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It’s Not Just the Boardroom Where You Are Being Bugged

It’s Not Just the Boardroom Where You Are Being Bugged

Quite sensibly, most of us would think that business related premises are where spies would plant bugging equipment to capture confidential conversations and infiltrate communication networks.

Whilst corporate offices, boardrooms, internal telephone systems, mobile phones and computers are often targets of hostile surveillance, counter surveillance professionals are all too aware that eavesdroppers are spreading their net ever wider in order to capture valuable business secrets.

In fact, experienced eavesdroppers are able to gather data in a wide range of locations using listening devices that are so small, light and easy to conceal they can be placed almost anywhere without being discovered.

  • Private homes are a prime surveillance target. This is where most targets feel relaxed, off guard and much more likely to talk candidly about business with a loved one. Audio bugs planted around the home are often used to pick up those relaxed conversations thought inappropriate for an office environment.
  • Easy to access and the closest thing to a private home, corporate apartments provide another useful target for the professional eavesdropper. An additional problem is that the occupant may not know the environment as well as their own home and are therefore less likely to discover signs of concealed or disguised bugs.
  • Private or executive cars can not only be bugged, but they can also be traced with ease using devices fitted to the car’s exterior. The only means of ensuring privacy whilst travelling is to call in skilled operatives to carry out a full security review of the vehicle in question and implement a programme of ongoing security measures.
  • Using executive jets to ferry VIPs to international locations is a common feature of corporate life and entertaining. Given the calibre of their passengers, these vehicles are a tempting target for any eavesdropper who can gain access. Regular bugs sweeps of jets suspected of being under surveillance is the only way to ensure it’s not leaking corporate or personal secrets.
  • Similarly, privately owned yachts are just at much at risk to bugging as other vehicles. Bribed deck hands can provide access to private quarters allowing bugs to be planted relatively quickly and easily.
  • Restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs and other public places are yet more locations at risk. If a target has a particular routine (a drink after work at a local pub, or lunch in a favourite restaurant) then surveillance operatives are prepared to find ways to bug that location in readiness for the target’s arrival.

So whilst most of us desire to conduct our business and personal lives in a safe and private environment, it can be hard to do so even in what we believe to be the safest of locations.

The best defence against unwanted surveillance is to keep one step ahead of the game. Thinking about the security of a location before speaking about sensitive matters is a good start. Also keeping an eye out for anything in the location that looks a little odd. For example, have workmen turned up unannounced and unplanned, are there any new items in the room or can you see signs of tampering? For complete peace of mind, bringing in counter surveillance (TSCM) experts to regularly bug sweep an area and devise a security plan for implementation is the best way to keep private conversations private.

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