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The Advantages of a Steel Aircraft Hangar

The Advantages of a Steel Aircraft Hangar

Our company has been in steady development in the past thirty years. Our main focus of business interest is aerial photography, but we also provide air tours for our guests over the neighboring mountain range and national park. The latter have been becoming more and more lucrative so we started to think about expanding.

The company needs to consider all aspects of a prospective expansion in order to minimize the risks. The first idea was the expansion of our existing location. The company called for the services of a surveying company and resulting data showed that our airfield has reached its boundaries and there is technically no more space left for us to use.

This led to our second plan. Expansion can mean relocation, too. But our company intended to keep our main site, so the solution will be finding and designing Site B. The surrounding area did not pose any particular challenges so the suitable location was easily found and purchased.

The answer for adequate design and construction questions was imperative. The size and implementation of our hangar provided the final decision: we are going to use steel parts.

Steel building components are highly specialized to provide maximum strength and with the highest quality materials used it can serve a 40 year warranty. A rigid frame system offers incredible strength, durability and versatility while filling ordinary clear span building requirements at an economical price. Metal building companies also offer the use of their in-house engineering staff with wide ranging experience so any special needs can be fulfilled without further time delay or problems with construction and building.

In all practicality design, construction and maintenance are at their optimum with metal buildings. With prefabricated, pre-drilled, pre-punched parts erecting the building is a breeze. Metal buildings are much less susceptible to fire, resist rain, extreme weather conditions and heavy snow loads. Strength is accompanied with flexibility and if necessary, extensions can be added quickly.

On the other hand, steel is a 100% recyclable material, an eco-friendly choice. It will not pollute the planet in the future either as it decomposes as rust, a non-toxic material. We can also get Energy Star approved panel coatings that can also save up to 40% in your energy costs and may even be eligible for tax rebate in our state.

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