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The Development of Charles De Gaulle Airport

Charles De Gaulle Airport

The Development of Charles De Gaulle Airport

The Development of Charles De Gaulle Airport

As one of the largest airports in Europe, “Roissy” is also a major economic hub for the region of Ile-de-France, with more than 85,000 jobs. However, the geographical isolation of the airport generates a steady stream of vehicles, a study showing that 90% of the employees must use a private vehicle to reach the airport, causing an ecological problem. Thus, the airport currently causes an incessant controversy.

The Infrastructure of Charles de Gaulle Airport

In terms of infrastructure, the airport has three terminals in particular design, inspired in the 1970s for terminals 1 and 2, zone helicopter and a business district. The portion of Terminal 1 of Roissy to the various satellites for embarkation is facilitated by the existence of covered walkways.

Travelers can enjoy the basic facilities such as restaurants, health clinics, shopping malls, kindergartens, banks and ATMs, post offices, parking lots, etc. These include taxi stands and car rental agencies that help to make the airport more accessible.

Other infrastructure, this time is to use more specific: the ZAPI 3, or holding area for those who are kept waiting. This area, located along the tracks, keeps visitors whose access to French territory has been refused, as well as political asylum seekers who are waiting for a government decision.

Quarantine area under the jurisdiction of the court of first instance, the Bobigny, only the Red Cross and the Anafe are allowed to enter, providing assistance to those who are kept.. In January 2008, a ZAPIs 4 was opened to meet the great influx of people who are kept pending.

The Extension and polemic

With a huge field, various expansion projects of the airport have emerged, including the proposed shopping center of Aeroville in 2007, authorized in 2008, this project would lead to 2,500 additional jobs. Another project, the “World Trade Center”, not to be confused with the twin towers the infamous 11th September, 2001, which would lead to the creation of 1,370 jobs.

While it is an economic hub for the Ile-de-France and for the people of the area, the airport remains the same, one of the main causes of pollution of the territory. First and most directly related to the activity of the airport, just the noise, airplanes flying at less than 1000 meters of altitude of the Ile-de-France urban.

A striking example of this pollution: the desertion of the old village of Goussainville. To overcome this problem which is highly disruptive to residents, an extensive project to houses soundproof has been launched by ADP. It is recalled that since 1989, a plan of noise exposure, restricting residential areas has already been established to control the problem.

Secondly, the airport creates a serious environmental problem, due to road traffic and air planes noise. On the other hand, an expansion of airport operations, including the creation of Aeroville would be detrimental to trade, competition forces surrounding cities, and would add even more traffic problems.

As an airport of the future, with a huge potential for expansion, both in terms of infrastructure and commerce, Charles de Gaulle Airport is on the way to become the largest airport in the world. However, the proximity of the densely populated area is, until today, an obstacle on the path of this giant.

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