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Private Jet Charters and Benefits Of Private Jet Management

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Heavy Private Jet Charters

EXPLORE If you require a private jet for international or long-range travel, a heavy jet charter is the top choice for travellers who demand the best of comfort, convenience and speed. Designed for journeys of up to 6,000 miles, or up to eight hours of nonstop flight time, these aircraft offer range capabilities that are comparable to many long-haul charter airliners.

Sometimes referred to as ‘bizliners,’ these spacious jets can accommodate anywhere from 10-16 passengers in a variety of cabin configurations. Compared to smaller private jet charter categories, many heavy jets feature wide-body cabins and stand-up headroom.

Heavy Private Jet Charters

This allows passengers the freedom the move about while flying, which greatly enhances the overall comfort on longer journeys. Many heavy jets are purposely designed for business travel. They’re a popular group air travel option for busy executives who frequently fly between international offices.

Many come equipped with all of the business amenities you’d expect to find in your typical office, including: wireless Internet, state-of-the-art entertainment systems, dedicated meeting areas and workspaces, satellite telephones and connection ports for personal electronic devices. That way, passengers can conduct research, hold meetings or connect with the office when travelling.

For leisure travellers, or when the workday is done, many heavy jets also offer extraordinary cabin comfort in the form of lounge areas, private washrooms with showers and separate bedrooms. This ensures passengers will arrive feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready for whatever the day holds in store.

Most of these aircraft are also outfitted with full galleys, meaning you can enjoy an endless assortment of catering options. Contact Stratos Jets at 888.478.7286 to book a charter flight on a heavy jet.

Show moreSEATS8-19SPEED502-704 mphRANGE4,350 nm-8055 nmPRICE (PER HOUR)$7,600-$9,250Featured Heavy Private Jet Charters

Challenger 600
GulfStream V
Embraer Legacy 600
Global Express 5000

Super-midsize Private Jet Charters

Super-midsize Private Jet Charters

EXPLORE Super-midsize jet charters have become popular among long-range private travelers in recent years. This is because they offer true transoceanic performance at more competitive jet charter rates than their heavy jet counterparts. With more spacious interiors than midsize jets, these aircraft offer a significantly higher standard of cabin comfort.

That’s because they offer: full standing headroom; superior luggage capacity; and wide-body cabin design.This is important because super-midsize jet charters can travel anywhere from five to eight hours non-stop, or an average range of about 4,500 miles. You certainly don’t want to be crammed into a tiny cabin for a journey of that duration. Additionally, you’ll find that the seating in super-midsize jets are highly versatile, offering swivel, recline and tracking functionality.

Many even fold down into beds. Most cabins are configured to seat between eight and 10 passengers, which provides ample room to stretch out and move about. Super-midsize jet charters also provide plenty of luggage capacity so you and your group can bring along the necessities you need without feeling cramped. In terms of performance, super-midsize jets feature a fantastic combination of high-altitude and high-speed cruising capabilities that make long-range missions swift and smooth.

In fact, this aircraft category boasts the fastest business jet on the planet: the Cessna Citation X.Other widely recognized aircraft in this class include the: Dassault Falcon 50; Bombardier Challenger 300; Gulfstream G200; and Hawker 1000.When you arrange private charter flights on a luxury super-midsize jet, the world is truly at your fingertips.

Combine that with the industry-leading service and expertise we offer at Stratos Jets, and your air travel experience is sure to be a memorable one. With as little as four hour’s notice, we can arrange for a private jet to pick you up at the airport of your choice and have you on your way to your chosen destination. To book your next charter flights, call us anytime at (888) 478-7286.

Show moreSEATS7-9SPEED508-631 mphRANGE3,200 nm-4603 nm PRICE (PER HOUR)$4,950-$6,050Featured Super-midsize Private Jet Charters

Challenger 350
GulfStream G280
Gulfstream G200
Hawker 1000

Mid-Sized Private Jet Charters

Mid-Sized Private Jet Charters

EXPLORE Midsize cabin jet charters offer a versatile combination of performance and comfort. Typically capable of handling between six and eight passengers, aircraft in this category offer travelers a significant upgrade over lights jets in terms of: cabin space, seating options, storage capacity and leg room Perhaps more importantly, they present a significant upgrade in range.

A typical midsize jet charter can travel more than 2,500 nautical miles (2,800 miles), or up to five hours, nonstop. Having that extra cabin space, which allows for more head and legroom, comes in handy when you’re flying those distances. Ample storage space ensures that travelers can bring all of the essentials.

