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The Risks And Costs Of International Parcel Delivery

The Risks And Costs Of International Parcel Delivery

Whether we run a business or we need to send a package, at some point we will need to use international parcel delivery. Depending on which country your item is going to will depend on the requirements and price, and with so many rules and regulations, not to mention tax and customs, sending a package abroad can become a pain in the backside. Following a few simple rules can make this process a lot easier though.


All international parcel delivery items must be securely packed whatever the item is. If you are using one of the well-known couriers and you are sending a letter or paperwork, then they have special packaging for it to be enclosed in, this saves you worrying about how it needs to be packed.

Fragile items can be difficult as it depends on the size of the item. If it is something like a small to medium statue or vase for instance then wrap the item in bubble wrap, and place it in a box, then pad another box about an inch bigger with newspaper and place the smaller box inside, that adds double protection to the item. For larger items use a mixture of bubble wrap, newspaper, and polystyrene peanuts to protect it.

For large and misshaped items, each courier has specific instructions on how to pack them correctly so please refer to the appropriate web site.


Depending on the weight, size and where it is going will decide on the total price, with the bigger named companies being expensive, so it depends on what you are sending.

If you are sending very important documents then you should never use the normal postal service, always use one of the well-known couriers who specialize in shipping them. It may cost more but these companies very rarely lose them, unlike some postal services.

For fragile items using international parcel delivery you should also use one of the big named companies, unless the item has little value.

If you have an item that is worth less than $100, apart from those mentioned above, then you can really use any service you like, just make sure you add insurance cover if you think it is worth something.


When using a courier, in most cases your item will arrive at its destination fine, they do not lose items that often, but items can become damaged, this is usually due to people in transit countries or the destination not really caring. The bigger the courier then the least likely it is to be damaged as some have their own jets, whereas the cheaper ones use normal airline holds.

If you are thinking about using your own country’s postal service then remember that postage to countries like the Philippines, India, and a number of others tend to have a high number go missing due to corruption. So remember that you get what you pay for when using international shipping, if you really want your package to arrive safely then use a more expensive courier.

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