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What Are Southern California’s Hotspots for Jet Ski Adventures?

What Are Southern California’s Hotspots for Jet Ski Adventures?

We often look forward to the uplifting summer months so that we can indulge ourselves in fantastic aqua pleasures. Boating, swimming, scuba diving or jet skiing are just a few of the fabulous energizing activities that summer brings with it. If you live in a spot rarely ”kissed” by the sunrays’ magic, you may consider visiting a sunny destination where you can enjoy your regular summer activities to the max.

There are many fabulous places in the United States for those who are passionate about aqua sports. Florida abounds in panoramic boating zones, Atlantic City offers great beach areas and the San Diego jet ski tours are unique and memorable.

What are some of Southern California’s hotspots for jet skiing?

Water sports lovers will have the time of their life in the vibrant California water districts. Here are several major water spots that will provide you with great opportunities for aqua adventures.

Lake Perris will accommodate the lovers of exciting aqua activities and will welcome all guests in its dry, rocky setting. Alcohol use is permitted on the lake so beware of occasional acts of reckless behavior. You can rent watercraft upon request. On the west part of the lake, water ski fans move at 35 miles per hour in a counter-clockwise direction. Boaters should not exceed five-miles-per-hour speed in the other parts of the lake.

If you would like to get a gulp of fresh air and take a break from California’s hot climate, you can head out to Silverwood Lake, located up in the gorgeous San Bernardino mountains. The shape of the water body is hour-glass. You should make an early boating booking because the place gets crowded during weekends due to its proximity to Los Angeles. Any type of watercraft is allowed on the water and for this reason, you should be really careful.

Another paradise for water sports fans is the 350,000-acre reservoir Castaic Lake where jet ski lovers will enjoy their own private zones, far from fishing boats and other high-calibre watercrafts. If you’re an annual subscriber, you”ll have the privilege of discounted entry fees. Alcohol use on the lake is strictly prohibited. Camping facilities are available for booking on a year-round basis.

Another dynamic aqua sports zone for both Southern California residents and tourists is Lake Elsinore, a Riverside County lake, located just a few hours east of the center of Los Angeles.

San Diego Jet Ski Tours and Rentals

Those of you who want to explore the marvelous sights of the San Diego area may check out San Diego Bay Adventures. They offer amazing jet ski tours led by experienced guides. The spectacular Coronado Bridge and the vibrant Seaport Village are just a few of the sight seeing hotspots that you’ll enjoy during your tour.

If you need to rent jet ski for your adventures, check out H2O Jet Ski Rentals. They offer jet ski equipments for their customers at friendly prices.

Jet ski fans will definitely enjoy all that the San Diego area has to offer. The water is crystal clear, the weather amazing and the opportunities for adventures tremendous.

Source by Estella L Johnson

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