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Why Charter Bus Travel?

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Why Charter Bus Travel?

Why Charter Bus Travel?

As more and more people are looking for cost-efficient and safe transportation services, charter bus travel is becoming a viable and sought-after transport option. Plains, trains, and automobiles will probably never cease to be utilized, but bus travel offers many incentives that other forms of transportation do not. Those asking, “why charter a bus?” should consider the following benefits to charter bus travel.

The Bureau of Transportation reports that bus travel is twice as safe as flying and 46 times safer than flying an automobile. For every 10 billion passenger miles automobile accidents account for 140 deaths and airplane accidents account for 6 deaths. Bus travel, on the other hand, accounts for only 3 deaths for every 10 billion passenger miles. The Department of Transportation (DOT) regulates the charter bus industry and bus drivers must fulfill specific requirements in order to drive.

In addition to being licensed, bus operators must have a current DOT Physical Exam Card, must pass drug testing (according to DOT regulations), and must maintain an up-to-date log of all traveled miles and hours of service. The DOT also regulates how many hours bus operators can drive and mandates that drivers be given time off after long periods of driving. These DOT regulations ensure that only professional, experienced, and healthy drivers operate charter buses.

In addition to safety, charter bus travel trumps alternative forms of transportation through ease of mobility and access to various destinations. Whereas trains and planes only fly to certain locations, buses take passengers to the doorstep of their destinations. Buses are also able to provide transportation for the entire duration of a group’s stay, rather than just for the trip to and from the destination.

For those looking for inexpensive and environmentally safe means of travel, charter buses can’t be beat. Charter buses are extremely fuel-efficient and inexpensive. Bus services typically cost half of what it would cost to fly and bus amenities are far from lacking. Bus amenities can include on-board restrooms, DVD players, wheelchair elevators, on-board alcohol, sleeping facilities, double-decker seating, satellite, reclining seats, and catered food.

Those looking for safe, efficient, and comfortable means of transportation should reevaluate their dedication to auto, air, and train transport. Chartering a bus is a cost-efficient and travel-savvy way to get to one’s destination in comfort and style. The BusBank’s Charter Bus Rentals offer accredited and reliable bus travel for every transportation need. Contact an account executive today to discuss chartering a bus for your next group trip.

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