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Air Charter Safety – The New Wyvern Pass

Air Charter Safety – The New Wyvern Pass

If you want to make sure that safety is more than a buzzword on a website, that the aircraft you charter are truly safe for your family, friends, company and personal needs, then look for services utilizing PASS.

What is PASS?

PASS stands for Pilot & Aircraft Safety Survey, a new program developed by Wyvern (the air charter industry’s leading technology and information service provider) to perform comprehensive trip safety due diligence on each private flight assigned by a participating air charter service or broker.

The Pilot & Aircraft Safety Survey replaces old systems with advanced data crawlers that aggregate almost all information on important aspects of flight safety automatically including operator, aircraft and crew. The pilot check, for example, verifies pilots’ medical status, training records, flight hours and other criteria to assure they meet all FAA requirements. The engine then summarizes the findings into an easy-to-read report for the air charter vendor.

After – and only after – an assigned craft and crew has been verified by PASS will the participating air charter service or broker confirm the flight.

Stepping Up for Safety

PASS is a volunteer program. So you can be assured that any private jet charter you see using this service is going the extra mile to assure customer safety. And, the best part is, this check is done on top of already-existing standards of safety [http://www.aviationresearch.com/cheqonline/tripcheqinfo.asp] According to Wyvern, OneSky Jets is the first launch partner to systematically use the new PASS program. Says Jim Betlyon, CEO of Wyvern, “We’ve had a strong relationship with OneSky Jets almost since its inception; I know they’ve always been dedicated in providing their customers with world-class service.” And Greg Johnson, OneSky’s president and CEO said, “I’m happy to see that the participation of OneSky in the development of PASS has resulted in a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use trip due diligence system.”

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