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The Cathay Pacific Experience – Cathay Pacific Business Class

The Cathay Pacific Experience – Cathay Pacific Business Class

It is considered as one of the world's premium airlines and is known to have service above anyone's standards. It also won the Best Airline Transpacific and Best First Class Airline Seat at the 2011 Skytrax Awards.

First class: The Cathay Pacific First Class is a sight to behold. The passengers enjoy fully lie-flat seats in their own private cubicles, noise cancelling headsets and special made-to-order meals which they can avail whenever they feel like it. Each cubicle has a 17 inch video screen with audio and video on demand. On the ground there is a dedicated check-in, VIP lounges and for long haul flights there are pajamas and amenity kits for everyone.

Business Class: The Cathay Pacific Business Class passengers enjoy noise cancelling headsets, complimentary meals and a 15.4 inch video screen with audio and video on demand. Their on the ground services include lounges, dedicated check-in counters and amenity kits for long haul flights. The new Cathay Pacific Business Class products on Boeing 7777-300ER and Airus A330-300 feature a large flatbed along with iPod and USB ports.

Premium Economy: these passengers enjoy a wide, comfortable seat which is 6 inches more than the Economy class. The seat is wider, more comfortable and has a deeper recline. The seat also includes a footrest, a person entertainment set and an on-set power port connector for personal devices. On the ground they have priority dedicated check-in counters and priority boarding before the Economy class.

Economy Class: on long-haul flights, these passengers enjoy fixed back shell seats with a 9 inch wide entertainment system. The video and audio are available on demand, and depending on the length of the flight there are complimentary meals or snacks. For an extra fee, the passengers can avail the exit row seats with extra leg room.

Food and drink: the meals and snack service are complimentary depending on the duration of the flight and your class of travel. The first class passengers can choose their own meals and dine anytime they wish. The dinner includes a caviar service and generous helpings of premium champagne. The Cathay Pacific Business Class is offered a multi-course meal.

Entertainment: the long haul aircraft make sure that everyone has something to keep themselves entertained, which is why they have audio and video on demand. There are more than 100 movies, 500 TV programs, 888 CDs and 22 radio channels and games. There is something for every age group. Movies are available on all flights that exceed 2 hours and 40 minutes flying time.

In-flight technology: long haul passengers have access to 110v AC power outlets. There are ports for the passengers to plug their personal devices in and also charge them. There are certain aircraft which offer satellite phone service for free.

Source by Nick S Curtis

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