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Some Facts to Consider Before You Buy Hotel Safes

Some Facts to Consider Before You Buy Hotel Safes

All leading hotels in the world now keep a safe in every room so that guests need not worry about their belongings when they go out. However for complete peace of mind, just keeping a safe is not enough; it must be of good quality, one that is theft proof!

There are basically two types of safes; one that is made according to standards laid down by the government and the other manufactured by companies according to their choice of specifications. The former product’s contents are easily covered by insurance companies but the downside is that is too heavy and bulky to keep in guest rooms. Hence hotels mostly prefer the electronic safes made by private companies as they are lighter and come in models that are user friendly and take up less space; however even if these do not follow any set standards they must maintain a particular standard and quality to survive in the industry which constantly keeps coming with new ideas to make the product safer.

Another important factor to consider is the kind of valuables to be kept in the safe; for example one that is theft proof may need not be fire proof and hence will not be suitable for storing documents. Now one that is fire proof may not protect computer storage media. So if you are sure of the valuables to be kept you can choose accordingly else the ideal choice will be one that serves all purposes which may work out costlier but the best option for the long run.

Of course you must always buy a safe from a professional with expertise in that field, rather than from a general retailer dealing in various other products. This will enable you to discuss all the pros and cons of your choice of the safe. There is a group that rates safes according to the time which an expert burglar with all tools will take to break into a safe; the longer time the more expensive the safe but also remember it is the safest safe!

One more important factor to consider is the size. If you think you do not need a big size now; remember you may need in the future and then if you have to buy a bigger one you will need to invest in the same thing again; so it is prudent to buy a reasonable size in the first instance and be prepared; after all it is not something that you are going to buy frequently.

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