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In Depth Review of Medevac SOP

In Depth Review of Medevac SOP

Medevac SOP (standard operating procedures) are basically designed and used to support the evacuation of patients who require clinical interventions. The procedures are governed by various evacuation laws and are subjected to human safety standards. The laws and safety regulations are set to ensure the evacuation process of a patient or a victim of an accident or any other disaster is afforded quality medical support and evacuation.

Some of the laws that MEDAVAC SOP is subjected to are:

  • Law on Humanitarian Evacuation
  • Federal Rules and Regulations on De-mining, Evacuation and Safe Patient Transport by adopted standards
  • International Humanitarian laws on Evacuation
  • Mine Action Standards

The evacuation procedures must be adequately planned to attain comprehensive medical care support during evacuation. Some of the advantages of Medevac SOP are these components:

  • Clinical support: The evacuation staff comprising of both paramedics and specialized disaster clinicians ensures the victim is attended to promptly. Further, the clinicians also ensure efficient medical intervention is availed while the patient or injured person is on transit to a medical facility.
  • Effective communication systems and skills: Evacuation process is a delicate procedure that can only be safeguarded with exceptional communication skills. The MEDEVAC SOP guarantees effective communication at all levels. The communication between the rescue team members and also with the coordinating agency, injured persons and the referral healthcare facility is clear. The communication process is supported by communication gadgets such as pagers, cell phones, radio call devices and GPRS locating systems and other advanced communication apparatus.
  • Efficient coordination: The SOP ensures a well coordinating strategy. The role of each evacuation team member is clearly defined to avoid confusion once at the evacuation field. For successful evacuation, a military like evacuation strategy is adopted and it’s highly efficient.

Even though the MEDEVAC SOP are viable medical rescue strategies they have certain limitations. Some of the limitations are:

  1. High risks assignments: The procedures are considered as high risk assignment for the both the rescue victim and the evacuation staff.
  2. The procedures are not cost effective: In some instances the procedures become intricate more so in complex evacuation mission. Such intricate missions requires a large number of specialized staff, advanced equipment and costly logistics.
  3. Bureaucratic decision making process: Medical evacuation missions requires urgent intervention. However, some of the MEDEVAC SOP concepts give room to delayed decision making process that might endanger the evacuated victim’s life. There process open space for wide consultation that are bureaucratic.

For those seeking for MEDAVAC services, they must be certain that they are engaging services of a competent firm. Always, it is a smart move for a company or individual to be informed of the standard operating procedures of a particular MEDVAC service provider. Evacuation of an injured person, a patient or disaster victim is not an ordinary assignment but, a very fragile assignment that must be handled with uttermost care in all the medical evacuation facets. From the rescue field, radio control station to the healthcare facility the evacuation process must be compliant to both national and international MEDVAC SOP.

Source by Denise K. Wayne

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