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The Best Low Cost Airlines – The Best Airlines To Fly In USA

The Best Low Cost Airlines – The Best Airlines To Fly In USA

The Best Low Cost Airlines

The term low cost airline is very familiar to us as they refer to the airlines with low ticket prices. They are also known as no frills, discount or budget carrier. We can find that low-cost airlines are growing in the last fiscal year. The Pizza Hut at the International airports is now a clear indicator of the health of the aviation sector.

The consumer reports say that Delhi accounts for 21 percent of the of the country’s total air traffic and the 30 percent rise in the number of pizzas sold in last year reflects the customers mentality in spending more these days. This definitely reflects the revival of airlines. This happens because of the rising number of business travelers, recovering economy and holiday season.

More than 43.8 million passengers travelled in 2009 which is 2.5 million more than the previous year. It is interesting to note that the Pizza Hut installed a high-speed oven which takes half the previous time. The Jet airways traffic in business class went up to 1000 passengers a day.

The Spice Jet CEO also has the same statement that they too have got high demand but there are viewing it with great caution as the yields were low in the previous years. It should be noted that the aviation sector is not affected by the rise in the fuel prices. Moreover the economy is showing signs of revival and the business gets a boost on the increased consumption.

Spice Jet posted that they have a profit of Rs 108.9 crore in the December quarter. A year before they had a loss of Rs 17.9 crore. Their revenues also rose to 37 percent. For Jet Airways the profit is Rs 105.8 crore. Even Air India was able to cut its operating losses by 25 percent. This is only because there is an improvement in the management of costs, both in tariffs and crude prices.

We can find that consumer complaints have reduced to an extent with better delivery of services. Due to the entire losses the airline companies decided to do some restructuring like cutting back on staff, stopping unprofitable routes and even some airlines were leased out.

The report by Centre of Asia-Pacific Aviation (CAPA) says that the most significant and strategic development in the domestic market is the change over to low-cost airline. It is only six years that the concept of low cost airline came into existence and it has taken almost 70 per cent of domestic capacity. Consumers can expect a full service in the future.

In the consumers view point the airlines must give them what they want and this is the only mantra for a sustained growth. Customers are satisfied with on-time reliability and on-time arrival. We can find that the low cost airlines are taking care of that and on-time performance carriers like Paramount and IndiGo have been far better than that of the full service carriers.

There are no special features or frills; these low cost airlines have focused on reliable performance and offer business class ambience at affordable prices. The consumer report shows that Paramount Airways is very popular with corporate. However it is clear that the airline industry is gearing up for a period of good growth.

Centre of Asia-Pacific Aviation (CAPA) predicts that the domestic segment is likely to show a 15 percent growth in the coming two years. The international airline growth is also expected by ten percent, Boeing India expects orders of 1000 aircraft worth $100 billion from Indian companies in the next 20 years.

All the optimistic hopes lie on the assumption that the crude prices will not rise again. The airlines will be able to manage the costs and there are enough chances for the growth of all airlines. In the United States there are three aircraft seats per year for its 300 million populations and while in India, for its 1.17 billion populations there are only 0.1 seats available.

This area has a lot of opportunities available in India for the airline sector to enhance their growth. Once people have travelled by air how many will want to get back to rail or bus? Almost five years ago eight percent of the consumers used to travel for business purposes, today the figure is reduced to half for that purposes. As the airport infrastructure and connectivity improves, aviation sector will show a great growth in the coming years.

Most of the airlines are planning for big changes. SpiceJet and Paramount flies abroad and they expand their footprints nationally. GoAir is planning to emerge with twelve new aircraft in the next two years. All the changes shows that Indian carriers are getting ready to have a big take off.

The Best Airlines To Fly In USA

Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines is a major American airline based in Atlanta, Georgia that operates an expansive domestic and international network. Delta serves flights from London Gatwick, Manchester, Edinburgh, Dublin and Shannon to its main hubs at New York JFK, Cincinnati and Atlanta.


Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Continental Airlines is the fourth-largest airline in the U.S. The airline flies to Newark and Houston from all major UK airports including London Gatwick, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dublin, Belfast and Shannon.

Virgin Atlantic

Richard Branson’s Virgin airline operates long-haul routes between the United Kingdom and North America from its main base at London Heathrow. The airline has smaller bases at London Gatwick and Manchester Airport. Virgin’s flights to USA include Newark International Airport, New York JFK, Baltimore, Washington Dulles, Boston, Chicago, Miami, Orlando, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

American Airlines

American Airlines

Honored as the largest U.S. airline, AA is based at Fort Worth, Texas, adjacent to the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. American operates scheduled flights from London, Manchester and Dublin to Boston, New York JFK, Chicago, Raleigh/Durham, Dallas, Miami and Los Angeles.

