dealing with large corporations or esteemed clients.

And the efficient, timely nature of private jets are even more essential in these cases too.
Many private jet users also find that this mode of transport is a great perk for their employees, which helps them retain staff for a longer period of time.

Private jet chartering is growing in popularity for both business and luxury travelers

They Can Save You Money
Not only do private jets save you money by saving you time, but they can also be a more affordable option.
As a savvy traveller, you’ll know that commercial airfares, added baggage, food on the flight and other essentials soon add up. And when you consider the cost-effectiveness of the empty-leg flights some companies offer, you can often secure private jet flights at a much lower cost.

In most cases, a private jet is only booked for one way, which means it’s empty on the way back. Empty-leg flights enable you to book these return flights (which the private jet company has to make anyway) at a reduced cost. The only thing you’ll need to bear in mind with this is the pre-determined airport, destination and departure time – but if you can plan in advance, this might not be a problem.

Overall, private jet chartering is growing in popularity for both business and luxury travellers due to the relaxing (or great working) environment they offer. Providing business personnel with a productive trip, they’re also far more convenient because there’s no time wasting at the airport, in the air or getting to and from the airport.

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At CoastPrivate, we’re more than simply a jet charter company; we’re a full-service private aviation brokerage offering a wealth of solutions, from ad-hoc charter and elite jet card membership programs, to airliner charters, private jet leasing and private jet sales worldwide.

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