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The Top 10 Beneficial Reasons to Charter a Private Jet

The Top 10 Beneficial Reasons to Charter a Private Jet

We collected The Top 10 Beneficial Reasons to Charter a Private Jet, as if you need any convincing to choose a private jet, here are the top 10 reasons passengers are choosing to charter private flights:


Rather than participating in the cattle call that commercial airline travel has become, you will arrive to the private luxury FBO selected for your trip. The desk agent will welcome you with a smile, and a warm greeting. Your pilots will arrive immediately, and you will be taken to your waiting private jet as soon as you are ready. Your jet and crew will be ready for takeoff as soon as you are.

Running a little late? Don’t worry about it, there is no rush through the terminals today, your crew will be patiently waiting for you to board your private jet for departure on your own time.


It is no surprise that your seat on a private jet is one of comfort and luxury. Your plush leather, reclining, swiveling seat cannot even be compared to those found on any commercial airline. If its comfort you seek in the sky, a private jet charter is the way to.


Not only will you not be crammed into a slender middle seat, you will be given the option to select any of the seats on the jet as your own. If you get tired of the view from one location, you can move to any other available seat any time you wish. In some private jets your cabin attendant can also turn your seat into a comfortable bed for a cozy slumber on a long flight.

Personal Cabin Attendant

Speaking of your cabin attendant, you will have an attendant catering specifically to your needs throughout your entire private jet charter flight. Your cabin attendant will cater to your every whim. You will never be cold, uncomfortable, hungry, or thirsty.

Your personal attendant will even fluff your pillows and bring you a selection of magazines if that is what you desire.

Personalized Catering/Meals

Commercial airline meals can be disappointing to say the least. When you fly on a private jet you will have the option to order any number of delicious gourmet entrees prior to your departure.


Your furry friend is never banished to the cargo hold, nor required to stay within the confines of a crate during your private jet flight. Your pet will travel by your side every time you charter a private jet, he will even enjoy the view outside while he watches through the window from his own luxurious leather seat.

Luggage cannot be lost

Unless you have forgotten something at home, you can be rest assured your personal belongings will arrive safely and securely with you at every destination.

You will never wait at a luggage carousel, fingers crossed that your bags appear on the conveyor belt. Rather, a certified pilot will assist you with carrying your luggage from your private jet to your waiting chauffeured vehicle.

Direct flights to nearly any Locations

Is your favorite destination located somewhere between here and there? Its not a location you can easily get to by commercial flight, then try on a private jet charter flight you can fly directly from any airport to another without the hassle of layover flights and delays. Chartering a private jet for your next flight will surely save you valuable time.


With most private jets equipped with complimentary WiFi, entertainment systems, personal viewing screens, and noise cancelling headsets – you and the kids are sure to be entertained for the duration of your air travel time.

You can also bring your own DVD’s and music playlists or utilize those provided for you on board your very own private entertainment system in the sky.

Red Carpet Arrival

Finally, when you arrive at whatever fabulous destination you have chosen for yourself, whether you are traveling for work or leisure, you will be greeted with the red carpet treatment.

An actual red carpet can be placed at the bottom of the jet’s steps, and your waiting car will be just on the other side of it. Your chauffeur and jet crew will transfer your luggage from jet to limousine and you will be on your way to whatever awaits you.

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