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At Coast Private, we’re more than simply a jet charter company; we’re a full-service private aviation brokerage offering a wealth of solutions, from ad-hoc charter and elite jet card membership programs, to airliner charters, private jet leasing and private jet sales worldwide.

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The benefits of Private Jet Charter vs Private Jet Clubs

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Private Jet Charter

When you want to enjoy the benefits of traveling on your own plane, a private jet charter may be the best possible option for doing so. A private jet charter allows you convenience, flexibility and comfort and allows you to avoid the hassle of flying commercial. It also provides you with a safe, cost effective and reliable way to travel.

Why Choose a Private Jet Charter?

Many busy professionals or people who have a limited amount of time will eventually decide that their time is too valuable to waste fighting the lines at check-in and baggage claim, not to mention too valuable to wait out long delays.

Of course, those who determine that traveling on commercial flights is a hassle typically will not want to give up traveling entirely or will not be able to give up traveling for business or professional reasons. This leaves these seasoned travelers looking for alternatives to flying on a conventional airline.

There are a number of different options for those who are looking to escape the world of commercial airlines, and it is important to choose the option that is right for you. Your choices generally include a variety of different ownership programs wherein you own your jet or finance the purchase of your plane.

Another option includes a jet share where you have some type of fractional ownership interest in a plane. A Jetcard works in a similar way by providing you with the use of a jet, but it entitles you to the use of a private jet you share with others that may be owned by another party.

While these different options offer you the flexibility and other benefits of having a private plane, they tend to be complicated and costly. Finding a fractional ownership share, negotiating the terms, making the payments and understanding when you can use the plane, for example, can be almost as much hassle as simply flying commercial in the first place.

Fortunately, you do have another choice if you want to enjoy the benefits of flying on your own plane. This option is private jet charter. Private jet charter gives you all of the benefits of other methods of private plane ownership or sharing, as it allows you the freedom to travel when you want as well as the promise that you will not be wasting time waiting in lines and on delays.

When you opt for private jet charter, you may also be able to fly into an airport that is closer to your final destination than you would with a standard airline with more limited flight patterns. This too can be a major time saver.

Private jet charter is possible on light jets, turboprop planes, super midsize jets, midsized jets and heavy jets, so you can choose the plane that best meets your needs for a particular trip. Private jet charter is also more cost effective and significantly less expensive than other options including ownership shares and Jetcard. This means you can enjoy convenience, flexibility and savings when you opt for private jet charter.

Private Jet Clubs

Private jet clubs are a growing trend in luxury travel, essentially allowing members the opportunity to share the cost of private charter flights. The Uber Pool of the skies, this concept has been successfully used in the US for many years as using private jets to hop from state to state is commonplace with large demand from both personal and corporate individuals making it easier.

Its ultimate aim is to make private jet travel more affordable, for those seeking the convenience and efficiency that it offers. Unless you are one of the very privileged few who can own a private jet, your only options for flying privately are such private jet clubs, or using a private jet charter service.

In today’s sharing economy, it’s tempting to view private jet clubs as the future, but 365 Aviation CEO Chris Tofts warns against some of their hidden drawbacks and argues that for those looking for an enjoyable and reliable service and a truly luxurious experience, working with a charter broker is still the safest option, for a variety of reasons: Flying with a private jet club means you have to be extremely flexible on your travel plans.

1) Flying with a private jet club means you have to be extremely flexible on your travel plans – be that airports, dates, or times – as you have to be matched with other passengers flying to the same place as you. Additionally, some clubs only offer a shuttle service on pre-determined routes and aircrafts, meaning your destination may not be available at any given time.

Using a private jet charter broker is a truly bespoke experience with the option to fly from any airport and to any destination, the opportunity to choose an aircraft to suit your budget and requirements, and to have the flight itinerary match your schedule, as opposed to vice versa.

2) When you make a private charter booking with 365 Aviation, you will be assigned one broker, who will then be your single point of contact throughout the booking process. This person will be a handpicked expert who can talk you through the process and answer any questions and concerns.

Should you wish to book again, you will be referred to the same broker, who will remember your specific needs. Private jet clubs on the other hand simply monitor flights and empty seats and then notify you via email when a seat becomes available, making it a much more automated, and therefore at times frustrating, process.

3) Flying in a private jet should be a luxury and not just a commodity. Travelling should be a pleasure, and one to be savoured and enjoyed. Working with a private jet charter broker allows you to fully personalise your flight to your own discerning needs. This can range from ensuring your preferred Champagne is stocked and chilled onboard, accommodating your precious pets, serving you smoked salmon from your favourite deli, arranging conference and meeting facilities in the air, and transporting priceless works of art or jewellery.

4) Charter brokers do still offer some great deals. Every time a private jet is booked for a one way flight, an empty leg becomes available for the return journey, because aircraft must fly empty to return to its previous destination and pick up its next set of passengers. This means that by booking wisely you could save up to 75% on the cost of a conventional private jet charter.

5) Lastly, and probably most importantly, a private charter broker is always there to pick up the pieces if something goes wrong. For example, if an airport is closed, we will find an alternative place to land or depart, and we will pick up any costs to make these changes. This is something that private jet clubs simply don’t offer and one of the main benefits of working with a private charter broker.

For information and prices, visit 365aviation.com .

Benefits Of Private Jet Management

Nowadays, the use of private planes for traveling is increasing at a rapid pace among business organizations and the rich and famous. Businesses that do not want to undergo the hassles associated with traditional flights often opt for a private flight. There are various reasons why upper class people as well as business organizations prefer private jet management.

The primary reason for the growing usage of private jets is that you will reach the intended place at the right time. Unlike conventional flights, there are no delays which can cost your business dearly in terms of thousands of dollars due to your absence at a particular business meeting.

Instead, you can reach the destination on time without any kind of issues. Even if there is a problem with the jet plane, the airline company will always make immediate arrangements for an alternative jet to make sure that you reach the destination as desired.

Besides this, private jet management ascertains that you travel safely. Unlike standard flights that constantly appear to have and abundance of passengers, private planes are roomy, spacious and quiet. Only you and your colleagues are the ones traveling on the jet. As a result, there are hardly any chances of any kind of unfortunate events such as stealing of important files or any criminal activity.

Similarly, you can also work on your ongoing project and interact with your colleagues while you are on your way to an important business meeting. This is often very handy to manage pertinent matters that can make a major difference between winning and losing mega projects worth billions.

In addition to this, hiring jet planes for your private flight ensures that you travel securely with your belongings. Even if you are traveling for a family vacation, you get top-notch food and other facilities which are simply not possible with standard flights.

Though private jets cost you much more than regular flights, the high cost is worth the comfort and safety you get from hiring a private plane. Similarly, the comfort and convenience of traveling through a jet flight is more enjoyable and incomparable.

There are several benefits of boarding a private jet plane compared to regular flights. Safety, on-time reach to desired place, top-notch facilities are just some of the common benefits of booking a private plane. This is why most of the rich and famous people prefer private jet management while traveling via airlines.

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Robby Davis

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At CoastPrivate, we’re more than simply a jet charter company; we’re a full-service private aviation brokerage offering a wealth of solutions, from ad-hoc charter and elite jet card membership programs, to airliner charters, private jet leasing and private jet sales worldwide.

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