Whether you’re travelling on business or for leisure, you’ll be able to work or relax as you see fit. All midsize cabin jets feature an enclosed lavatory, and many have a small galley capable of providing light meals and refreshments.

Some of the top-performing aircraft in this class are capable of flying transcontinental missions under ideal conditions; however, most are better suited for nonstop travel within the US.

Midsize jets can also climb to cruising altitudes of more than 40,000 feet, which ensures passengers will enjoy a smooth ride, far above any inclement weather. Some of the most popular private jets in the midsize class include: Citation Excel/XLS; Citation III, VI, VII; Falcon 20; Legacy 450; Gulfstream G150; Hawker 800 Series; and Learjet 45/55/60.If you are looking for a truly exceptional flying experience, consider booking a midsize jet charter for your next adventure or business trip with Stratos Jet Charters.

Using leading market analysis practices, our agents will source the most suitable aircraft for your travel needs, at the most competitive jet charter prices.

Whether you’re flying round-trip, one-way or you’re searching for a discounted empty leg flight, our agents will help plan your trip so that you enjoy a hassle-free travel experience. We can often arrange charter flights with as little as four hour’s notice. To book a charter flight on a midsize private jet charter, call us toll-free at 888.478.7286.

Show moreSEATS6-9SPEED402-592 mphRANGE1,823-3337 nmPRICE (PER HOUR)$4,300-$5,250Featured Mid-Sized Private Jet Charters

Gulfstream G150
Hawker 800XP
Hawker 750
Embraer Legacy 450

Light Private Jet Charters

Light Private Jet Charters

EXPLORE If you’re traveling with a small group and you want an upscale charter flight experience, a light jet is the way to go. Designed for shorter, regional flights, the luxury aircraft in this class provide a safe, comfortable ride for up to eight passengers. However, for ultimate enjoyment, it’s advisable to limit occupancy to five or six passengers.

While in-cabin movement can be somewhat restricted in light jet charters, many come with high-end business and entertainment amenities found in larger jet categories.

All of them have either an enclosed or curtained lavatory. With an average range of about 1,700 miles, and cruise speeds of around 400 knots, light jets are perfect for short hops between cities, as well as mid-range travel itineraries.

Corporate travelers appreciate the convenience and versatility of light jets, as they allow executives to conduct business on their schedule. Many modern light jets offer in-flight wifi to keep travelers connected on the go.

Light jet charters are also the perfect size for families and small groups of leisure travellers heading away on vacation. Many makes and models come with enough baggage capacity to accommodate things like skis and golf clubs.

Given their compact size and superb performance capabilities, light jet charters can often access smaller runways that larger classes of aircraft cannot.

This provides passengers with the added convenience of arriving closer to their final destination, so you can enjoy your vacation to its fullest. And by opting for smaller, less hectic executive and regional airports, you avoid the chaos and congestion of larger international airports.

Light jets have been around for more than 50 years, and for good reason. They continue to be one of the most popular private jet charter options for discerning travellers who want to enjoy every step of the journey. To book your next light jet charter flight, contact Stratos Jets by calling 888.478.7286.

Show moreSEATS5-8SPEED397-622 mphRANGE1,726-2527 nmPRICE (PER HOUR)$3,750-$4,600Featured Light Private Jet Charters

Citation II
Lear 25
Citation CJ2

Very Light Jet Charter Flights

Very Light Jet Charter

EXPLORE If you’re traveling with a small group and you want an upscale charter flight experience, a very light jet (VLJ) is the way to go. Designed for shorter, regional charter flights, the luxury aircraft in this class provide a comfortable ride for four to six passengers.

While in-cabin movement can be somewhat restricted, many VLJs, sometimes referred to as ‘personal jets,’ come with high-end business and entertainment amenities found in larger jet categories. All of them have either an enclosed or curtained lavatory.

The typical range for a very light jet charter is about 1,000 nautical miles (1,150 miles), and cruising speeds range between 325 to 425mph. This makes them perfect for short hops between cities, as well as mid-range travel itineraries.

Additionally, many VLJs can take off from runways as short at 3,000 feet, which gives them an airport accessibility advantage over larger aircraft.

Corporate travelers appreciate the convenience and versatility of very light jets, as they allow executives to conduct business on their schedule. They’re also the perfect size for families heading away on vacation. Many modern light jets offer in-flight Wi-Fi to keep travelers connected on the go.

As the newest class of aircraft, Very Light Jets includes a bevy of new entrants featuring cutting edge design and cabin technology. Interest in this category began in earnest in the early 2000s as the demand for air taxi services grew.

