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What is It About Celebs and Private Jets?

What is It About Celebs and Private Jets?

As the ultimate status symbol of a Private Jet becomes more and more popular among the celebrity society, there have been many strange examples of what you can use your plane for. Let us take a look at the two sides of celebrity life, where some lose all sense of reality, and others seem to re-visit their human side.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise has owned his own Private Jet for many years, although as his lifestyle becomes ever more secretive, and detached from the real world, we recently saw a novel use for his Jet. He sent his assistants to pick up his groceries!!

It’s true, it was confirmed that earlier this year Cruise and his fiancee Katie Holmes developed a raging thirst for Cherry Soda. However, rather than raiding the fridge to see what chilled drinks were left Tom Cruise ordered his assistants to use his Private Jet to fly to town, from their secluded Colorado Ranch. The Jet was forced to park on the runway for two hours, while his loyal assistants went into town for the most expensive drinks run the world has ever seen. This certainly caused quite a stir at the local airport!!

John Travolta

Actor John Travolta is perhaps the best know celebrity with his own Private Jet, well in fact he has more that one Private Jet and is a qualified Pilot!!

While we hear about the excess of many celebrities in their star-studded lifestyle, well away from reality, and seemingly untouched by disaster, some of them seem to put their “power” to good use. In the aftermath of the Louisiana Hurricane, John Travolta boarded his Private Jet with only one thing in mind, to bring a little bit of sunshine into the life of the hard hit Louisiana residents. He did just that…..

Together with fellow celebrities Oprah Winfrey and Sean Penn, Travolta and wife Kelly Preston distributed priceless food and medical supplies to the desperate residents of the hard hit area. The delight on their faces to see such thoughtfulness from the “untouchable” stars, was a joy to behold.

While money can’t buy you love, it can bring a little happiness into the world……..

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