More Than A Private Jet Broker

At Coast Private, we’re more than simply a jet charter company; we’re a full-service private aviation brokerage offering a wealth of solutions, from ad-hoc charter and elite jet card membership programs, to airliner charters, private jet leasing and private jet sales worldwide.

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PRIVATE FLIGHTS We Provide Private
Charter Solutions
Because Coast Private is not an aircraft manufacturer or operator,
we have the flexibility to choose the best, safest and most reliable
aircraft available in the industry – Customers have the choice of
helicopter, piston, turbo-prop, very light jet, light jet, mid-size jet,
super mid-size jet, heavy jets and commercial aircraft; We’ll help
you determine the type that is best for you.
LUXURY FLIGHTS Enjoy Maximum Flexibility
with Coast Private Charter
Whether you are chartering a private jet for business or leisure,
we are here to accommodate your private charter needs.
PRIVATE FLIGHTS Complete Suite of
Charter Solutions
Gear to Your Needs
Enjoy a complete suite of solutions and programs, designed to
increase value and meet your needs. Speak with your
dedicated Aviation Advisor to learn about our simple,
on-demand charter solutions for individuals and businesses.

Government Flight Charter Solutions

Offering a wide range of options, to suit your needs, governments can charter individual aircraft, or different types of aircraft, in any combination, from and to anywhere in the world. Coast Private has a vast experience of chartering aircraft for governments around the world.


We understand the special requirements needed for Government personnel. A preferred aviation partner for many of the top Government agencies around the world, the Coast Private team is expert at arranging private jet charter for the Government sector, and specializes in organizing air charter solutions for our Government partners.

Last Minute Government Charter

We understand how complex, demanding and often times, critical, Government charter flights can be. That’s why, whatever your requirements and however short notice the lead time, Coast Private unique technology platform allows us to quickly source the best placed aircraft at the most competitive price.

Accredited Government Charter

Coast Private works with an accredited network of over 7,000 aircraft and helicopters worldwide, and our 24-hour flight team includes specialists within the Government sector, to ensure every aspect of the charter flight is coordinated safely and reliable.

Whatever your time-critical requirements, our cargo charter team is ready to assist

Our dedicated air charter specialists are here to assist you:

  • Diplomatic Tours
  • Evacuation Flights
  • Repatriation Flights
  • Search & Rescue Flights
  • Cargo Charters
  • Medevac


We can assist all government departments in meeting your transportation requirements, anywhere in the world – from diplomatic tours and personnel flights, through to large-scale evacuation and repatriation operations for thousands of passengers.

Complete Private Charter Flights for Government Officials

We provide a full range of Government Charter from helicopter, small and midsize jets right up to airliners


Whether it is a non-stop trip to a single destination or a long haul diplomatic tour we guarantee you will get to where you need to be in comfort and with the right equipment on-board – whether that’s a bedroom for an overnight flight or a boardroom for your meeting.

Private Jet Charter Prices for Government Charter Flights

Coast Private compares the whole aircraft charter market to ensure we deliver the best available aircraft and helicopters at the lowest market price. If you require several aircraft from different destinations we can arrange everything to suit your exact needs; we will recommend the private jet to suit the route and number of passengers, and coordinate everything for you.


The Coast Private team is committed to delivering optimal value and services for your Government flight requirements!