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What Are the Different Types of Jacuzzi Whirlpool Bathtubs?

What Are the Different Types of Jacuzzi Whirlpool Bathtubs?

Jacuzzi is an industry leader offering a large selection of whirlpool bath tubs to create the perfect luxurious spa-style bathroom of your dreams. Many use the term Jacuzzi as a catch-all phrase to refer to all kinds of whirlpool tubs, but the reality is that there are a number of manufacturers on the market. However, it is worth it for buyers to do a bit of comparison shopping to determine which whirlpool bathtub best suits their needs.

What are the different types of Jacuzzi whirlpool bath tubs?

Currently there are three different collections to choose from under the Jacuzzi name: Comfort Collection, Luxury Collection, and Espree Collection. While the Comfort and Luxury Collections are available online, the Espree Collection is sold exclusively through Lowe's Home Improvement store. Within each of these collections are approximately 15-20 styles of whirlpool tubs to help you select the perfect whirlpool bath tub for your home. Which model will work best for your bathroom depends on various factors, such as size, style, shape, number of jets, as well as price points.

Specifically, the Luxury Collection differs from the Comfort Collection in its use of HTA jets. These jetted bathtubs flow 45 gallons of water per minute (which equals quicker fill up time!), Offers more unique designs and styles, feature higher horsepower motors, longer warranties, and often larger tub sizes. What is the best Jacuzzi whirlpool bath tub?

One thing is clear: Jacuzzi is an industry leader not only because of pioneering whirlpool bathtub technology, but because of their attention to design and detail. It is very difficult to answer the question of which design is top-rated without paying attention to key details to determine which whirlpool tub is best suited for your home.

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