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Things You Need to Know If You Want to Be a Flight Instructor

Things You Need to Know If You Want to Be a Flight Instructor

If you choose to become a flight instructor, then you should know that it is going to be very tough but rewarding. In all honesty, when you decide to pursue the course, you may realize that you need to work extra hard so as to get a good rating. Before getting started, then there are some things that you should be aware about.

Eyes, hands, feet

When you decide to become an instructor, you need to find a way of explaining aeronautical knowledge in words. This can be very challenging, especially because you will have to explain all the maneuvers verbally, step by step. When one is a pilot, verbal communication is limited. You will have to learn how to guide your students. You need to explain to them exactly how to move their hands, their feet and their eyes.

You will also have to learn using some exterior visual cues instead of remaining focused on instrumentation.


So as to be successful, you will have to train and train well. You will need to learn all the basics. You may have to revisit some of the topics you may have learnt as a pilot as they form the basics of instructing. When you have your studies at your fingertips, then you will be able to guide your students through anything. You will also be able to tell whether the student is ready for check rides or not.


If you want to excel as an instructor, then you will have to let your students make mistakes. This is one of the best ways that they can learn valuable lessons. Do not fix all issues the students have without allowing them to fix it themselves. You can be ready to take charge in case things get out of hand, but you should not make it too obvious. Letting your students try to handle issues is the best way to give them confidence and also build their skills.

Lesson plans and outlines

So as to be a great instructor, you should learn how to do your own things. Write your outlines and lesson plans. Even though there are lots of materials, online, refrain from using the, as they are. When you write your own, you will definitely have an easy time when you go for the check ride. Writing allows you to customize your plans and this is where you get your own teaching style that you can use after you finish the course.

Don’t do it if you just want to build hours

It is not uncommon to come face to face with a poor instructor. In most cases, such a person focuses on building time instead of flying. Before taking such a course, you should assess your own personality and whether you really want to teach. You need to know that being an instructor is not all about flying, sometimes you have to remain on the ground so as to get ready.

Becoming a flight instructor is not for the faint hearted. Be true to your true self so as to end up in a satisfying career.

Source by Shalini Mittal

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