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The Only Problem With Living in an Airpark is the Noise – Be a Good Neighbor

The Only Problem With Living in an Airpark is the Noise – Be a Good Neighbor

Wouldn’t it be fun to live at an airport? You probably think I’m crazy, but being a pilot it is something I have considered. I would be just as happy living inside of an aircraft hangar, perhaps in a loft, with a small kitchenette, a few rows of bookshelves, and a comfortable bed. Thus, able to jump in my airplane any time I wanted, knowing that I had complete freedom. Perhaps this is why some people live at airparks. Not long ago, I talked to an individual who actually lives at an Airpark, on the street, get this; Raytheon Drive.

Wow, I thought, I would love to live in an airpark! Sounds like a great life, as long as no-one owned a Jet and fired it up at zero-dark-thirty when I was trying to sleep! I love airports, but I can do without some of the noise, which in the future will not be a factor. You see, I just bet that the propellers of the future will be completely morphable, and will make very little noise until they need to take a bigger bite of air for take-off power.

Any thoughts on that, think about it; rotor blades are getting that renovation now, several research companies are moving in the direction, and the research and development is well on its way. Yes, well actually I do have lots of thoughts on that myself, such as the types of nano-materials to use – and how to make it all work.

Back to my future residence at an airport fantasy – you see, I don’t care what I’m flying, I just like to fly, and right now helicopters and aircraft are noisy, but in the future they certainly won’t be. I doubt if people will stand for flying cars that make that much noise as airplanes or helicopters do now. I guess if you live at an Airpark or at an airport, you just hope that everyone is a good neighbor, and that they are respectable of the peace and quiet or at least as much as they can be considering the challenges involved.

In the future, when we all have flying cars, in a way we will all live in airparks, because you will pull your flying car out of your garage, and drive it into the street and take off and fly away. Are you beginning to see that picture, and understand the freedom of having a runway in your backyard, and a hangar as your garage? If so, you now understand what I’m talking about. Think on it.

Source by Lance Winslow

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