More Than A Private Jet Broker

At Coast Private, we’re more than simply a jet charter company; we’re a full-service private aviation brokerage offering a wealth of solutions, from ad-hoc charter and elite jet card membership programs, to airliner charters, private jet leasing and private jet sales worldwide.

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PRIVATE FLIGHTS We Provide Private
Charter Solutions
Because Coast Private is not an aircraft manufacturer or operator,
we have the flexibility to choose the best, safest and most reliable
aircraft available in the industry – Customers have the choice of
helicopter, piston, turbo-prop, very light jet, light jet, mid-size jet,
super mid-size jet, heavy jets and commercial aircraft; We’ll help
you determine the type that is best for you.
LUXURY FLIGHTS Enjoy Maximum Flexibility
with Coast Private Charter
Whether you are chartering a private jet for business or leisure,
we are here to accommodate your private charter needs.
PRIVATE FLIGHTS Complete Suite of
Charter Solutions
Gear to Your Needs
Enjoy a complete suite of solutions and programs, designed to
increase value and meet your needs. Speak with your
dedicated Aviation Advisor to learn about our simple,
on-demand charter solutions for individuals and businesses.

Private Jet Charter For Music Industry

We are renowned private charter specialists in the music industry, having worked with many of the world’s most prestigious music bands and solo artists for ‘one-off’ shows, festivals or extended world tours.

We’re Taking Music Private Jet Charter Flights to New Heights

We provide cost-effective and tailored private jet charter solutions to Artists, promoters, tour companies, production companies, publicity departments, and logistics.


We have extensive experience in the planning and delivery of air charter services for the music touring sector, where timing and reliability is key. Ensuring that musicians and instruments are delivered on time without breakages, ready to perform and on budget is essential. This is the reason why our clients keep coming back.


Whether you require fast track transit through airport terminals to keep to your tight schedule, or even access to multiple aircraft flying simultaneously, we can provide a solution that suits you:


Arranging charters for teams, supporters, or executive and corporate sponsors to major sporting events across the globe


From last minute aircraft for one-off concerts, to more complex world tour charter schedules.


Ensuring passengers arrive at multiple destinations on time, whether visiting numerous cities within a single country or a marathon trip around the world.


Creating a tailored schedule to visit numerous locations as part of an election campaign


From a regional theater tour, to a demanding set of circus show performances worldwide.


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Private Jet Solution for Music Industry

Coast Private specializes in VIP air charter service for musicians, rock bands, singers, DJS and music executives alike, connecting rock stars with private jets and airliners for their tours and events.

Private Jet For Touring Musicians

Are you a touring DJ/musician, or working for a studio/record label and need to arrange a private charter flight for an upcoming gig or business meeting?


We’ve been transporting entertainers all over the globe in the utmost comfort and style. From one-off festivals to worldwide tours, we’re experts in developing bespoke private air charter solutions for bands, singers, orchestras, actors and comedians.

We at Coast Private source the perfect aircraft for the Music Industry

Whatever the Music charter might be we can provide a quote based on your specifications. We can enhance the trip with custom catering and branding of the aircraft. Please contact us today for a quote

Private Jet Solutions for Artists

As an artist, travel is a necessary but highly demanding part of the job. We are here to ease the burden and simplify the process leaving you free to concentrate your time on other aspects of the tour itself.


We understand that the music industry is a dynamic and fast moving business. We study every aspect of your trip including evaluating flight time, drive time between airport, venue and hotel, airport opening and closing times, and the ‘out-of-hours’ availability of customs and immigration staff.