British Airways

British Airways

The British flag carrier serves a huge amount of international flights to USA from UK. The airlines is one of the preferred carriers to fly from London to New York JFK, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington Dulles, Atlanta, Orlando, Los Angeles and many more. British Airways also offers flights to Canada including the international airports at Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.

Low Cost Airline Company – How They Cut Their Costs? E-Ticketing And Others Services Reduction


E-Ticketing for airline tickets reservation is a growing up market. Everywhere around the world you will find more and more airline companies proposing this option via their website.

Some company such as AirAsia does not even give possibility to make your airline tickets reservation via travel agent. All the tickets must be bought via their website. Only e-ticketing is available. The reason is of course to cut cost for the flight ticket itself.

According to the Air Transport Association (IATA), the application of e-ticketing can cost by up to U$9.00 per ticket. This reduction cost includes the paper itself and all human resource needed for the manual control of tickets.

This service is not only advantageous for the airline company, but for the passenger as well. You do not have to worry about losing your ticket. Present a simple ID card at the check-in counter is sufficient to get your boarding pass. This is a win-win situation.

Another way to reduce cost for low-cost carriers is the reduction of services, such as the cost of food served to passengers. The basic principles of low-cost carrier is that there are no paper tickets, no drinks, no meals, no headphones, no newspapers, no movies, no VIP lounges, etc.

The last and probably most important factor to reduce the cost in the Airline Company is to get the flight full booked as often as possible. They can achieve that with their low cost tickets of course, but also with a sophisticated online reservation program.

To make sure that happens, they will increase the ticket price step by step closer you come to the date of departure. So, it will force passengers to order tickets more in advance and get full booked before their competitors. Yet, with some exceptions for the purchase of last minute tickets.

In case the flight is already 99% full a week before the departure, I doubt you will be able to get any cheap tickets at the last minute. But if they still have more than ten seats available two days before the departure, you should be able to get a good deal as well. So the low-cost carrier company will always make sure their flights are full, otherwise they won’t be able to keep their offers so competitive.

Why Has Emirates Been Awarded The “Best Airline” Title In The Skytrax 2016 Awards List?

Emirates Airlines

Emirates has been named the best airline in the world by Skytrax, the leading consumer aviation website for the year 2016. The Dubai-based airline was given the award at the recently concluded Farnborough Air Show. Emirates has garnered the honor for the fourth time in the last 15 years. The airline had started the winning strategy in 2013. This year the airline dismounts Qatar Airways to get the honor.

What Makes Emirates Special?

When it comes to the Middle East, everything is extraordinary and spells class and luxury, the same goes for Emirates Airlines. From the designer uniforms of the crew and support staff to the onboard food and beverages, Emirates stands apart in all criteria when compared to other airlines.

The amenities that make Emirates special are:

Private Suites – Emirates flights have the hotel like rooms with private space for passengers comfort, convenience, and relaxation.

Shower Spas – Doesn’t matter if you are a business or leisure traveller, the shower spas will allow you to get down fresh and prepared at your destination.

Exclusive Onboard Lounges – If you ever have visited any Emirates airport lounge, you will know why it has been declared the best. The lounges have spas, food buffets, relaxing beds and sofas, and so much more to keep you engaged till you board your Emirates flight.

In-flight Wi-Fi – Wi-Fi is a must for any modern airline and how can Emirates stay behind. This is one of the first airlines which started offering Wi-Fi on all its short, medium, and long haul flights.

In-flight Entertainment – ICE is the in-flight entertainment system for Emirates. Passengers would fall in love with the wide choice of entertainment options. There are over 2,500 channels of movies, TV shows, music programs and online games to choose from in multiple languages. The ice digital screen is wide with subtitles option too. Passengers are allowed to create their own personal playlist for the entire journey.

World Class cuisine – A selection of food from across the world which would define your dining on the flight – yes that is what would describe aptly what Emirates food & beverages section has to offer. From caviar to salmon to exquisite wine, everything can be found onboard an Emirates flight.

These are only the onboard services, but Emirates services are not restricted to this only. The airline takes care of its passengers on the ground too. It offers airport shuttles, car rentals even limos too on request for smooth transport to airport.

Middle East airlines have set the standards for airlines worldwide and its time for other to step up and join the competition. This competitiveness would only make flying fun for travellers like us.

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