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2 Things to Know About Flights to Melbourne From India

2 Things to Know About Flights to Melbourne From India

Melbourne, an Australian metropolis, is an important commercial destination. People from all over the world travel to this city all around the year for different purposes. Lying in the island continent Australia, and surrounded by the Indian Ocean, the Coral and Tasman Seas, this city is well connected with the rest of the world via airways and water transport. Melbourne Airport, also called Tullamarine Airport, is the primary air transit point of this city and aviation gateway of Victoria. As the second busiest airport in the country, it is host to over 3,000 flights to Melbourne weekly. Currently it is also the freight hub of Australasia, with 21 freight services arriving and departing from it every week.

Many airlines fly to and from the three airports of Melbourne, linking it to the other six continents. Direct flights are available from some Middle Eastern and Asian countries that take you to the remote country in the Southern Hemisphere. For people planning to travel to Melbourne from India, here is some information that will help in arranging their journey.

Airline Services

More than 200 airlines operate India to Melbourne flight every day. The popular names among them are Air India, Emirates and Etihad, Qantas, Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines along with other private flights. However, the only direct flight to the city is offered by Air India that departs from New Delhi. Many other connecting flights are also available from the major international airports like Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Kochi, Guwahati and Vishakhapatnam. These flights make a halt at two or more stops, of which the main stoppages are Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Bangkok and China. Offering quality services onboard, they charge different prices for tickets and duration of the journey. The luggage limits, additional baggage fee and other specifications also vary. Passengers can check the luggage allowances to Melbourne for different aviation companies, on Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), before boarding.

Booking a Flight

The distance between New Delhi and Melbourne is approximately 10,199 km. Airways enable this long distance to be covered within 24 hours. Tourists can check and compare the prices of tickets and journey time of different services on this route on various OTAs, before booking their Melbourne flights. Many options are available for cheap flights, depending on the choice of departure station. Certain airlines also offer schemes and discounts on their rates a few times a year, which can be availed by travellers on a budget trip.

Visitors, who want a time efficient flight to their destination, can explore the services of carriers, which cover this route between 12.5- 17 hours. The only direct Air India flight makes this one-way trip in around 12 hours and 15 minutes. Other quick flights include Singapore, Qantas and China Southern flights that take 14 hours 45 minutes, 14 hours 50 minutes and 16 hours 50 minutes, respectively, each one halting at one stoppage. People, who are not comfortable with long journeys can find services that include an overnight layover at midpoints of the route, for longer than 12 hours.

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