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IFR Flight Simulator – 3 Ways to Make IFR Training More Affordable

IFR Flight Simulator – 3 Ways to Make IFR Training More Affordable

If you have your private pilot’s license and are looking to earn an Instrument Rating, then it might be in your best interests to get your hands on a good IFR flight simulator for your home computer. Here are 3 reasons why:

1. It can save you money.

Leveraging an IFR flight simulator can significantly reduce the cost of your instrument training and your instrument proficiency checks.

Since the FAA allows pilots to log as many as 20 hours of instruction with a simulator as credit towards your instrument rating, then you would be a fool not to take advantage of the opportunity as a cost savings measure.

2. It can save you time.

IFR flight simulator programs can save time. It is simpler to turn on the PC and start up your simulator program, and start flying right away. A real flight lesson, on the other hand, involves the extra time of refueling and preflighting the aircraft.

Poor weather can delay your progress in obtaining your Instrument Rating and can slow you down. Weather phenomena such as rain, snow, fog, overcast clouds, and high winds are grounds for cancellation of flight lessons. You don’t have to “cancel” any lessons if you are flying a simulator instead.

3. You can get more practice.

An IFR flight simulator gives you the freedom to practice as often as you would like, above and beyond the time spent in the actual aircraft. The more often you practice, the more proficient a pilot you will become.

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