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The Use Of Airplane Simulators And Flight Sim Games To Train Pilots

The Use Of Airplane Simulators And Flight Sim Games To Train Pilots

Most of us computer buffs are quite aware that there isn’t much we cannot learn and do with this amazing machines. One area that isn’t too recognized though is the ability to be able to use a flight simulator right from the comfort from your own home.

Many people will spend hours playing games that entail flight simulators but it raises the question that if you should decide to become a Pilot would this game playing be of any benefit to you in your learning? As technology progresses so, do these computer flight simulators. They are made to be as authentic as possible. Actually, flight schools use simulators as part of their training but their software is different as to that which we are talking about here.

Most of the Pilots are of the opinion that these game flight simulators will be of no help to you in your actual training. In fact, some of them feel you develop bad habits from them. After all, if you make a mistake on the simulator you just start over again. You may not have that opportunity in the air. So perhaps they build a false sense of security.

Most likely, there has been no controlled study regarding this subject so there is no way to prove either theory. Perhaps in this case it would be wise to use the simulators as they are designed to be for gaming and entertainment. Keeping them in their right perspective will most likely not become detrimental to your flying studies and advancement in the proper techniques.

These simulators may be beneficial during your ground training in assisting your teaching materials. To be able to see something that is being referred to is often better than having to envision it. A word of warning though flight simulators can become addictive. People seem to spend hours at one time on them. You don’t want them to overtake your book and material studies, so govern yourself accordingly if you have decided to use one.

Another way of perhaps gaining some insight as to how effective these computer flight simulators are is to do a comparison with the software that is used at the flight schools. The ones obtained from the Schools are obviously well accepted as hours spent on them are allowed to be entered into your logbook. Compare the two and see what the differences are. You may find the answers to any questions you have regarding what harm could the computer simulators create.

One thing that has been noted though is that using a computer flight simulator may not make you a better Pilot but being a Pilot makes you a superior flight simulator operator. In any event, once you have become a Pilot if you are not getting the opportunity to fly as much as you want to then a computer flight simulator will go a long way in keeping your interests up. The conclusion is to try to determine the answer for you. Perhaps you could discuss it with your School. You could even approach the FAA and see what their views are. If they disapprove of the computer flight simulators perhaps, they will enlighten you as to why.

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