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Lana Fuchs: Paradox of Privilege and Purpose

Lana Fuchs: Paradox of Privilege and Purpose

Empowered and enlightened people come in all forms, all shapes, sizes, colors and purposes. At their very core, they march to the beat of the same drum. I recently met such a person, Lana Fuchs – a kindred spirit, who exquisitely expresses the fullest potential of human possibilities.

Most people know Lana through her former television show Sin City Rules. The show followed the lives of five high-powered women living in the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas. Lana’s lavish lifestyle of private planes, million dollar parties and collection of designer guns captured the attention of its viewers.

The real story of Lana, the one that created and informs how she shows up in life today, was missed among many in the audience and among the critics. How can she be a good parent indulging her children in seemingly outrageous luxury? How can Lana have a depth of spirit when she embraces the materialistic aspects of wealth? How can she make a meaningful difference in the world when she spends her money on a monkey and pays for him to enjoy a private butler?

It is interesting how people generally see only what they are willing to see. Lana does and has these “over-the-top” things because she CAN. She never said that these external reflections represent who she IS. Lana defines her worth and wealth from the inside out. The rest are just accessories.

The question of who we are as people is about who we are being, not what were are doing or having. How Lana shows up to her life and her privilege is an inspiring story to tell – one that can teach and empower others to experience true wealth – created from the inside out.

Lana considers herself to be a “being of light going through a human experience”. Light itself is energy, nature’s way of transferring energy through space. Light is all around us exerting a physical pressure upon all that it touches. As light, Lana is on a mission to touch the heart and soul of the divine human spirit – the God – within each and every person. Simply put, light lights light.

As a mother, wife and serial entrepreneur Lana leverages her light, her inner resources, to create what will serve the greater good of all – including herself. By no means has it been an easy road. Born presumably dead, Lana inhaled her first breath seven minutes after she entered this world. Living “against all odds” became a generative force within her.

The irony was not lost on me that she and her husband amassed their wealth by literally lighting up Las Vegas with their lighting business. There are no coincidences in this life.

The pilot light has always been lit within Lana. As a child she straddled the ‘other world’ of clear conscious intuitiveness and the ‘real world’ of childhood. Other children thought her odd and strange because she expressed an awareness that wasn’t typical of juvenile sandbox society.

Dad treated her like the son he never had so Lana became quite adept at shooting guns, being tough, kicking ass and fishing. She loved hanging around Dad and his motley crew of friends. In that experience she was taught that she could do anything.

Mom, on the other hand, treated Lana as her porcelain doll. With an obsession for black patent leather shoes and having the ‘perfectly behaved’ daughter, Lana felt smothered by her mother’s parenting. The silver lining in the diverse experiences within her upbringing was the Lana learned how to feel comfortable within herself whether she was in the hood or the country club.

Finally out on her own, Lana felt compelled to embark on a lifelong study of ‘sacred knowledge’. She rigorously studied the Kaballah and sought out the great masters – the teachers of various religions around the world. The experience brought her to an awareness that there is only one Source, one bundle of Universal truths, one Infinite Intelligence. And we are all connected to that vibrant and powerful source. For Lana, today’s organized religions have become more about controlling the masses than enriching the soul.

Lana’s tale is a ‘rats to riches’ life story that continues to unfold explosively. Now in the public eye, Lana cares not whether she his loved or hated. Either way, she will be remembered. Lana believes that those who love her are tapped into the same Source that informs her life. Those who hate her are either blinded by her light or have very little light of their own.

Life is a journey made up of all of our experiences and what we learn in how we handle them. Like a ripple effect our journey is enmeshed within the journey of another. While we are all connected we are autonomous in our individuality. It is each person’s job to “know thyself and to be true to thyself”.

This is the lesson through which everything else flows that Lana teaches to her children and those who are willing to shine alongside of her. She provides the space for them to:

– seek their own truth; to not be bound by socially imposed limitations and religious dogmas.

– believe in yourself; especially when no one else does

– reach for the perspective that empowers, rather than diminishes, that truth

– understand that life isn’t a free ride, its about exchange.

While Lana’s children enjoy a very extravagant lifestyle, nothing is given without an exchange of contribution. To give something for nothing does the receiver and the giver a great disservice because there is no transfer of value. Giving without receiving, or receiving without giving, upsets the balance of the Universe where peace and harmony can thrive.

