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Is Flying For Everyone?

Is Flying For Everyone?

As we at the beginning of a new year again a lot of people will want to do their private pilot license. Obviously there are many reasons for wanting to fly varying from achieving a long term goal, a life long dream, the start of a new career or maybe simply to be able to say:”I can fly”. Whatever the reasons are I often get asked by a new student “do you think I’ll be able to fly”.

Maybe firstly we must ask ourselves what does it take from an individual in order to fly an airplane or helicopter for that matter? A certain amount of co-ordination comes to mind. In my opinion most people has what it takes although some has to practice and exercise this particular skill. Discipline I think plays an important roll as flying involves quite a bit of responsibility in some way or the other. My personal favorite is of course a person’s attitude. The willingness to study, the way an individual handles criticism and the ability to handle stress but to name a few. These are just some qualities amongst hundreds.

I think every student should and can answer the question: “will I be able to fly?” for themselves. For some it might take longer than the minimum requirement but determination and will pull them through. Many a time students has told me that flying is not for them and I take my hat off to a person that can realize their own lack of ability or whatever reason they base their decision on. Your personal motive for wanting to fly plays a very important roll. So I personally think that it’s not a simple black and white answer to be made by an instructor but rather a combined decision.

I think that in the beginning students base their abilities solely on the “stick and throttle” aspects of flying, rightly so because that’s all they know but I often tell students that a good stick and throttle pilot is not necessarily the best pilot and that they must consider their other strengths as well when they make a decision whether to continue flying or not. In a lot of cases all it takes is a bit of a mindset change.

I personally think that almost any person can be taught to fly but I think the real question should be whether any person can be a safe pilot not necessarily the world’s greatest pilot, and that’s maybe where the instructor or flight school for that matter plays a very important role.

If ever you face the decision to quite flying or not maybe think what is your motive for flying, ask yourself whether you enjoy it or not, can you financially afford it to carry on longer if need be, do you need to change your attitude?

Source by Harry Cameron

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