However, the economic recession in 2008 caused the market segment to stall. Since then, it has begun a remarkable recovery, with new entrants like the Honda Jet, Citation M2 and Embraer Phenom 100 driving new interest. Other key players in this charter aircraft class include the Cessna Mustang and the Eclipse 500.At Stratos Jets, we pride ourselves on providing clients with the highest standard of service in the air charter industry.

Our experienced charter associates and network of reliable charter operators allows us to source the best available aircraft for your travel needs. Contact us at 888.478.7286 to book a very light jet charter for your next journey.

Show moreSEATS4-5SPEED391-460 mphRANGE1,550 nm-1519 nmPRICE (PER HOUR)$2,750-$3,400Featured Very Light Jet Charter Flights

Citation Mustang
Citation M2
Phenom 100
Honda Jet

Turboprop Charter Flights

Turboprop Charter

EXPLORE Turboprop charter planes are the most economical option for cost-conscious private aviation consumers. Most aircraft in this category are comparable in size and offer many of the modern luxury cabin amenities found in light jets.

Additionally, they are cheaper to operate, ranging anywhere from $2,000 to $2,400 per hour. This makes turboprop charter flights ideal for everything from a short business trip to a weekend getaway for family vacation. Depending on the model, turboprops can comfortably seat between six and eight passengers, and have a range of anywhere from 800 to 3,000 miles.

Turboprops are considerably more fuel-efficient compared to their turbojet counterparts, and have exceptional short runway performance. Some models are even capable of accessing unpaved runways. These features make them ideal for accessing smaller airports, and ones in remote areas.

While turboprops are built for durability and utility, many models boast modern, comfortable cabin layouts that will impress even the most discerning business traveller.

Spacious interiors allow passengers to stretch and relax during longer flights. While baggage capacities in turboprop charter planes typically hovers around 50 cubic feet, some models, like the Cessna Caravan, have optional belly pods that greatly increase storage. Other popular models in this class include: Beechcraft King Air Series; Pilatus PC12, Socata TBM 850; and Cessna Conquest II.

The majority of turboprop charter planes feature a twin-engine design, however certain models like the Swiss-made Pilatus PC12 and Socata TBM 850 use a single engine.

Most turboprops fly at a service ceiling of about 25,000 to 30,000 feet, however, many of the King Airs can achieve a cruising altitude of 35,000. This provides an additional element of safety and comfort, as it allows these aircraft to soar above most weather systems.

If you’re looking for a private aircraft that’s practical and reliable, without sacrificing safety, comfort or luxury, a turboprop charter plane is a solid choice. Our agents have a thorough understanding of the performance characteristics of the aircraft within this class, and will strive to find the one that is best suited for your travel needs. Call us at 888.478.7286 to book a charter flight on a turboprop aircraft.

Show moreSEATS5-9SPEED201-461 mphRANGE1,605 mi-3775 nm PRICE (PER HOUR)$2,000-$2,450Featured Turboprop Charter Flights

Pilatus PC12
Piper Cheyenne
Cessna Caravan
Beechcraft King Air 200

Charter Airliner

Charter Airliner

EXPLORE Whether you’re a professional sports team flying for the big game, a rock band on tour, or a VIP with an entourage in tow, booking a group air travel aboard a charter airliner is the way to go. These aircraft offer the space and cabin amenities needed to transport large groups in supreme comfort. As the largest class of private aircraft available, they offer unparalleled combination of range, seating and cargo capacity.

Given their spacious interiors, charter airliners also offer a versatile range of cabin configurations.

For instance, if you’re booking group air travel for CEOs or other high-end executives, you can opt for a low-density seating plan to provide apartment-like comfort where passengers will be able to move about freely, conduct meetings in private boardrooms, or even take a nap in separate bedroom. Conversely, travellers looking for more cost-effective options can choose group air charters with higher-density seating plans.

Of course, almost every charter airliner comes equipped with a full galley, meaning passengers will enjoy meal options ranging from basic snacks and refreshments all the way up to full-course meals and gourmet entrees.

Due to size of commercial airliners, people booking group air travel may face operational challenges such as finding airports with sufficient runway length to accommodate larger aircraft. Our expert air charter associates are here to help you overcome any logistical challenges you might encounter. We act as a liaison between our clients, charter operators and other industry partners to ensure your charter flight experience is hassle-free.

Furthermore, if you require any additional concierge services, such as a bus charter for your sports team, or a chauffeured limousine service for VIP travellers, our Trip Support department will make the arrangements, saving you time and stress.