Her children earn their privilege. It is earned through good grades, ethics, respect, responsibility and living in a state of grace. Her children are learning how to create it for themselves – on their own. They will not be inheriting a privileged life. A strict and complex trust ensures that her two children will not inherit a vast fortune. The legacy they will inherit is in the knowledge and joyful experience of knowing how to make it on their own.

Financial inheritance is not a guarantee, entitlement or expectation. Their real inheritance is the transfer of values, wisdom and the healthy development of an emotional intelligence necessary to achieve one’s full potential.

A commitment to serving others is another life lesson Lana imparts upon her children. Philanthropy and charitable giving is a family activity way beyond just writing a check. In addition to the non-profit Lana and her husband oversee, the family has adopted two middle schools in the Las Vegas area. Whether the children need food for their back-pack program or supplies, the entire family contributes. Lana remembers a time as a little girl where there was nothing for her at Christmas time. She doesn’t want another child to have that experience so holiday parties are given at the school where each child is recognized and given a gift.

Both of Lana’s children are well on their way to becoming responsible and productive adults. Her teenage daughter, Lizzie, is the creative and driven force behind Certified Me, an anti-bullying fashion line for girls infused with words by which to live and learn. Lizzie initiated a school program to stop bullying within her school and community. Through this program she intends to reach teenagers worldwide by offering life coaching, advice and an actionable plan to combat bullying in all forms to foster a common understanding and appreciation for all.

Her son is a college student. He recently bought himself a luxury car with money he earned on his own. It delights Lana to see her son appreciate the value of that car and the pride he has for his accomplishment.

Like a mother hen Lana guides her children to expand their experiences. She nudges her daughter to focus more on her schoolwork rather than her crammed schedule of extracurricular activities. She pushes her son to be more involved in philanthropy and community services so he can experience the gift in serving others.

At an early age, Lana taught her children about money and finances. They know how to balance a checkbook. The understand profit and loss. While money flows quite abundantly within the household, the value of a dollar is not lost in the stream of their privilege.

The advice Lana would give an aspiring young entrepreneur is the same she gives her children. In addition to believing in oneself it is important to align with mature, wise people of power and influence who will help and mentor you – who will remind you of who you are and light the way when you are a bit lost.

Lana’s rich delicious life hasn’t been without challenge. Her most difficult period was when she and her husband entered into a bitter divorce. Not willing to play the role of a ‘normal wife’ who was content to live in a gilded cage, Lana remained firm in her conviction to stay true to herself.

The divorce process was vicious. It was bitter. An obscene amount of money was invested in the war between the spouses. As the battle ensued, Lana tapped into her own wisdom. Acknowledging the ‘God within herself’ she remembered to see and acknowledge the “God within her husband”. In doing that she created a way for the two of them to come together again – this time with renewed energy, respect and appreciation. Their bond today is stronger than ever.

Lana doesn’t loose any beauty sleep through any form of worry or anxiousness. She believes where she is – wherever she is in her journey – is where she is supposed to be. All experiences have purpose.

The view is lit up and spectacular where Lana sits. In addition to Certified Me, the companies that make up the Lana Fuchs brand are:

– FVCHS Brand: High-end denim brand for women

– Billionaire Mafia: Music Art Fashion Inspires All: Progressive street wear for men.

– Billionaire Mafia Entertainment – an independent music label and entertainment company that turns rising stars into super stars while bringing honest and integrity back into the industry

– Mafia Worldwide – a non-profit organization committed to making positive changes for the planet by helping underprivileged youth achieve greatness through music, art and fashion.

With a new reality show, Lana Live, Lana will help selected guests overcome personal and professional challenges. Participants will be flown to Las Vegas to spend one day with Lana to share their story, learn some tips and “Lana-isms” along the way. Whether on multiple broadcast screens or in the privacy of her own home, Lana is dedicated to making a difference by empowering the richness of the divine human spirit with each and every person she is able to reach.

Enlightened powerful women can be found in denim and stilettos, responsibly packing guns, diamonds and money. They can be flying private jets and attending red carpet galas. They can live lavishly – outrageously – out loud. They can do this while at the same time lighting up the world with their purpose, passion and conviction to make a meaningful difference – one that will be remembered for generations to come.

May the Source be with you.

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