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Asian Wedding, The Bride’s Family and Airborne Weddings

Asian Wedding, The Bride’s Family and Airborne Weddings

The Asian community have always been very serious about the wedding of members of their family. The father of the bride will, in particular, not settle for anything less than the best. I have two daughters and a son and I can confess that I was far more keen to get involved in the arrangements of my daughters weddings than my son’s. In the Asian community, and especially in the Muslim faith, weddings can be much more lively for the brides family than for the groom’s.

Brides have mehdi (henna), sangeet (musical nights in the pre-wedding party), mama mosadu (a treat day from the bride’s uncle), and a lot more formalities from the bride’s family. For the groom there is nothing to do but feed the family and wait for the day of the wedding.

After the wedding the groom normally takes part in events such as Waleema (dinner after the marriage day), but again this doesn’t involve much apart from food.

The bridal household is very much part of the arrangements of the wedding. The biggest issues are food for everyone and the venue. For over a year the family will visit a number of venues and sites looking for a good space for the large tent – perhaps in the local park. This has been happening for the last five years, and numbers of guests at these weddings are growing. One popular venue that is used over and over again can be a very good deal for the bride and groom since they will pay less than the full rate for a pre-used venue.

We Asians are always in search for new things. We like new ideas and like to do our events in different ways. But now you can just leave the ground and take off, needing nothing more than your passport. And you are off. Your venue can be anywhere in Europe or any other destination.

We have covered almost all the possible venues on the earth – mountains, land, farms, sea, palaces, hotels. We have been almost everywhere except in the air. We have not touched the air because we tend to think it is untouchable. But those were our thoughts yesterday. Today it is not the case. Today we have achieved the goal.

Can you think of a wedding held out in the country for the whole day or weekend? Can you think of a bar of 42 VIP’s going to a wedding from London to Birmingham and back? Well, now you can have your wedding in the air. A wedding that will be remembered for a long period of time. A special gift for the bride from loving parents. A wedding that will be the talk of the town for years to come. If you want to experience the luxury of VIP travel in the magnificent comfort of your own private 46 seat jet, then what are you waiting for?

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