Charter airliners are the preferred group air travel option for many organizations, including: multinational corporations, entertainment management companies, government agencies, and even royalty. Whether you need a personal penthouse in the sky or a mobile business headquarters where you conduct meetings on the go, these aircraft offer a combination of comfort and convenience. Contact us for more information about organizing your next commercial jet charter by calling (888) 478-7286.

Show moreSEATS19-525SPEED-890 mphRANGE2,150 nm-8000 nmPRICE (PER HOUR)$7,600-$9,250Featured Charter Airliner

Airbus A320-200
Boeing 737
Boeing 737-400
Boeing 727 VIP

Turboprop Airliner Charter Flights

Turboprop Airline

EXPLORE If you’re looking for an economical group air charter solution, turboprop airliners provide tremendous value for short- to mid-range charter flights of up to 800 miles. Whether you need to transfer business personnel, a sports team or equipment, aircraft in this category can handle it.

Turboprop airliners are renowned for their safety and reliability, boasting continually high dispatch ratings. These aircraft are neither the fastest, nor the rangiest, but they certainly get the job done.

The maximum cruising speeds of some models exceed 400mph, and the range can vary anywhere from 500 to more than 1,000 miles, depending on the payload.

While some carry as few as 10 passengers, typical carrying capacities for these versatile planes range from 19 to 50 passengers, depending on the size and model of charter plane requested. Some of the most commonly used aircraft in this category include: ATR 42/72; Embraer 120 Brasilia; Jetstream 31/32; Saab 340 Series.

Given their notable runway performance, turboprops are well suited for regional transit in areas with smaller airports. As such, they’re a great option for companies that operate satellite offices, manufacturing facilities and other infrastructure in a regional capacity.

Turboprop airliners give group air charter consumers the flexibility of selecting seating densities based on their specific needs. This can range from denser arrangements to maximize economy, or more spacious configurations to provide comfort. Additionally, turboprops can be used to transport personnel, cargo or a combination of both. Arranging group air charter can be a complicated process.

Why not let one of our expert air charter agents handle the flight planning arrangements for you? We work with only the most reputable operating companies, and our network extends to every region across the United States, ensuring clients receive a consistently high standard of service, no matter where you fly.

To book a group charter flight on a turboprop airliner, talk to one of our air charter associates toll-free at (888) 593-9066.

Show moreSEATS11-72SPEED204-425 mphRANGE460-1874 nmPRICE (PER HOUR)$2,000-$2,450Featured Turboprop Airliner Charter Flights

ATR 42
ATR 72
Jetstream 41
Saab 340A

Benefits of Private Jet Management

Nowadays, the use of private planes for traveling is increasing at a rapid pace among business organizations and the rich and famous. Businesses that do not want to undergo the hassles associated with traditional flights often opt for a private flight. There are various reasons why upper class people as well as business organizations prefer private jet management.

The primary reason for the growing usage of private jets is that you will reach the intended place at the right time. Unlike conventional flights, there are no delays which can cost your business dearly in terms of thousands of dollars due to your absence at a particular business meeting.

Instead, you can reach the destination on time without any kind of issues. Even if there is a problem with the jet plane, the airline company will always make immediate arrangements for an alternative jet to make sure that you reach the destination as desired.

Besides this, private jet management ascertains that you travel safely. Unlike standard flights that constantly appear to have and abundance of passengers, private planes are roomy, spacious and quiet. Only you and your colleagues are the ones traveling on the jet.

As a result, there are hardly any chances of any kind of unfortunate events such as stealing of important files or any criminal activity. Similarly, you can also work on your ongoing project and interact with your colleagues while you are on your way to an important business meeting. This is often very handy to manage pertinent matters that can make a major difference between winning and losing mega projects worth billions.

In addition to this, hiring jet planes for your private flight ensures that you travel securely with your belongings. Even if you are traveling for a family vacation, you get top-notch food and other facilities which are simply not possible with standard flights.

Though private jets cost you much more than regular flights, the high cost is worth the comfort and safety you get from hiring a private plane. Similarly, the comfort and convenience of traveling through a jet flight is more enjoyable and incomparable.

There are several benefits of boarding a private jet plane compared to regular flights. Safety, on-time reach to desired place, top-notch facilities are just some of the common benefits of booking a private plane. This is why most of the rich and famous people prefer private jet management while traveling via airlines.

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At CoastPrivate, we’re more than simply a jet charter company; we’re a full-service private aviation brokerage offering a wealth of solutions, from ad-hoc charter and elite jet card membership programs, to airliner charters, private jet leasing and private jet sales worldwide.

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