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Flight Attendant Resource Guide

Flight Attendant Resource Guide

Are you interested in becoming a flight attendant? Does the desire to fly to places hither and yon excite the primal beast within? Okay, I am being a bit dramatic! Still, for 75 years flight attendants have been providing much needed passenger service and safety assistance on aircraft ever since the original eight women from Boeing Air Transport took flight on May 15, 1930. Since then stewardesses, as they were originally were called, have flown to every destination imaginable on the planet. Read on for important resources available right online that can help you launch your airline career.

Airline Flight Attendant Room – Hosted as an MSN group, the Airline Flight Attendant Room is a place for veterans and wannabes to gather together to discuss the latest news on airline hiring, work conditions, passenger attitudes [ugh!], and so much more. This site also features a nifty list of companies that are currently hiring. Updated frequently too!

Association of Corporate Flight Attendants – For the private jet flight attendant based in Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Rim, the AOCFA is an organization dedicated toward furthering your area of interest. Visit AOCFA.org for details.

CabinCrew.Com – Based in Britain, this site has all the information you need about air carriers around the world. The site features a chat room, hiring information, and online courses you can take to help launch your career. In case you haven’t already figured out the web address it is: CabinCrew.com. Cheers!

Corporate Flight Attendant Community – For those of you aspiring to find work as a private flight attendant, this site is for you! Offering relevant articles, training information, job listings, an active forum, and a whole lot more. Flying on a private jet isn’t for everyone and the training standards and service level brings new meaning to the term, premium class. You can access the site at CorporateFlyer.net.

Flight Attendants Central – This is a password protected site, but new members are being accepted. The site operates similarly to the Airline Flight Attendant Room. One of the special features of this site is the multitude of airline specific forums available which can be a good way to measure what current crew members think of their company. You can access this site at FlightAttendants.org

Another site of interest is Air Crew Health at AirCrewHealth.com This site features health news and tips to help you stay well before, during, and after the flight. The website is managed by Dr. Bobbie Sullivan, an independent research psychologist based in Hawaii. Her primary research interest is the health and well-being of those who work in the aviation industry.

Of course, visiting any particular airline’s home page will give you plenty of information about cabin crew requirements, interviews, training, hiring information, and more. Lots of rumors on the internet, so be careful what you read and ask the hard questions!

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